"Atlant" - a chair for a respectable person

"Atlant" - a chair for a respectable person
"Atlant" - a chair for a respectable person

Every office worker knows the problem of a tired back after at least 8 hours of sitting at a desk. Of course, it is worth having a comfortable chair in your use or, better, a chair with a supportive back, possibly a headrest, comfortable armrests and a soft seat. "Atlant" is a chair for just such a purpose. Convenient, functional, designed for comfortable work in the office or office.

atlant armchair

"Atlant" - a chair for a respectable employee

Yes, a self-respecting and he althy official or office worker will certainly take care of the condition of his body in the process of work. As a rule, successful and well-earning employees acquire such a chair. In general, it would be right if an attentive and caring boss provides such inventory in the office for each member of the team.

"Atlas" is a chair that has several really important structural elements.

armchair Atlant leather


  1. High back, holding the head as well.
  2. Adjustable backrest for maximum harmony of fit.
  3. Swing mode for those who need to calm their nerves, ponder an idea,turn on fantasy.
  4. Wide seat for easy movement.
  5. Comfortable armrests that follow the position of the hands while sitting.

"Atlant" - a chair that is designed specifically for a real leader! Why does it correspond to the high status of leading officials? Because it is made of leather or a substitute that perfectly imitates it and matches its quality characteristics.

Really comfortable armchair "Atlant". Leather or leatherette - the material of its upholstery does not matter. In any case, it has high breathability, UV resistance, flame retardance, high elasticity. The fabric is not deformed, flexibly stretched over the body, resistant to abrasion.

By purchasing such a product, you can be sure that it will serve faithfully for many years of operation.

The Atlant Chrome armchair is chrome-plated metal parts that reflect the high class of a businessman whose office is equipped with modern and most comfortable furniture. The rotation mode is very convenient when arranging a U-shaped workplace and allows you to have access to all corners of your desk and secretary without getting up and moving the chair on the floor.

chair atlant chrome

Pros and cons

"Atlant" - a chair that pleases its owner with care and the opportunity to enjoy their work, and not the need to painfully knead tired shoulders, back, neck. In it, you can comfortably stretch out with a cup of aromatic coffee, relax your muscles by setting the lowered mode.back, to calm a tense body a little and give it new strength. Yes, the Atlant chair cannot be compared to an ordinary chair that makes people go to work with the thought of a painful working day, chained to an uncomfortable seat and with a sense of doom.

Restrained design helps to emphasize the severity and solidity of its owner, and the soft seat cushions allow you to plunge into the arms of the chair and feel at the office, as if in a cozy home environment.

From the shortcomings, some coldness of split skin is distinguished. Also, over the years, there is a slight squeak in the swing system, however, lubrication with household machine oil eliminates this temporary nuisance.

Otherwise, the chair pleases its owners and attracts their employees with its seductive convenience.

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