All-glass partitions as a magnificent piece of furniture

All-glass partitions as a magnificent piece of furniture
All-glass partitions as a magnificent piece of furniture

Recently, all-glass partitions without the use of profile systems are very often used in the design of many internal public spaces. This is facilitated by a stylish look, structural strength and a large area of ​​glazing. They are usually used for the ergonomic division of working office space into functional areas.

all-glass partitions

Such partitions are installed in shopping and he alth centers, offices, entertainment centers, private interiors. In addition, glass sections can form separate offices, showcases and meeting rooms. Frameless glass partitions can also act as an independent piece of furniture. They go great with many types of doors.

All-glass partitions are a collapsible frameless design, which consists of durable glass sheets and a clamping metal profile.Some devices allow the use of point fittings as a mounting system. Partition wall anchors are installed into walls, floors and ceilings, making the frameless system look like a solid surface.

all glass office partitions

Glass sections are butted against each other, with a gap between them (approximately 2 mm). Glass in such systems is used with a thickness of 8-12 mm (tempered or triplex). It can be tinted, matte or colored. As a decorative design, various glass surface finishing techniques are used. These include: sandblasting, artistic painting, engraving, stained glass inserts, photo printing, airbrushing. The properties of tempered glass or triplex ensure the safe operation of the structure. It is not recommended to build a glass partition with a height of more than three meters.

All-glass partitions are classified according to several criteria:

1. By place of application:

  • interior;
  • office;
  • for public institutions - shops, banks, shopping centers.

2. Mounting method:

  • mobile;
  • stationary.
all-glass office partitions

3. By type of opening fragments:

  • deaf;
  • pendulum;
  • folding;
  • sliding;
  • swing.

Main benefits of all-glass office partitions:

  • maximum light transmission;
  • visual expansion of space;
  • compact design;
  • resistance to damp and temperature environments;
  • possibility of applying several surface decoration techniques;
  • dividing a large area of ​​space;
  • noise reduction;
  • the ability to quickly redevelop the premises.
frameless glazing

All-glass partitions also have some disadvantages:

  • low heat and sound insulation;
  • heavy construction weight;
  • comprehensive review;
  • high cost of complex structures.

The cost of all-glass buildings depends on the following factors:

  • general dimensions of the office partition;
  • complexity and type of construction;
  • presence of additional fragments;
  • glass section decoration technique;
  • glass type and thickness;
  • brand and quality of fittings.

Production time for a simple design of glass sheets of standard sizes is one week. More complex all-glass office partitions and their design are produced within a month.

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