Interior design of a small kitchen: ideas and photos

Interior design of a small kitchen: ideas and photos
Interior design of a small kitchen: ideas and photos

Probably, every housewife dreams of a large and spacious kitchen, where you can conveniently arrange all the required furniture, appliances and accessories. However, this room is often quite small. Often its area is approximately 5-8 square meters. m. That is why it is important to think over and competently organize the interior of a small kitchen so that it is stylish and functional.

When organizing the space of a small room, it is important to consider the basic design techniques. Sometimes a small area can be due to poor layout, so you can move the walls or expand the kitchen. However, this requires costly repairs and redevelopment needs to be legalized.

With the help of competent design, you can quickly and easily transform the interior of the kitchen to visually expand the space and arrange all the required pieces of furniture and appliances.

Features of the arrangement of the kitchen space

The interior of a small kitchen (photo below) can be very comfortable and functional. The most important thing is to competently approach the issue of planning and designdesign. It is worth remembering that this room has high humidity and temperature. That is why for finishing it is necessary to choose materials that are as resistant to these indicators as possible so that they last as long as possible.

Kitchen interior in Khrushchev

In addition, you need to take into account the susceptibility of the floor to various negative influences, since food, detergents and water can get on it. Therefore, you need to select a stable coating that can be washed well.

If you consider all these factors when choosing materials, then a beautiful design will delight for a long time.

To make sure that a small space can be stylish and cozy, you can look at the photo of the interior of a small kitchen. The design of this room needs to be thought out very well, and modern compact things are ideal for it.

Before starting renovation work, careful planning should be carried out, taking into account the specifics of the kitchen space and the rules for arranging furniture.

Square Kitchen Design

The interior of a small square-shaped kitchen is very easy to equip, as it is very convenient for arranging appliances and furniture. The only negative is that it is rarely possible to put something in the center of the room without spoiling its appearance. But it is much faster and easier to achieve a visual expansion of space with the help of the right color scheme in the design, as well as in lighting.

Rectangular room design

The interior of a small rectangular kitchen needs to be designed withtaking into account all the basic requirements, since the elongated space can be both a plus and a minus. In such rooms, it is desirable to place furniture and appliances near the walls. However, it is important not to clutter up the space.

Small kitchen

It is very important to achieve balance so that the kitchen does not seem even more petite. In addition, instead of a standard table, you can use a retractable bar counter.

Kitchen design of other shapes

The modern interior of a small kitchen must necessarily take into account the main aspects of the design of this room so that it is as stylish and functional as possible. If the room has an irregular shape and at the same time it is small in size, then you need to very competently approach its primary layout.

For such a room, a single-row or linear layout is generally suitable. The kitchen set is installed near one wall, and the remaining free space is used as a dining area. For a narrow kitchen, furniture should be selected in an elongated shape, as it will look more harmonious. In addition, it is also functional.

The photo of the interior of a small kitchen shows that it can be U-shaped or corner. In the first case, the advantage is that you can arrange a lot of spacious cabinets by placing them around the perimeter. However, the dining area will have to be moved to another room. When decorating a corner kitchen, furniture can be placed near adjacent walls. This layout will create an additional work surface that can be used instead oftable.

Color solution

A well-thought-out interior design of a small kitchen will visually expand the space and bring a certain comfort. For a small room, it is recommended to select warm, light shades. They will help visually expand the boundaries. You should not use more than two tones to decorate a small kitchen, as staying in it can become psychologically uncomfortable. Painted walls will be completely inappropriate. To make the design of this room more interesting, you can add some dark or bright accents.

Rectangular kitchen interior

The color of furniture must be in harmony with the shades of finishing materials. Too many ornaments and patterns will only tire you. How to choose? When choosing wallpaper with drawings, it is worth remembering that the ornament should be as pale as possible. A relief pattern made in the same tone with the base will look very beautiful.

How to choose a design style

There are many small kitchen interior ideas that are easy enough to make a reality on your own. Be sure to choose the right style, which must be well thought out. Among the most popular stylistic solutions are the following:

  • Provence;
  • high-tech;
  • country;
  • modern;
  • classic;
  • loft

Provence style is characterized by the fact that rather rough finishes, patterns of floral motifs, as well as light furniture can be used to decorate the ceiling. It is important to selectdecor and accessories so that you can give the impression of a rustic touch. This will allow you to relax and unwind even in a city apartment.

Country style will help create a simple and cozy atmosphere. Characteristic for him:

  • wood furniture;
  • low hanging chandelier above the table;
  • classic hood look;
  • stained-glass windows on cabinets.

This style has a special warmth and comfort. Walls should be white, beige, sand, light blue or olive. On the floor, you can put a material that imitates natural stone. Therefore, ceramic tiles with a matte finish will look most appropriate.

Hi-tech style implies that everything in it should be practical and functional. Thanks to the use of ergonomic and compact furniture, additional space is created. It is acceptable to use absolutely any technological innovations.

