Vase in the interior: choice of size, combination of colors, photo

Vase in the interior: choice of size, combination of colors, photo
Vase in the interior: choice of size, combination of colors, photo

A vase in the interior of any room can create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort in the room. This decor has been familiar to mankind since time immemorial, and its presence not only gave the home originality, but also acted as a special accent. Without a doubt, a vase is a kind of finishing touch that plays an important role in the integrity of the interior. And when this thing is a piece of antique decor, it is highly valued. And therefore, having such a vase in your home is a way to once again emphasize the luxury and a sign of prosperity of the owner of the home.


Vase in a house or apartment can be used for different purposes and this is its multifunctional character. This is not only an original interior decoration, but also a useful container where you can store small items, jewelry, beads. But what types of vases exist? A similar question cannot but occur to any person who collects such items.decor.

Vase in the interior

Varieties of decor

As we know, the original containers have been known to us since time immemorial, and for such a long period of time, different peoples managed to create their masterpieces of such art. Even then, vases in the interior played a special role. Therefore, one can only guess how many types of such products exist.

At the same time, all vases can be conditionally divided into two main groups:

  • Floor - their height starts from 400 mm, up to almost one meter. As a rule, this is an independent element of decor, sometimes having a complex, intricate shape with an original pattern. But monochromatic options are quite capable of decorating any interior, becoming a vessel for vegetation.
  • Desktop - these vases are smaller - no more than 400 mm. Here they just should not be put on the floor, the best place for them is shelves, tables, racks, chests of drawers, window sills. And here the main role is given to the silhouette of such a decor. And the more beautiful its outline, the better it will fit into the interior.

Skillfully placing small vases in the kitchen, you can favorably emphasize the decoration of the room.

Nice decoration for the living room

Long items will look appropriate in the hallway, hallway, dining room or living room.

Modern paraphernalia

Modern vases can be made from different materials:

  • glass;
  • metal;
  • wood;
  • vines;
  • ceramics;
  • porcelain;
  • plastic;
  • rattan;
  • bamboo.

However, they all differ in their strengths and weaknesses. And if the advantage of some lies in strength, then the advantages of others are extraordinary beauty. Let's take a closer look at several options.

Ceramic Classics

Do you know what material the very first vase was made of? In the interior, such an item appeared when people learned the tricks of stone processing. At that time, it was discovered that various useful objects could be made from clay. First of all, household items were made. But after some period, humanity began to think about meeting the needs in the aesthetic side of their lives.

It was this facet of being that inspired the ancient Greeks to make vases from clay, which were decorated with painted ornaments or animals. At the same time, the inhabitants of ancient Egypt also began to learn the art of creating clay vases. It was the masters of this country who opened the production of floor decor items, which today began to decorate not only private real estate and apartments in residential buildings, but also offices and other public buildings.

ceramic art object

Judging by the many photos of vases in the interior (there are several pictures in the body of the article), modern vessels are the result of fireclay, but they have a different appearance - they are rude, have a calm color. But even because of this primitiveness, such attributes will serve as a good decoration for a classic interior.

Elegance of porcelain

Porcelainin its characteristics it resembles ceramics, but at the same time, the best grades of white clay with the addition of various impurities are used to obtain this material. The result - the vessels are elegant and durable.

Earlier, only Chinese masters were familiar with the porcelain production procedure. This material was the subject of general delight and was a real mysterious riddle of the East. Moreover, everything was so serious that any person who announced the secrets of manufacturing the material to the public could be sentenced to death.

At all times, porcelain vases have been a symbol of beauty, peace and harmony. The presence of such a high quality product in the house personified the we alth of the owner of the home. But making such objects with your hands is not easy, which is why they are valued so highly and look skillful. Photos of floor vases in the interior are direct proof of this.

However, not every modern item is good. But the masters of Germany, France and England make really high-quality material.

Originality gifted by the Romans

Who invented the glassblowing pipe? But this is none other than the Roman master! Without a doubt, this nation can be considered the creators of glass. Venetian vases were the most popular, and at that time they were of great value. But these days, their value has risen even higher.

Vases with flowers - the elegance of porcelain

Modern decor is made using mosaic or laminated glass. Sometimes vases are left in their original form,that is, they are not decorated. Nevertheless, in most cases they are painted with paints or different design techniques are used:

  • craquelure;
  • matting;
  • etching.

As for crystal objects, they are made by hand or by pressing. The most valuable vases are made from Czech crystal.

Selection of shades of vases

When choosing a color, you can rely on your own preferences. Although there are no serious restrictions in this regard, the vase in the interior of the living room should be in harmony with the main tone of the room and other elements of its design.

