Philips FC 9071: customer reviews

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Philips FC 9071: customer reviews
Philips FC 9071: customer reviews

Philips FC 9071 vacuum cleaner reviews called powerful and convenient. The device has a modern design, multifunctional. It has excellent technical characteristics. Easy care. Equipped with a double parking system. Has good maneuverability. It is an indispensable helper in the house. Makes cleaning fun.

Description of the vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner Philips FC 9071 01 reviews called perfect. According to them, it works so quietly that cleaning can be done with a sleeping person and this will not wake him up.

The unique AirSeal airspace cleaning system is built into this unit. It includes a Class 13 HEPA filter capable of retaining up to 99.95% of all the smallest particles. Among them are various bacteria, fungi and pollen. This filter can be washed if necessary.

The vacuum cleaner comes with a special Tri-Active brush. It has an aerodynamic design. Has a triangular shape. Equipped with additional side bristles. This design provides the most efficient dust collection.Allows you to get trash even in hard-to-reach places, such as corners, irregularly curved walls.

The appliance has a built-in fragrance system that freshens the atmosphere with granules sprayed by a vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner is easy to use. The dust bag can be easily removed. Has a volume of 3 liters. The stylish design of the vacuum cleaner pleases the eye. High suction power is another plus of this product and has a positive effect on the quality of cleaning. The suction power does not decrease even if the bag is full. This parameter can be changed with the regulator, which is located on the instrument case.

Telescopic vacuum cleaner pipe. Easily adjustable to the height of the person. The vacuum cleaner is easy to use. Even a schoolboy can figure out how to manage it.


Philips fc 9071 reviews

The Philips FC 9071 model (a photo of the described household appliance can be seen below) is designed for dry cleaning of the premises. Its power consumption is 2000 watts. Dust collector type - bag, 3 l. The household appliance has a built-in fine filter. There is a power regulator on the body. The noise level emitted by the vacuum cleaner during operation is 76 dB.

The length of the power cord is 7 m. The vacuum cleaner is able to process an area within a radius of 10 m.

The household appliance is equipped with a telescopic tube. It has a suction power of 450W. There is an automatic cord winder. There is a dust bag full indicator. Built-in aroma function. There is a socket on the bodyfor vertical pipe parking.

The width of the vacuum cleaner is 32 cm, the height is 25 cm, the depth is 45 cm. The household appliance weighs about 5.7 kg.


Philips fc 9071 vacuum cleaner bags

The Philips FC 9071 household appliance (vacuum cleaner bags can be purchased separately if necessary) is sold at home appliance stores. This machine includes:

  • vacuum cleaner;
  • three nozzles: dust nozzle, floor/carpet nozzle, crevice nozzle;
  • instructions for use;
  • warranty card.

This equipment, as well as the technical characteristics of the device, may change at the discretion of the manufacturer.

Preparation for work

Vacuum cleaner Philips FC 9071 reviews of the owners praise. He is said to thoroughly clean carpets and floors. Easily moves around the apartment. It has a convenient brush that allows you to remove dust from all hard-to-reach places.

Philips fc 9071 vacuum cleaner reviews

Before the first use, the vacuum cleaner must be prepared for work. To do this, the suction hose is tightly inserted into the housing, into the advising connector. If everything is done correctly, you should hear a click. In order to disconnect the hose from the body, you need to press the buttons on the side and remove.

Before you start cleaning, you need to connect the tubes together and connect them to the hose handle. The length of the telescopic tube should be adjusted.

The Tri-Active nozzle is designed for cleaning floors and carpets. In order to remove the “floor” mode by pressing your foot, you need to press on the rockerswitch. In this case, a narrow brush intended for cleaning the floor will come out of the nozzle body. At the same time, a small wheel will rise to protect the surface from scratches. This action will increase the maneuverability of the household appliance.

To clean carpeted surfaces, press the rocker switch. The brush will enter the housing and the wheel will lower.

To use other nozzles, the floor brush is removed and another one is put in its place. After preparing the device, they begin to clean the room.

Operating instructions

The manual for Philips FC 9071 describes in detail how the household appliance should be used. Before cleaning the room, the power cord is taken out of the appliance and connected to the electrical network. The vacuum cleaner is turned on by pressing the "off / on" button (it is located on the body of the household appliance).

Vacuum cleaner philips fc 9071 01 reviews

The suction force is changed by the regulator located on the body of the upper part of the device. When processing a carpet or floor, the suction force is set to the maximum, for cleaning fabric surfaces, the suction force is kept to a minimum. If it is necessary to interrupt cleaning, the nozzle is inserted with an edge into a specially designated cell.

This appliance is equipped with a fragrance system that can be adjusted to suit your taste. To increase the degree of aromatization, the cartridge is turned slightly forward, to decrease - back. If aromatization is undesirable, then the cartridge is closed completely.

After cleaning, the household appliance is disconnected from the mains. Cord is woundautomatically, using a special button. The vacuum cleaner is placed in a vertical position. The nozzles are fixed on the vacuum cleaner with an edge in the groove. The Tri-Active nozzle is stored in the carpet position.

