Rossinka mixer. Product reviews for kitchen and bathroom

Rossinka mixer. Product reviews for kitchen and bathroom
Rossinka mixer. Product reviews for kitchen and bathroom

The Rossinka faucet is a fairly common product among the Russian population. It is in demand for the design of both the kitchen area and the bathroom. The bathroom accessories market is represented by 12 collections of this manufacturer. They are designed taking into account the peculiarities of local conditions, in terms of characteristics and quality they are not inferior, and in some cases even superior to foreign-made analogues.

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Russian-made brand

Given the peculiarities of the local water supply, the Rossinka kitchen faucet, as well as the bathroom faucet and shower set, have some design features that allow you to switch flows even with low water pressure. This is ensured by a ceramic diverter adapted to water hammer. All products undergo multi-level testing, which guarantees a long service life.

The products of this manufacturer are equipped with an aerator, the "Anti-calcium" system, which prevents plaque from settling even when using water intended for technical purposes.

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Benefits of using Rosinka products

Productsdomestic manufacturer has a number of advantages over foreign analogues. This is due to the fact that the features of local water supply, water quality, and the scope of its use are taken into account. Of the main advantages, it should be noted:

  1. Build quality and durability.
  2. Safety of using faucets in residential and industrial premises. They are made from brass with a reduced lead content in the composition of the raw materials. The main production method is casting.
  3. Strong alloys are used for the manufacture of bathroom and kitchen components, which are designed for repeated use, up to 5 million cycles.
  4. Finished products also undergo visual inspection for the integrity of internal and external surfaces. Along with this, the quality of surface polishing is checked.
  5. All components are manufactured according to the latest technology. Products are equipped with additional options, depending on the model of the mixer and the price category of the product. This may include aerators, shower heads, diverters for switching flows.
  6. The range of bathroom and kitchen faucets available is varied enough to satisfy every need.
  7. Compliance with European standards ensures the interchangeability of components for the Rossinka mixer. Consumer reviews note this as an opportunity to use, if necessary, parts of similar foreign-made products. This point plays a significant role in the preparation of an estimate for the cost of repairing the device.
  8. Noteworthyand the warranty period provided by the manufacturer for the Rossinka mixer. Consumer reviews mark it as an advantage of this product.
  9. shower heads

The use of only high-quality raw materials in the production allows us to guarantee a long service life. The company is also ready to provide the services of service centers for the repair of faucets with the departure of the master at home.

Disadvantages of Rosinka products

Despite the use of new technologies in the production of faucets, it is worth noting some of the shortcomings of this product. Available on the Rossinka faucet, consumer reviews emphasize that the budget line for the kitchen, for example, is subject to rapid wear in places that account for the main load during operation. This is due to the fact that in the production of load-bearing structures there is some savings in the use of the base material. However, according to the same reviews, when choosing between Chinese and domestic models, Rosinka products have more advantages.

mixer rossinka reviews

Silvermix - economical version of Rosinka faucets

Among the large selection of models of a domestic manufacturer, it is worth highlighting the Rossinka Silvermix mixer. This model is a representative of the economy series of products for kitchen and bathroom.

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Showers and bidets are presented separately. A wide range of accessories are available, including shower heads.

All products in this series are adapted tolocal operating conditions, have state certificates. The development of the model was carried out by Russian designers, thanks to which the Rossinka faucet, reviews of which allow us to draw such conclusions, organically fits into the interior of any type of bathroom.

As an advantage, the warranty period for Rossinka products should be noted. The manufacturer gives a 7-year warranty on the quality of their products. This allows you to install the Rossinka mixer in residential and industrial premises. At the same time, customer reviews note that this is a winning moment, in comparison with other analogues of the economy class. Also, all products of this manufacturer are approved for use in children's institutions.

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