Guide profiles in modern construction

Guide profiles in modern construction
Guide profiles in modern construction

Today, almost any repair is not complete without such a building element as guide profiles. With the advent of the sale of various types of drywall, they have firmly entered our lives, or rather our homes.

General information

Guide profiles

Guide profiles are used for mounting building materials (most often drywall). They are made from galvanized metal. Guide profiles are used to create rack structures and lintels. During installation, this building material must be installed on a polyurethane or foam rubber tape. Also, guide profiles can be "planted" on silicone sealant. As a rule, these metal structures are fastened with self-tapping screws. Depending on the type of building, they can also be fastened with dowels. The step between the screws should be no more than 1 m. In most cases, the guide profiles are fixed with at least 3 screws (dowels). On sale you can purchase guide profiles of standard length - 3 m.

Basic sizes and types

Guide profile PN (5050)

Guide profiles are the mostdifferent shapes and sizes. The following materials are considered the most popular, marked with the letters "PN": PN-2 - 50x40 mm; PN-3 - 65x40 mm; PN-4 - 75x40 mm; PN-6 - 100x40 mm. In addition to the "PN" profiles, the so-called "rack-mount" ones (marked with the letters "PS") are also on sale. They are most often used for mounting vertical racks of a frame designed for plasterboard linings and partitions. They are mounted in tandem with the appropriate guide materials. Their fastening is carried out with the help of screws or notches with a slight bend. The main dimensions of the profile "PS": PS-2 - 50x50 mm; PS-3 - 65x50 mm; PS-4 - 75x50 mm; PN-6 - 100x50 mm. Sometimes inexperienced builders confuse these types of metal structures. So, often products "PS" are mistakenly called "profile guide PN" (5050 mm, etc.). The difference between these building materials is precisely in size. So, in the category "PN" they are 50x40 mm, etc.

Other types of guide profiles

Guide profile (price)

Among the huge number of different products, the most commonly used ones should be noted:

• Ceiling "PP" is used to create a false ceiling frame. It is often used for wall cladding. These guide profiles are distinguished from others by characteristic 3 grooves located on the back and shelves. They are designed to center the screws and give the metal structure additional rigidity. Profile size "PP" - 60x27 mm.

• The "PPN" ceiling guide is also used for the construction of suspended ceilings. Hefastened around the perimeter of the room. If it is used to install the frame under the cladding, it is attached to the ceiling and floor.

• J-profile is made of hard vinyl. It is designed to decorate the edge of drywall. This product is available in multiple sizes.

• Rust profiles are used to create a groove in drywall with a depth of 6-12 mm.

• Elements for optical cable are used for laying communications.

• L-profile for the construction of arches is used for the manufacture of free-form structures.

You can also find another guide profile on sale, the price of which directly depends on the amount of metal spent on it and the complexity of the configuration. So, "PN" 50x40 mm (3 m) will cost 60-75 rubles per piece. (depending on the region), "PS" 50x50 mm (3 m) - 65-85 rubles, and "PPN" 28x27 mm (3 m) - 36-45 rubles.

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