English living room: style features, decor, furniture

English living room: style features, decor, furniture
English living room: style features, decor, furniture

The English living room is distinguished by sophistication, comfort and discreet luxury. This style has not gone out of fashion for centuries, as it combines the best characteristics of two trends and eras in the history of the country. The Georgian period left its mark in the form of restrained aristocracy. The Victorian era added luxury and noble chic.

In modern design art, English style rightfully occupies a leading place in the interior design of luxury apartments and houses.

Living room design principles

The design of the living room in the English style has its own characteristics. When designing a room, you should pay attention to the following principles:

  1. Sophisticated design is a sophisticated blend of Georgian Puritan antique architecture with sumptuous furnishings and a sophisticated palette of Victorian colors.
  2. Natural, environmentally friendly, high-quality materials -this is a tree of expensive noble species (bog oak, mahogany, walnut). It is used for the manufacture of cornices, skirting boards, doors, window frames, and furniture. Plastic and other synthetic materials are not allowed.
  3. Natural fabrics are tapestry, velvet, silk, linen.
  4. Expensive decor items.
  5. Demonstration of family heirlooms in the form of photographs, portraits, figurines and other attributes of showing love for one's family and pride in one's fatherland.
  6. Small living room in English style

Benefits of the English style

Thanks to carefully selected interior details, a living room in a classic English style acquires the following advantages:

  1. Relevance - this quality does not disappear even with the years, because over time this exquisite decoration becomes more valuable.
  2. Cost - Living room decor will cost a lot, as only the highest quality materials are used. In this regard, the artistic and antique value of decorative elements and furniture grows.
  3. Safety - the living room is decorated exclusively with environmentally friendly natural materials that are absolutely safe for he alth.

Required decorative items

In the English living room there must be a huge amount of furniture and additional items. Decorative elements are a distinctive characteristic of the style. Therefore, it is recommended to furnish the room and fill it with accessories as much asallow the size of the room. At the same time, one should not cross the fine line when the overall look resembles an antique store or pantry.

Carved decor

If there is no design experience, it would be a reasonable decision to turn to experienced professionals. English style is impossible without these items:

  • fireplace;
  • large dining table with chairs;
  • large sofa;
  • mirror in wood or metal frame;
  • several bulky armchairs;
  • massive buffet;
  • wardrobe;
  • couch;
  • soft puffs;
  • coffee table;
  • shelf-console.

Color solution

English style is characterized by natural colors. It is worth paying attention to some features when choosing the necessary palette:

  1. Rooms with windows facing west or south reliably protect cold blue and light green colors from heat and sun.
  2. East and north rooms will be warmed by warm pastels, beiges, pinks and golds.
  3. English style is characterized by amber color, natural tones of stones and wood.
  4. All colors of natural green look stylish, even a rich, deep dark color does not seem gloomy.
  5. Sometimes lighter tones are used in the interior in light gray, peach, milky and cream shades.
  6. Bright color contrasts and combinations do not match the style of English aristocrats.
classic style mirror


For crafting itemsfurnishings are used the most valuable wood species. Ideally, it should be an antique. People who do not have the opportunity to acquire unique specimens are advised to use less valuable tree species. In this case, the models must be stylized antique (must have a carved decor). A prerequisite is the use of rich, luxurious elements and fittings that adorn the harmonious proportions of furnishings.

As upholstered furniture, massive things are used, which are upholstered with natural materials such as leather, velvet, tapestry, velor. The presence of poufs, banquettes, ottomans, footrests is welcome. Particular attention is paid to English-style sofas for the living room. They should be massive, with large armrests, gently turning into the back. The filling of the room should resemble the luxury of the royal chambers. Carved chairs, large tables, an abundance of seats are designed to create comfort for all members of a large family and their guests.


It is recommended to use parquet lined with an original ornament as a flooring. The simplest and most affordable option would be a one-color herringbone coating. A more complex technique involves a combination of several colors, elegantly arranged in the form of geometric shapes. A living room with a floor made of natural boards or expensive laminate, stylized as bog oak or rosewood, will look no less attractive. High-pile carpets woven from natural fibers will also be useful.

English style room


English interior involves whitewashing or special paint to cover this part of the walls. The color should be white, the height should be large enough. To visually increase the distance between the floor and the ceiling, use vertical stripes on the wallpaper. Incredibly popular is stucco, as well as the presence of wooden beams. They are smooth or decorated with carved decor. Cornices are made in the same way.

English style walls

There are several options for their design. Columns look very impressive in such an interior. There are also certain patterns that are unique to this style:

  1. Stripes. They should contrast in color and be relatively wide. Visually, this raises the ceiling and enlarges the space.
  2. Monogram. A very common design of the English living room, which is still used today.
  3. Flower patterns. The British prefer the image of lilies, rose hips and roses.

Walls can be painted, wallpapered, covered with textiles. A very common technique is the upholstery of surfaces with wooden panels. The entire living room from floor to ceiling can be covered with natural wood. You can also use upholstery only on the bottom of the wall, and decorate the top in one of the ways listed above.

English style living room design

Windows and doors

The English living room does not use synthetic and artificial materials. Plastic windows and doors should be preferredwooden options. Instead of the usual openings, the classic version of the style involves the presence of stained glass inserts of multi-colored glass. You can simply use the technique of dividing the window into many fragments in the form of a square or diamond. Door and window openings may take the following form:

  • stretched vertically;
  • stretched horizontally;
  • arched;
  • multilevel.

English style suggests the presence of wide window sills, on which it is customary to relax. That is why they are often equipped with upholstered seats and decorative pillows.


An English-style living room with a fireplace is the main condition for this direction. It should be maximally adapted for a relaxing leisure time for all family members and their guests.

For decoration, you need to install a coffee table, sofa or chairs (if there is a rocking chair, the classics of the genre will be fully respected). It would be a smart decision to install a small bar with drinks made of wood next to it, as well as a cabinet for storing dishes. Fireplace accessories should be within walking distance.

Living room with fireplace

Small living room

It is very difficult to create a small living room in the English style, because to fully comply with the British direction, you need a lot of space. In this case, we will talk about styling, giving the room a specific atmosphere. Expert advice will help recreate a cherished dream:

  1. Wrap the walls with wallpaper or upholstertextiles in light pastel colors.
  2. Cover the floor with parquet.
  3. Install a fireplace or make it an imitation (false fireplace).
  4. Place two armchairs or chairs in front of the sofa.
  5. Hang a mirror in a wooden frame.
  6. Sustain the main colors in the design (natural shades).

Not recommended parts for this style

It is very important to consider the following. If you decide to decorate the living room in the British style, you must adhere to the strict rules of this direction:

  • when designing, it is necessary to abandon stretch ceilings and multi-tiered plasterboard structures;
  • modern technology should be hidden under sliding wooden panels and opened only for practical use;
  • necessary to abandon the chrome elements;
  • spotlights, fluorescent lamps and halogen sources should not be used to illuminate the living room;
  • bright color accents are unacceptable, it is necessary to give preference to softly flowing from one color to another, harmonious and unobtrusive range.
Spacious living room in English style

British-style living room is the choice of intelligent, respectable people with fine taste and refined manners. This is the style of not only a we althy society, but also those who are able to replace some items and materials with relatively budgetary, but no less attractive and appropriate elements. If there is a great desire on the part of the householdthe room will acquire elegant decoration and an atmosphere of comfort.

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