Hammer crushers: advantages, varieties, features of use and choice

Hammer crushers: advantages, varieties, features of use and choice
Hammer crushers: advantages, varieties, features of use and choice

Hammer crushers are specialized devices for crushing any materials. They make life much easier for a person, as they save him from having to do it manually.

Advantages of crushers and their varieties

hammer crushers

The presented devices have some important advantages, these are:

  • simple design that allows you to quickly find spare parts in the event of a breakdown of the unit;
  • hammer crushers can quickly crush materials such as wood, coal, stone, grain and others;
  • very good performance;
  • ease of use;
  • security;
  • high quality work.
hammer mill for grain

It should be noted that these devices are often equipped with a variety of filters that not only regulate the size of the material fractions, but also protect the device components from clogging. In addition, you have the option to adjust the output size.

There is one drawback with such a machine: it cannot work withthose materials that contain more than 15% moisture in their composition.

As for the varieties of these machines, hammer crushers are single-shaft or double-rotor. In this case, the hammers can be fixed rigidly or with the help of hinges. And they are located in one or more rows. Regarding the direction of rotation of the shaft, the devices should be divided into reversible and non-reversible.

The mechanism of operation and features of using the unit

The principle of operation of the unit is quite simple: the hammers that are inside the housing rotate using one or more shafts. At the same time, they beat the material located there and crush it. The crushed substance passes through certain filters that regulate the size of its fractions.

The shaft is rotated by an electric motor through a clutch and a belt drive. Hammer crushers are very compact, so they can be used in domestic conditions. With the help of these devices it is possible to produce fine, medium and coarse crushing. Before work, it is desirable to determine the quality of the material to be crushed. This depends on the type of unit that will need to be used. The hammers that are installed on the device have a useful feature: if they wear out, they can be used as a working surface.

Most often used at home is a hammer mill for grain.

vertical hammer crusher

How to choose the right device?

In order for the grinding to be of high quality, and the apparatusworked effectively, it must be properly chosen. First of all, pay attention to what kind of material you will crumble. It depends on how many hammers should be present in the device, as well as how they will be attached. For example, if the raw material is solid, then the impact elements must be screwed in sufficiently tightly. Swivel hammers can be used to grind grain.

You also need to take into account the dimensions of the unit, its orientation relative to the base and performance. These parameters depend on how often the machine will be used and how much raw material it needs to process. Naturally, this also takes into account the size of the fractions that the crusher can produce, as well as the possibility of adjusting their size.

Pay attention to the build quality and materials from which the unit is made. When choosing, try to give preference to well-known manufacturers with a good reputation. With regard to orientation in space, it is better if a vertical hammer mill is purchased. She is more comfortable.

As for the cost of the device, it all depends on your capabilities.

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