Humidifier - reviews, features, types and specifications

Humidifier - reviews, features, types and specifications
Humidifier - reviews, features, types and specifications

Excessively dry air can cause he alth problems. Among them: diseases of the mucous and respiratory tract, dry skin, etc.

Humidifier for home

If it is impossible to achieve an increase in humidity naturally (for example, by airing or wet cleaning), you should purchase special equipment - a humidifier. Reviews of various models and their description will help you choose the best option.

Using a humidifier

In order for human life to take place in a normal mode, it is necessary to comply with special norms and maintain optimal climatic conditions in the room. The building material of the house, the amount of furniture, the climate zone and other parameters can disrupt the natural circulation of air and, consequently, reduce the human resource.

Cold steam humidifier

To neutralize drynessair, apartment buildings often use an apartment humidifier. Customer reviews report their effectiveness.

If the air humidity is insufficient (less than 40%), the risk of catching a cold or viral disease increases. Also, excessive dryness weakens the functioning of the lungs and bronchi.

How the humidifier works

The principle of operation is based on the process of water evaporation. The liquid heats up imperceptibly and evaporates when exposed to two immersed electrodes. The operation of the device is completely safe, because the electrical circuit between the elements closes only when there is a sufficient water level.

Humidifier with cleaning function

The power cable is insulated and connected to the humidifier when assembled. This design eliminates the possibility of electric shock to a person.

Features of climate technology

When choosing climate technology, you should pay attention to the reviews. Humidifiers for the home can be equipped with various attachments and function in different ways.

Heated Humidifier

Need to know:

  1. The cold air humidifier is equipped with a blower fan, and the ultrasonic devices are equipped with a vibrating atomizer.
  2. A handy addition would be a work time timer.
  3. Some devices are equipped with additional functions: ionizer, ultraviolet lamp, ozonizer, etc.

Important! All of the additionalfeatures and attachments do not affect the operation or performance of the instrument.

Types and characteristics of humidifiers

Reviews will help facilitate the selection of absolutely any technique. Humidifiers have also received positive and negative reviews.

The main and most popular are:

  1. Steam devices.
  2. Ultrasonic humidifiers.
  3. Cleansing machines.
  4. Classic humidifiers.

When buying, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Performance.
  2. Power consumption.
  3. Noise level and availability of night mode.
  4. Availability of additional devices (for example, timer, hygrometer, etc.).

How to choose the right humidifier

Important factors when choosing this climate technology are:

  1. Tank volume. This parameter is selected depending on the area of ​​the room. If you plan to humidify just one room, a portable humidifier is ideal. Multiple rooms or a whole house will require a larger appliance.
  2. Type of evaporation. Cold steam is suitable for the summer season or for the temperate climate zone. It is worth noting that some warm vaporizers can be used as an inhaler.
  3. Built-in meters. These include a hygrometer and a hygrostat. The first allows you to measure the humidity of the surrounding space, and the second - to adjust the steam supply.
  4. Cleaning process. Before choosing a good humidifier and air purifier,make sure that the device is easy to clean. More expensive models are equipped with filters that do not require cleaning.
  5. Noise level. This parameter is also important, because the presence of a silent mode will make the use process more comfortable.
  6. Auto power off function. If there is none, the appliance becomes a fire hazard.
  7. Cost. Pay attention to upcoming maintenance and care costs (for example, models with built-in filters or cartridges will need to be replaced periodically).

Use benefits

Maintaining humidity within certain limits is the main advantage of air humidifiers. User reviews also report that:

  1. Technique is absolutely safe to use. The humidifier turns off automatically when the tank runs out of water.
  2. You can adjust the relative value both automatically and manually.
  3. The range of borders is the widest (from 40 to 80%). This allows you to adjust the humidity in any climate zone.
  4. Noise level is low and does not disturb others at all.
  5. The appliance also consumes a small amount of electricity.
  6. Modern humidifiers are equipped with special filters, so the water during the evaporation process is thoroughly cleaned and does not leave marks on the surface.

Disadvantages of humidifiers

In addition to the positive aspects of using the device, there are also negative customer reviews. Humidifierin some cases leaves white marks on adjacent surfaces. This plaque is absolutely harmless and consists of dry minerals and s alts. These deposits are most common in humidifiers that are not designed with a water filter.

Humidifier with fragrance function

To eliminate plaque, you only need to wipe the places of pollution. To avoid the formation of white deposits, you can:

  • purchase a humidifier with a filter element;
  • use only boiled, filtered or distilled water.

Humidifiers: user reviews

According to customer reviews, the rating of the most popular models has been compiled:

  1. First place goes to Boneco U201. This device is affordable and easy to use. The humidifier is equipped with an automatic switch-off function when the container is empty. Also, the device has a built-in water filter. In addition to the main purpose, you can also use a humidifier to flavor the air. The noise level is only 25 dB. The capacity of the container is enough to humidify a room up to 20 m22.
  2. Second place goes to Stadler Form Jack J-020/021. This ultrasonic humidifier is equipped with a spray water heating function. In this case, all bacteria and viruses are destroyed. The humidifier has a built-in water filter. The device is able to work on an area up to 65 m2. The noise level is slightly higher than the previous version - 29 dB. Buyers appreciated the moderninstrument design and ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  3. The next position is occupied by the NeoClima NCC universal humidifier. This device is equipped with the functions of cleaning, humidification, ozonation and ionization. The number of speed modes - 4. The humidifier eliminates unpleasant odors, and also destroys bacteria. One bowl is enough to treat a room up to 50 m22 for 10 hours. Among the shortcomings are the inability to save settings when the device is turned off and large dimensions.
  4. Boneco W2055DR also occupies a high position in the ranking. The device functions as an air purifier and humidifier. The water is purified using a built-in silver rod. Among the advantages are: noiselessness, long-term operation without changing water, ease of operation. It is also easy to clean.
  5. Boneco S450 is perfect for both home and office. The device heats the liquid to the boiling point, but touching the steam does not cause burns. Users note that the device has high performance and is easy to use. Among the disadvantages is the high cost.
Humidifier for children's room

Significantly simplify the process of selecting equipment reviews. Humidifiers are quite popular among users, so it is possible to study the opinion of almost every existing model.

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