Modern country kitchen - interior features and interesting ideas

Modern country kitchen - interior features and interesting ideas
Modern country kitchen - interior features and interesting ideas

The bustle of big cities depresses many people, and they decide to buy a small house in the countryside. Only in such conditions does it become possible to create a real atmosphere of homely tranquility and rest your soul. However, the habit of comfort does its job, and the newly minted owners of a country dwelling try to equip their life to the maximum and often start by thinking through the interior of a rustic kitchen. In this case, it should be borne in mind that the interior will have its own characteristics and differ significantly from the appearance of the kitchen in a modern apartment. However, the style can be no less spectacular and amaze with its diversity. Moreover, it is quite possible to do a lot of little things with your own hands or fill the space with country-style decor elements.

Design features

Distinguished by the simplicity and conciseness of filling the kitchen in a rustic style. The interior is filled with warmth and softness of lines. It would seem that it is difficult to embody such different things in one room, but it becomes possible by following certain rules. So,design features are:

  • hand carving on kitchen furniture items;
  • the presence of a real Russian stove or fireplace;
  • decor is made only from real wood and other natural materials;
  • presence of retro accessories;
  • color palette only warm.

Country cuisine does not require large financial investments, and any person who does not have a design education is able to realize all ideas. It is believed that this style is quite simple to perform. You can buy all pieces of furniture made of wood, follow the main rule - simplicity, and the final result will delight and give family warmth.

Which style to prefer

Country cuisine always reflects the ethnic design of the country. Each nation for a long time left its own imprint on the design of the kitchen space in a country house, and thus the following directions have been developed that can be followed:

  • Classic. In this case, it is necessary to choose black, white and red colors. The accent is made of dark wood floors. Accessories should include antiques and lots of indoor plants.
  • Provence. The style is always recognizable by the presence of delicate pastel shades: peach, beige, mint. In the kitchen, it is necessary to make the walls light, highlight them with textured plaster. The use of old boards, stone and brick is also welcome. Real antique furniture fits perfectly into the style (you can artificially age the existingavailability). Floral textiles, open shelves and lots of souvenirs are welcome.
Rustic kitchen in Provence style
  • Country. Rustic country-style cuisine is decorated in beige, milky, green, blue and chocolate shades. Wood flooring, traditional or polka dot wallpaper, and wall paneling or wood paneling will add color. Among the accessories should be present: earthenware, curtains with pelmets, decorative plates, wicker baskets.
  • Russian. A classic old Russian look can have a rustic-style kitchen. The design and interior should support bright textiles and the presence of natural wood. Whitewashing is allowed on the walls, which is slightly careless. The presence of natural stone only adds color. Among the accessories, there must be baskets with mushrooms and fruits, hand-embroidered towels and aprons, wooden dishes.
  • Scandinavian. The basis of the kitchen is done in white, and at the same time, bright color spots stand out, like flowers on the lawn. The floor should be plank, but it is quite acceptable to use a laminate that matches the appearance. In the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe apron, you can use ceramic tiles, but always white. The decor should be minimal, and the lighting maximum. The furniture is characterized by concise forms.

If you wish, you can always combine all the styles you like, creating a non-standard solution that suits all family members. After all, it is in the country kitchen that many ideas can be realized thatunacceptable for the modern space of a city apartment. However, even in a country house, you should avoid too pretentious and clumsy combinations.

Rustic kitchen in country style

Finishing is the basis of the room

Modern country kitchen is the comfort and tranquility of provincial life, combined with household appliances that make the work of the hostess easier. At the same time, it is important not to forget about the basis of the kitchen - its decoration, because it is the floors and walls that always remind us that we are not facing a modern apartment, but a country house. Based on the materials present, you can always determine the style design, which is taken as a basis. The most commonly used natural wood.

Rustic Kitchen: Furniture

Decorating the walls

Russian country cuisine has always been distinguished by the presence of a large amount of wood in the interior. It is great if a country house is made of logs, and the walls no longer require special decoration. Otherwise, you can use wallpaper with an imitation of the corresponding pattern, decorative panels or lining. If you need to visually expand a small kitchen space, then you can use photo wallpapers with a natural pattern:

  • for Russian style - birch grove;
  • for Provence - floral patterns;
  • for Scandinavian - imitation of a rough board.

Do not be afraid of some roughness in the decoration of the walls. It is in the rustic kitchen that an uneven texture, careless overlay of plaster and whitewash is allowed. You should not achieve perfectly straight lines, it is better to stop atslight negligence.