If there are expensive, stylish and beautiful pieces of furniture in the room, then their texture and material should be taken into account. In this case, the shade of the vase is selected according to the color of the sofa, upholstered in fabric, wooden cabinet, cabinet. Then the vessels will not distract attention to themselves, but will concentrate it on the pieces of furniture.

If you put the vases against the wall, they can contrast with it or merge. Contrast is especially appropriate when two colors predominate in a room. Take for example beige and brown shades. Installed on a shelf of a darker color, vases will set off the light surface of the walls. But for a coffee table painted in a gloomy brown shade, a vessel of a milky tone will do. This technique can be used in relation to other two-color options.

Glass vases are beautiful too

Another design trick is to give decorativevases for the interior solo accent. In other words, don't tie it to another room environment, it should be a separate and distinct element. But in this case, we are talking about some group of vessels, or the vase must be very large and fully luxurious.

Single accent requires impressiveness! Another good version of the game with colors will be considered below.

Choice with emphasis on the wall

Such a decision at first glance seems of little interest, but at the same time there is a certain meaning. Vases that are in tone with the wall will create additional texture and volume. As a result, the space of the room will no longer appear flat.

To make color inclusions, it is better to use vases of the appropriate accent range. At the same time, combinations can be quite intriguing - place two vessels of the same shape side by side, one of which will match the tone of the furniture, and the other will be accented.

In addition, by combining floor vases for the interior, which differ in color and style, you can get unusual effects that will be appropriate in a particular design. At the same time, do not be afraid to conduct various experiments, for example, combine in one room an element of high-tech style with an antique vessel. It is enough just to arrange the decor of different directions at different heights.

Whole sets

In addition to combining the color of vases, you can go the other way - to create whole compositions from individual elements. This is not only original, but no less impressive! Atthere are also no restrictions on compiling your own set - everything largely depends on your own imagination.

Symbol of luxury

The combination of absolutely identical products will not seem like an original solution, however, such a choice is able to attract attention. But mixed groups of products are distinguished by a much greater degree of creativity. Then in the interior of the vases it would be appropriate to combine the same shape, but different colors. It is equivalent in another way - to group in some place vessels of various configurations, but of the same tone and execution. Some vase manufacturers have already taken care of this and are selling entire sets, where pairs or several items are combined.

Today, due to the existing diversity, you can choose an ideal option for your home (in a private house or apartment), which will decorate the interior of any room only with its presence.

Something about shape

A unique vase is the vessel that, by its presence, will be in harmony with the surroundings of a particular room interior. There are different forms for this, and each has its own features:

  • Cylinder. As we understand, this is the correct geometry, but from the point of view of design art, vases can be different from the ideal image. A glass vessel with tall plants will give the room softness and summer tenderness. Gypsum or ceramic vases can become the epicenter of attention.
  • Square and rectangle. Thanks to straight lines and sharp corners, this is a good option that can emphasize rigor.hi-tech and minimalism.
  • Circle. This form is more elegant and will be relevant for rooms not only of oriental style, Provence and classics will also serve as an excellent background for such vessels. In addition, the products will be in harmony with other tall items.
  • Unusual. In addition to the forms familiar to us, vases can be an unusual piece of decor. For example, a human silhouette, a spherical object with a hollow hole, a curved geometric figure, etc. Vases with flowers in the interior are also a good option.

When choosing a vessel for a room, you should feel its atmosphere well.

Floor version of the vase

For example: with pastel colors, twilight and natural materials, a streamlined shape with an ornate pattern will be in harmony. This is how it should be done on a case-by-case basis. Moreover, it is important not to lose sight of any trifle and detail of the interior. In other words, don't be afraid to experiment here as well.

Filling the vase

What can I fill a vase with? There are several options here. And the very first thing that comes to mind is flowers! Moreover, the living will fill the room with a special aroma. But not every vessel is adapted for this, in particular, for water. And if ceramic, glass, crystal and porcelain vases are fully suitable for such purposes, then it is better to choose artificial flowers among others. The latter do not require any water or proper care, but they look quite beautiful.

When decorating a room in a modern or minimalist stylefor vases, you can pick up painted branches. This approach will be a successful addition to the overall picture. In extreme cases, you can use dried flowers. Only they are very fragile and this fact must be taken into account during the placement.

In almost any interior, a floor vase with flowers can look luxurious, but at the same time ordinary. Want more extravagance? Then you should pay attention to the feathers. They certainly are able to attract attention. This decoration is especially relevant in the bedroom or living room.


Vase is not so much an obligatory attribute of the interior as its pleasant addition. In any case, if it is present in the room, its atmosphere will change, and for the better, making the design complete and individual.

Decorative vases for the interior

Decorative vessels look good in the bathroom too. Just do not forget that in this room there is almost always a high level of humidity. Therefore, you need to select vases with this factor in mind.

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