How to make Iron Man for a costume party?

How to make Iron Man for a costume party?
How to make Iron Man for a costume party?

Ahead of a costume party, matinee or performance? It is urgent to prepare the most creative and memorable costume! Of course, there are many options, but we must also take into account that the process of creating an outfit should be accessible.

how to make iron man

In this case, let's try to think about how to make Iron Man at home from improvised means.

Let's consider the two simplest approaches, we will make a suit out of cardboard and fabric.

How to make Iron Man out of cardboard

We will need the following items:

- A box that your character will fit into (for example, from a microwave oven, vacuum cleaner or electric heater).

- Several boxes of shoes to dress up the feet.

- A roll of foil.

- Scotch.

how to make your own iron man suit

So let's get started. First of all, you should cut holes in the large box at the top and bottom for your torso. The box will be worn over the head.

Then cut the same planholes in shoeboxes for arms and legs (with appropriate diameter).

It is best to remove the lids from the boxes, cut the holes open, then the box can simply be put on an arm or leg and close the lid.

iron man suit drawings

If you don't know how to make your own Iron Man suit, ask your parents or older friends to help you with the assembly process.

Fixed and at the same time decorated all this will be with the help of foil. The skein will go to the full winding of the torso and limbs. It is necessary to leave a little for the design of the face. The face should be covered with foil in its pure form, without boxes. The spectacle promises to be terrifying!

Also, as an easier option for decorating the limbs, you can adapt a stainless corrugated pipe from a plumbing store. Ask dad to take part in this responsible business!

how to make iron man

The downside of such a costume is the difficulty in selecting the right number of boxes, the large consumption of foil, and, most importantly, such a costume will have to be created anew every timeā€¦

How to make Iron Man from fabric

You need to go to the fabric store and buy the required material. From the offered assortment, various options for sprayed knitwear are most often suitable. If the hero is a girl, then you can buy sequin fabric. If a boy, then it is better to choose something less glamorous. Silver fabric supplex or lycra, lurex or viscose with a metallic coating are perfect for this purpose.

Fabric consumption is calculated from the following scheme: pants length + blouse length + sleeve length.

how to make your own iron man suit

Pants and jacket should be cut at home. Here without special skills it will be difficult. You can take the most primitive pattern from a specialized magazine, taking some kind of pajamas as a basis, while getting the most real drawings of the Iron Man suit. Alternatively, you can circle your favorite T-shirt or tracksuit on the newspaper.

You can sew everything on the most ordinary sewing machine. But the main thing is to first make sure that she is able to "make friends" with the selected fabric.

You can decorate the costume with old CDs and various parts from broken cars or robots.

Finishing touches

When the job is done, it remains to apply a metallic make-up on the face. Fat cream and silver sand from a flower shop are suitable for this. You can also use metallic shadows, covering the entire face or its individual parts with them.

iron man suit drawings

Now you know exactly how to make Iron Man!

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