Why do we need mobile partitions in the office? How to install mobile partitions in an apartment?

Why do we need mobile partitions in the office? How to install mobile partitions in an apartment?
Why do we need mobile partitions in the office? How to install mobile partitions in an apartment?

Mobile partitions are beneficial to install in large rooms. For example, in a loft - a space without walls. In this article, we will find out how you can change the interior of the room using such designs.

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Create a sense of privacy. The main function of partitions is to accentuate zones. Although, unlike curtains and screens, they do not divide the room into parts, but highlight zones. And considering that you can buy mobile partitions cheaply (from 1,300 rubles per meter), they will save money on delimiting space.

The idea of ​​such a separation without disturbing the general unity in our homes came from the halls of large stores. In the seventies of the last century, mobiles appeared in large exhibition and shopping centers abroad - these are floor and suspended structures with a changeable configuration, on which advertising and information were located. But they weren't the usual kind of billboards. Being above the shop windows, mobiles attracted the attention of buyers exactly to them.

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Let's take a short digression into the history of modern mobile partitions. They first appeared in Japan. Then they had the form of folding screens, which were made from paper. It was pasted on very thin wood, after which they were already painted by calligraphers and artists. Time flies fast, fashion trends change, the same happens with these screens. At the moment, their counterparts are mobile room partitions, a huge selection of which will satisfy any needs and tastes. The process of their development is intertwined with evolution in all areas of production. The era of new technologies dictates its own fashion rules and trends in corporate life, as well as in office and apartment interior fashion, therefore, you have to comply with them.

Modern trends

The main number of manufacturers of partitions exploits vegetable natural motifs. For example, Casamania offers them from modules that are made in the form of a branch with leaves, while everyone can independently assemble a bosquet (shrubs cut in geometric shapes in parks) or “grow” a tree. But Vitra, producing mobile partitions, the price of which varies from 1300 to 3500 rubles per meter, became interested in the underwater theme. The company's designers have created hanging curtains that resemble fishing nets and algae. If such mobile partitions in the apartment are placed near chairs with coral shapes from Edra, it will be possible to create a fragment of an underwater fairy-tale kingdom at home.

Rugiano and Caimi offer real weavinglace, but not from threads, but from polymer and metal parts. And A&F Mendini allows you to create a partition made of colored glass cubes.

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Mobile partitions are mainly distinguished by the following criteria:

  • by purpose (separation of space, delimitation of work areas, noise insulation, visual isolation);
  • by filling type (double, single);
  • in terms of functionality (changing the configuration of space, the commonality of the interior, laying communications);
  • by material (glass, MDF, chipboard, vinyl coating, plastic, polycarbonate);
  • by design (receipt for adjacent parts, module end rack).


The partition frame is made of PVC profiles or wood, although recently aluminum mobile office partitions are most often made of environmentally friendly, light and durable metal, which is considered aluminum. Their designs can be very different. They differ in size, shape and materials that fill the frame.

Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate is a very durable and lightweight material. Although this is not particularly important for internal partitions, it is worth noting that it is reliable in both cold and heat.

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Glass Blocks

Mobile glass partitions are considered the most common. It can be matte or transparent. It can be decorated with all sorts of patterns: transparentdrawings - frosted glass, and frosted - transparent glass. To prevent the glass from shattering into small pieces in the event of an accidental impact, it is glued on large partitions with a completely transparent film, which increases strength.

Filling with gypsum vinyl

Gypsum vinyl is drywall that is pasted over with vinyl film. It is an environmentally friendly material with many shades and colors.

Particleboard sheets

Sheets are fixed in frames in 1 or 2 layers. When filling in 2 layers, a special soundproofing material is laid between them, for example, mineral wool. In this case, the entire structure must be made waterproof, since damp cotton wool almost loses its soundproofing properties. For enclosed spaces, it keeps the workplace warm.

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Configuration selection

Modern mobile partitions in the apartment and in the office are always different from each other. This is not only a desire to individualize your own space, but also following the features of the premises.

When choosing partition configurations, you need to take into account:

  1. Following style and mood. Mobile office partitions can be filled with any material that suits the decoration and interior of the entire office.
  2. Ergonomics. Comfortable working conditions directly affect the activity of employees.
  3. Team spirit. When working together, it is very important to give employees the opportunity to confer, while maintaining personal space for everyone.
  4. Personal space. Thick mobile partitions allow the use of blinds, they can emphasize the abstract space.


  • It's hard to decide on the right number of modules. It is impossible to predict exactly how many elements will be required to create a structure of the required size. We will have to order abroad, if necessary, another bag of missing parts, and, perhaps, the next batch to buy more expensive than the previous one.
  • No insulating properties.
  • mobile partitions price


The relevance of mobile partitions is due to the multiplicity of their advantages. It should be noted that they are very convenient to use. The selection of borders is thought out for the most comfortable use, which is provided for the work of the common space.

For example, a tabletop is easily hung on the module racks. For better rigidity and stability, special supports and brackets are used, which are easy to install.

Hidden wiring can be easily located in the partitions themselves. Their upper space is used for hanging shelves and roller shutters.

Mobile office partitions are adjustable to compensate for various wall and floor irregularities.

Their huge advantage is fast dismantling and further assembly without loss of quality. If you move, you can take them with you and organize an office in another space.

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  • If necessary, you can put partitions near the walls, which have radiators, skirting boards or cable channels. This will allow for remote attachments.
  • Aluminum mobile partitions in the office make it possible to use hidden laying of electrical cables.
  • The small size of the horizontal surface encourages the rational use of the entire space. At the same time, vertical surfaces can be used to attach notes, and a small workplace makes it possible to arrange all the items that are necessary for work, while getting them without getting up from your chair.
  • The Open Space system allows you to transform the interior due to radial modules.
  • Additional stability is created by attaching partitions to the floor covering.

Create a comfortable workplace for your employees with office partitions, and their work efficiency will skyrocket, and with it your income level.

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