Fireproof drywall: characteristics, fire resistance class

Fireproof drywall: characteristics, fire resistance class
Fireproof drywall: characteristics, fire resistance class

The use of drywall in repair and construction work has long become the norm. This material can be used in different situations, even when there is a need to provide the walls with a fire resistance quality. Ordinary drywall is not suitable for such purposes, but you can find a heat-resistant variety of this material on sale.

It consists of a plasterboard layer, which is treated with special substances. Due to the properties, the sheet is able to withstand the effects of open fire. This prevents the spread of smoke and burning. You can distinguish fireproof drywall from other varieties of this material by marking and color. The fabrics are dyed pink.


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Fireproof drywall has a density of 850kg/m3, higher than standard drywall. In the case of the latter, the density is 800 kg/m3. It is also important to pay attentionon thermal conductivity, it is 0.22 W/Mk, which is 0.13 higher than ordinary sheet.

The fire resistance class of a material is determined by the fire resistance limit. This setting is 45 minutes. If we consider the wall variety in more detail, then its fire resistance limit is 20 minutes. It will take this time for the sheet to be completely destroyed when exposed to flame.

Cardboard is impregnated with special substances during the production process, gypsum contains reinforcing additives, crystallized water is present in the core, which occupies a fifth of the mass of the material. When ignited, water prevents the spread of fire. If you decide to purchase fireproof drywall, then you need to make sure that it is such. To do this, the seller should require a fire safety certificate.

Flammability class

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After reading the documentation, you can find out that the fire-resistant drywall corresponds to the G1 flammability class. As for toxicity, this parameter is referred to as T1. In terms of flammability, refractory drywall corresponds to class B3. Smoke formation is also important, the described material in this respect corresponds to class D1.

Before you purchase fireproof drywall, you should pay attention to the fact that the sheet must comply with the standard thickness, which is equal to the limit from 12.5 to 15 mm. As for other dimensions, they remain the same for fire-resistant drywall as for a regular sheet.

Reaction to fire

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Fireproof drywall will behave normally when exposed to high temperatures, problems only arise when exposed to open fire. The longer the material will resist the flame, the better. But the cardboard shell will still burn, while the gypsum core will crack. This is much slower compared to wall drywall.

The fire resistance limit can be 50 minutes. For different manufacturers, this parameter varies, which affects the price of the material. After the expiration of this period, the sheet is destroyed, however, everything will depend on the intensity of the fire. Due to the fact that the material corresponds to the combustibility class mentioned above, it can be classified as non-combustible materials that do not spread fire and do not support combustion. In 45 minutes, the material will retain its bearing capacity and integrity, eliminating the passage of fire in the opposite direction. This is true when drywall was used to build a partition.

Use area

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Fireproof drywall is not usually used for leveling walls in normal rooms. It is not used for arranging the ceiling. However, there are situations where fire protection is very appropriate. These should include:

  • chimney lining;
  • wall cladding in the bath and sauna;
  • wall decoration in the boiler room, industrial premises, boiler rooms;
  • finishing wooden houses;
  • creation of householdair ducts.

Fireproof drywall is also used for the construction of partitions, in the interior of which it is supposed to lay power cables.

Description of fire-resistant drywall from the manufacturer "Knauf"

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Fireproof drywall "Knauf" is popular with modern consumers. With its help, the decoration of the external and internal walls of the building, which are subject to fire safety requirements, is carried out. GKLO found its application in the construction of houses that were built from combustible materials.

The characteristics of fire-resistant drywall allow it to withstand high temperatures for a long time. The canvases are able to undergo flame exposure for up to 60 minutes, while combustion and smoke will not spread. If we compare it with moisture-resistant drywall, then the material described in the article also consists of reinforced fiberglass, as well as gypsum, which improves performance. The fire resistance properties are provided by the clay, which is able to withstand high temperatures.

Additional Features

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Refractory drywall from the manufacturer "Knauf" has many advantages, among them should be highlighted:

  • possibility of use in premises for various purposes;
  • excellent moisture resistance;
  • the ability to reduce its temperature when exposed to strong fire;
  • availabilityclay layer, which is characterized by high thermal insulation features;
  • durability.

It is important to note that Knauf fireproof drywall is ready to last 5 years longer than its counterparts. For any finishing coating, weight is a very important characteristic. The described material has an insignificant mass, so it can be installed not only on walls, but also on the ceiling. In the first case, we are talking about a material of a more impressive thickness, by default this parameter is 12.5 mm.

The edge of this type of drywall is semicircular. On sale you can find sheets with the following dimensions: 2500x1200x12.5 mm. As for the thickness, it varies from 6.5 to 9.5 mm. The parameter equal to 8 mm acts as an intermediate value. Fireproof drywall, the characteristics of which are mentioned in the article, has a mass equal to 30 kg. This is true for one sheet. The canvas is able to withstand temperatures up to +600 °C.

Mounting Features

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If you will be installing a drywall fire wall, you should be aware that the characteristics of the material affect the progress of the work. Due to the fact that additional fibers are present in the gypsum, the core of the sheet acquires the ability of increased resistance to fire. That is why it is much more difficult to screw self-tapping screws into such material, as well as cutting it, it greatly slows down the work.

In order to provide structures with higher stability inIn the event of a fire, it is necessary to lay the material in two layers, making the distance between the profiles smaller. If you decide to equip a drywall fire ceiling, then you must remember that the sheets should not be installed on a wooden crate. This will improve the quality of the fire resistance of the structure. It is better to use metal profiles for this, otherwise the technology is no different from that where conventional drywall is used.


Fireproof drywall, the price of which is 350 rubles / sheet, is a finishing material for arranging suspended ceilings and partitions in rooms that have special fire safety requirements. This material is used to form fire-retardant coatings, as well as structures.

Cloths are characterized by increased resistance to flame. After the completion of the fire resistance stage, the destruction of the material begins. These qualities are provided by the production technology, which involves the use of gypsum and organic substances, among the latter, clay should be singled out. The material is additionally reinforced with filament glass fiber.

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