The photo of the interior of a small modern kitchen shows all the advantages of arranging this room. When decorating such a room in a modern style, it is important to adhere to certain rules, namely:

  • minimum decoration;
  • all lines should be simple and practical;
  • equipment needs to be selected modern;
  • for decoration you need to use metal, glass, natural wood.
  • square kitchen

Loft style is very interesting and modern. It can combine individual needs and the most daring ideas. Layout enoughunusual, and finishing materials and their application - the most unexpected. However, it also has its own specific rules. Designing a kitchen space in this style implies zoning. If possible, it is best to remove the wall between the kitchen and the dining room. Instead, you can equip a partition, which can be used as a bar counter. There should be no decor. Instead of finishing, bricks can be used, there should be plaster on the walls, and the floor is made of boards.

When designing a kitchen in a classic style, you need to be very careful about the design. It is important to think through all the nuances and subtleties in advance. Accessories and furniture must be expensive. As a lighting device, you need to use a large chandelier, as well as additional lighting. Furniture, in addition to its main purpose, should hide appliances. In addition, it must be correctly placed and not interfere with free movement in the kitchen. Do not use too bright colors, as it is desirable that the design be unobtrusive.

Finishing materials

The interior of a small kitchen in Khrushchev can be as functional and comfortable as possible. To make the room visually larger, it is important to choose the right finishing materials. Their choice is quite large. When decorating the ceiling, you can use materials such as:

  • plaster;
  • plastic or wood panels;
  • stretch ceilings;
  • drywall.

The simplest option is plaster, which allows you to hideminor flaws. The most interesting option is drywall, with which you can make a variety of ceiling shapes.

Even in the smallest kitchen, you can create a very cozy design by choosing the right wallpaper in warm colors. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the general stylistic solution of the interior and other features of this room.

If the ceilings are low, then designers recommend using sunny or pastel colors. If light shades predominate, then you need to use bright colors and colorful prints. The design looks harmonious when the apron is tiled, and the rest of the walls are pasted over with light wallpaper with a discreet pattern.

Kitchen with living room

In a small apartment, the floor should be the same in all rooms, or it should be very close in color. As a floor covering, you can use laminate, parquet or ceramic tiles. You need to lay them out diagonally. This will make a small room feel more spacious. The less different materials and textures are used for finishing, the better the interior will look.

Furniture Arrangement

Decorating the interior of a small kitchen 6 sq. m, the photo of which allows you to evaluate the ergonomics of the space, it is important to choose the right pieces of furniture. For a small room, it is best to use light-colored products that will be the same tone as the wall covering, as this will visually expand the boundaries.

In addition, transparent furniture will look very interesting, in particular, shelves, a table, a bar counter,made of tempered glass. Chairs can be selected from translucent plastic. They will seem simply weightless and will not clutter up the space. You should not use too many small details, as overall pieces of furniture will look more rational. In a small room, it is best to put a sliding table, as if necessary, it will be possible to seat many guests.

Installing the refrigerator

The interior of a small kitchen with a refrigerator needs to be carefully considered, as it is very difficult to install bulky appliances in a limited space. In order not to overload the room, you can mount this device in a niche in the wall. However, it is worth remembering that it must be non-carrier.

Making a small kitchen

After looking at the photo of the interior of a small kitchen with a refrigerator, you can make sure that even very large appliances can be easily fit into the common space if it is built into the furniture. Modern technologies make it very easy to choose the most interesting option that will fully suit all requests and will not take up too much space.

Accessories, textiles and decorations

In order to avoid congestion of space, designers recommend limiting yourself to a few interior items with prints. It can be a pattern on pillows or on furniture upholstery. It is best to take the length of the cornice with a margin, and also attach it a little higher than the window. The curtain must be wide. It is advisable to use light fabrics so that they transmit light well.

For those who do not like cornices, you can use Roman blinds or light blinds. To increase the height of the wall, you can place various accessories on it, in particular photographs or paintings. You can place them slightly below the usual level. In a small space, shiny and transparent accessories look very impressive.

Don't put large bouquets and lush houseplants, it's best to limit yourself to a fruit bowl or an elegant small flower.

Bright design

Space expansion

You can add kitchen space with a balcony. This will bring new design ideas to life. In such a room you can not only cook food, but also receive guests. Competent design of the interior of the kitchen with a balcony will allow you to hide the border of the areas, and the space will look like one.

You can combine the kitchen with the living room. However, such a combination may have certain disadvantages, since it is imperative that the design in both rooms is consistent. In addition, there will be a feeling that there is only one room in the apartment.

However, there are also advantages of such a combination, as it turns out a brighter, more spacious room with good air exchange. Also, with the right approach, you can turn the original design and the most daring ideas into reality.

Setting up a small kitchen is easy enough. The most important thing is to put a little effort and consider all the basic nuances of creating a beautiful, ergonomic space.

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