Food thermometer: main advantages and variety of assortment

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Food thermometer: main advantages and variety of assortment
Food thermometer: main advantages and variety of assortment

Today, almost every housewife has a food thermometer. With this small device, you can quickly and accurately determine the degree of readiness of a dish. In this article, you will learn about the main advantages of this product.

The most important characteristics of culinary thermometers

Due to the fact that the food thermometer is equipped with a special probe, it allows several times to facilitate the cooking process. Using this device, any housewife will be able to understand whether the dish is baked.

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A quality product must meet several important requirements for such products. First of all, it has a fairly wide range of temperature measurements. As a rule, this range ranges from -30 to +300 degrees. A good product is able to provide the most accurate data within a few seconds after the start of use. Many manufacturers equip a kitchen food thermometer with a sound signal. The case of a quality product has additional protection against moisture.


Modern stores offer a fairly wide range of similar products. All manufactured products can be divided into three main types:

  • Standard food thermometer, made in the form of a pen with a metal probe. The range of measured temperatures ranges from -50 to +300 degrees. Therefore, it is equally successfully used both in industry and in everyday life.
  • The thermometer with a remote temperature sensor. This type of product has excellent functionality and is widely used in industrial environments. A remote element connected to the main unit via a cable allows remote constant temperature control.
  • Portable thermometer, which is a compact device with a folding sharp probe. With this product, you can quickly and accurately determine the temperature of caramel, syrup or jam during the preparation of pastries and desserts.

Another classification

In addition to the categories described, all culinary thermometers are divided into liquid, probe, fast reading and bimetallic.

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Products belonging to the first group are quite fragile and require careful handling. They are filled with mercury, kerosene or ethyl alcohol. Among their main advantages are the speed of measurement and comparative cheapness.

Devices belonging to the second group work with a probe, under which there are two wires. They are soldered together and lead to a variableresistor, which is very sensitive to temperature changes. Some models of probe thermometers may emit beeps. The disadvantages of such products include insufficient measurement accuracy and rapid wear.

Instant readout devices are also referred to as probes. But their flasks and readers are combined into one whole. This type of thermometer is designed for manual use. The main advantages of such products include the speed of obtaining results. However, you should be prepared for the fact that the cost of instant read thermometers is quite high. The difference in price is due to the availability of additional features.

The bimetallic thermometer looks like a watch. For its production, a plate is used, made of two metals with different properties. When heated, one of them expands less than the other, as a result of which the thermometer needle deviates in the right direction.

Where are cooking thermometers used?

The ultra-modern food thermometer is considered an indispensable instrument widely used in industry. This tool is used in confectionery factories, bakeries and bakeries. It monitors the temperature of the dough during the kneading process. In workshops specializing in the production of minced meat, sausages, sausages and other meat products, a culinary thermometer allows you to control the temperature of products at all stages of production.

electronic food thermometer

In the restaurant business and public institutionsfood often use an electronic food thermometer. It is convenient to use during cooking. Bartenders have special thermometers for cocktails, milk and alcoholic drinks.

At home, it is very convenient to measure the temperature of baby food, coffee and other drinks with such devices.

Main benefits of cooking thermometers

A food thermometer used during the preparation of various dishes has a number of undeniable advantages. First of all, it makes cooking much easier. The ultra-thin probe accurately determines the temperature inside the product without disturbing its appearance. As a rule, stainless steel is used for the manufacture of this element.

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Practically all modern devices operate in a fairly wide range of temperatures and easily switch from one mode to another.

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