What will the ceiling be like

The ceiling finish has its own characteristics when creating a rustic-style kitchen design. Ideas here cannot be varied, and wooden beams are usually taken as the basis. The floors are very massive because real wood is used. In this case, the color of the beams should be a tone darker than the ceiling itself. If the Russian style is chosen as the basis, then it is necessary to hang bundles of dried herbs, mushrooms and garlic. The ceiling structure is usually made from untreated logs, but artificial materials are sometimes used.

It is worth considering that the presence of beams significantly reduces the height of the room. Therefore, this technique is only appropriate in a kitchen with high ceilings.

rustic cuisine


It is quite possible to use real wood grain laminate flooring in a rustic kitchen. The options here are not very diverse. The floor made of real oak boards, which are sanded and coated with a special impregnation, fits perfectly into the interior.

It will not be superfluous if you throw a few hand-woven rugs on the floor. Such an accessory is now very popular and gives a special flavor to the village house.

Rustic Kitchen Furniture

A significant part of a rustic kitchen space is furniture. They set the tone for the entire design and attract the attention of voluminous sets made of natural wood and massive tables. To make the style look harmonious, it is worth filling the kitchenthe following furniture components:

  • large wooden chairs and massive benches;
  • 3D table;
  • wide kitchen cabinets;
  • vintage buffets.

All furniture should be decorated with panels, carvings and paintings. The presence of gratings will only add color. In the design, it is important to use uncomplicated and simple furniture. If you have a choice, it is better to give preference:

  • open cabinets instead of closed models;
  • open shelves instead of lockers.

It is worth considering that even pottery is part of the interior, so it should always be in sight.

Rustic Kitchen: Interior

Subtlety in following style

It is important to emphasize the chosen style in the design by the presence of many accessories. A lot of additional elements suggest a country-style kitchen. Options may be as follows:

  • wicker baskets on shelves;
  • clay dishes in open cupboards that are in active use;
  • decorative plates hanging on the walls.

All elements require appropriate design so that nothing interferes with the contemplation of related accessories.

If the Scandinavian style is chosen, it is important to support it with the presence of oak, rough furniture. Ceiling beams will perfectly complement it and harmonize in such an interior.

Often, when buying a country house, owners choose the Russian style of kitchen design. To follow the chosen direction, you must:

  • instead of the usualchairs to use antique benches;
  • kitchen set to buy painted or do it yourself;
  • use textiles.

Towels, aprons and curtains should be bright, and hand embroidery will be a special highlight.

The key element of the Russian style decor is a real oven. However, it can sometimes be difficult to fit it into a modern space. A chest is also considered a necessary part, which is already much easier to install. In addition, it can store all kinds of kitchen utensils: from towels to appliances.

Modern rustic kitchen

Window focus

Regardless of the style of the kitchen space (country, Russian or Scandinavian), plastic windows will not work in any case. The basis of any rustic interior is the use of natural materials, so the windows should be wooden.

Also don't use blinds. If the style is Russian, then linen or cotton curtains will do. When choosing the Provence style, bright floral print curtains are used.

East Prussian rustic cuisine is now very fashionable. In this case, the country interior compares favorably, when all shades of green are taken as the basis, a lot of wood and the presence of curtains with a lush lambrequin on the windows.

Rustic kitchen: design and interior

Choose lighting

Regardless of the chosen design, there should always be a lot of lighting in the working area in the kitchen. Therefore, lighting fixturesmust be built into furniture, placed on the ceiling and walls. However, it is worth playing with the design of the lamps and choosing them in such a way that they do not look too modern and fit into the overall concept of the room.

Fashion Classics

Classic style never goes out of fashion for a long time. If there are absolutely no ideas in the design of a rustic kitchen, then you should pay attention to fashionable classics. Benefits of this solution:

  • combination of elegance and simplicity in a single space;
  • the interior looks fashionable at any time.

However, classic design requires a competent approach and the right combination of selected colors, furniture and finishes. Always use white as the basis. This technique makes the kitchen more spacious. The illusion of a spacious room is always done with the help of light shades of the ceiling and walls. Next, you need to correctly enter the shades of brown, gray and black. Used in this color:

  • furniture elements,
  • ceiling beams,
  • flooring.

The third mandatory color is red. It makes the kitchen more life-affirming and bright, which brings positive. But use the shade carefully - in accents and details:

  • curtains;
  • towels;
  • tablecloths.

It is allowed to use red furniture. However, it is important not to overdo it and follow a sense of proportion. Designers often suggest highlighting one wall in the kitchen with red. In this case, red brick is used for decoration. Against the backdrop of such a decision, excellentlook black furniture and white accessories.


Rustic-style kitchen always looks concise and simple. Therefore, it is worthwhile to approach the choice of household appliances especially subtly. Appearance should not be too aggressive and modern. Now many manufacturers produce models in retro style. It is these appliances, combined with technological filling, that fit perfectly into the kitchen space in a country house.

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