Dust bin care

Care of the vacuum cleaner does not cause any particular difficulties. As the dust bag fills up, it should be changed or shaken out. Before replacing the dust collector, the household appliance is disconnected from the mains. Open the lid of the vacuum cleaner by pulling it towards you. The bag holder is lifted and pulled out. Take out the dust box.

philips fc 9071 bags

The disposable dust bag is removed by pulling on the cardboard tab. At the same time, the dust collector immediately closes. Replace the filled bag with a new one. The back of the cardboard tab is dipped deep into the grooves of the holder. The dust container holder is inserted into the vacuum cleaner, and the cover of the vacuum cleaner is closed. The replacement of the reusable bag is done in the same way.

Disposable bags for Philips FC 9071 vacuum cleaner are used when the reusable dust bag is worn out and cannot be used again.

About filters

Changing the dust bag should not forget about the filter. The Philips FC 9071 stationary motor protection filter is removed from the holder and shaken over a trash can to clean it. After that, they are installed in place by placing the holder's eyes on the ledge. You should hear a click when the filter is properly installed.

The device has a HEPA 13 filter that needs to be changed every six months. It needs to be washed from time to time.When worn, this product is replaced with an original filter from Philips.

Care for the body of the device and its parts is made as they become dirty. The vacuum cleaner is cleaned with a soft, damp cloth, without the use of aggressive and abrasive chemicals.

Faults and Troubleshooting

In order for the Philips FC 9071 household appliance to work for a long time and properly, the bags should be changed regularly, as they are full.

Philips fc 9071 filter

The most common malfunction that the user can fix on their own, without service, is a decrease in suction power. This situation occurs for four reasons:

  • The dust bag is full and needs to be replaced.
  • The filter is dirty. It needs to be replaced or cleaned.
  • Suction speed set to minimum. Use the regulator to increase this indicator.
  • Clogged nozzle, hose, tube. To resolve this problem, disconnect the clogged part and reconnect it with the reverse side. Turn on the vacuum cleaner to blow out the blockage.

In all other cases, do not try to fix the problem yourself. It is better to contact the specialists at the service center.


As mentioned above, this appliance can be purchased at any home appliance store. The cost of a vacuum cleaner fluctuates around 10-12 thousand rubles.

Philips FC 9071: positive reviews

Vacuum cleaner philips fc 9071 owner reviews

Householdthe device received reviews both positive and negative. People note that despite the bulkiness of this device, it easily moves on the surface. They say that this unit has good power, which is easy to adjust with a button located on the vacuum cleaner body. According to them, the vacuum cleaner cleans the carpet so thoroughly that there is no dust left under it either. It has comfortable and durable components that last a long time and do not break.

Users especially like the triangular brush. In their opinion, it is distinguished by its maneuverability. Allows you to vacuum all the corners and corners of the walls.

Philips FC 9071 reviews note a good filtering system. They say that after cleaning the room breathes well and does not smell like dust. People liked the flavor too. Which, during cleaning, spreads a pleasant, subtle aroma. Many people commented on the quiet operation of the device, double parking, long range and large dust container.

The owners of the vacuum cleaner say that the wheels of the vacuum cleaner are not rubberized, but despite this, they do not leave scratches on the floor. Some people note the indication of the full bag, which is convenient to monitor the filling of the dust bag.

Users note that the automatic winding of the vacuum cleaner works perfectly. The power cord does not get tangled and is quickly pulled into the body. The handle is quickly adjustable in height, which is why the vacuum cleaner is comfortable to use and does not have to bend down. The suction hose is flexible and durable. Even with prolonged use, it does not form cracks, creases andcreases.

According to many people, operating this appliance is very easy. After all, there are only two buttons and a power regulator on the panel. One button is responsible for turning the device on and off. The other is for winding the wire. These users say that cleaning with this vacuum cleaner has become a holiday.

Opinions are negative

Reviews about Philips FC 9071 are also negative. These people lack the horizontal carrying of the device and the control buttons on the handle. They note the bulkiness of the vacuum cleaner and its high cost. According to them, you can find a device with similar technical characteristics, but cheaper.

In addition, users note that when the reusable bag is worn out, you have to purchase original consumables. Which, according to these people, are quite expensive. Some people lack the vacuum cleaner's power and maneuverability.

Negative reviews of the Philips FC 9071 indicate a bag insert. According to them, the dust collector constantly gets stuck in it and in order to get it, you have to make a lot of effort. Some people complain that the metal telescoping tube is often shocked.

Some people are not happy with the color of the device. They don't understand why the manufacturer made it blue. Since this shade is very often not combined with the general atmosphere in the apartment.

There are people who, in the first week of using the household appliance, burned out the filter, loosened the rubber bands designed to ensure the tightness of the dust collector storage section. When closing the lid with a bag of gum, you have to constantlytweak.

Users also note that even with a careful attitude, the body of the vacuum cleaner is scratched. There are those people who miss the long bristle head and find the Tri-Active brush uncomfortable.

In general, this vacuum cleaner has proven itself well. He left more positive reviews than negative ones. Most users were satisfied with the purchase. They never cease to admire the quality, power and technical capabilities of the device.

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