How to enlarge a room if it is small?

How to enlarge a room if it is small?
How to enlarge a room if it is small?

The question of how to enlarge a room is of concern to most of the population of our country due to the fact that many people live in small apartments, and not everyone can improve the housing situation.

how to enlarge a room

If the room has a balcony, then an increase in the area of ​​the room by a few meters is possible by combining the space of these two territories. To do this, a balcony or loggia needs to be glazed. To insulate the facade, the roof of the balcony, the floor, the sides, to equip additional heat supply in the form of a warm floor or a local heater. In some cases, if there is no balcony, then its extension is possible. This practice is usually used for apartments on the first floor.

In the event that it is not possible to find additional meters, then the problem of "how to enlarge the room" goes into the plane of technical and design solutions. If the tenants do not plan any extravagant interiors, then in general, designers recommend using light colors and paints without a large pattern for small rooms. Bright spots and large decorative elements are possible only in the form of separate components, so that the decor of the room does not irritate the nervous system and does not reducespace visually. Many designers, decorating small rooms, choose white, blue, greenish, gray tones in decoration in combination with light-colored furniture, which allows them to achieve the optimal effect.

small rooms

The solution for a small room should include proper lighting, which means no heavy curtains and minimal occlusion of daylight coming from the window. Heavy chandeliers are contraindicated in small rooms, so the best examples of design are often equipped with built-in lights or small shades and sconces.

Designers also give some tips on how to enlarge a room with interior items.

Firstly, the furniture for such rooms should stand along the walls or be built-in. Significantly "facilitate" the interior of light plastic chairs with thin legs, shelves and facades of glass cabinets, etc.

Secondly, mirrors and objects with mirror surfaces, which have long been considered one of the best for creating the effect of expanded space, are very relevant. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to mirror the whole wall, especially in the bedrooms. You can just hang a few small mirrors with trim or make a mirrored border under the ceiling that will reflect the light from the chandelier.

small room solution

Thirdly, in a small room, at least, there should not be a large number of items in sight - everything unnecessary must be put away in cabinets, which in turn should not be wide.

Fourthly, paintings or murals used in small spaces should have a perspective view.

Fifthly, it is not recommended to use dark colors when decorating the floor. On the contrary, the flooring should be in beige, grayish tones, perhaps with a diagonal pattern that will also "expand" the room.

Thus, for those who are struggling with the problem of how to enlarge a room, we can recommend a minimalist style in the design and furnishings of the room, which will allow you to save maximum free space, air and light.

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