Grow pineapples at home - feel like you're in the tropics

Grow pineapples at home - feel like you're in the tropics
Grow pineapples at home - feel like you're in the tropics

The masterful combination of useful and pleasant is to grow at home something like that to talk about you. Well, growing plants at home is a common thing, you will not surprise anyone with this. Although you can find your own zest in this. Even if it weighs up to 15 kg.

Pineapple is a tropical fruit, rather fastidious, in our villages it is familiar only as a product in a store, but not as a garden crop. Yes, and it does not shine for him to survive in the garden. Therefore, we can only grow pineapples at home.

We will propagate in a vegetative way. To do this, we go to the store and "get" the seller, requiring him to choose one or more fruits there:;

d) with large, fresh and pest-free leaves in the rosette, as well as an intact green "tuft" in the center.

Pineapples at home

Cut off the top of the selected fruit, stepping back 2 cm from the lower leaves. We clean all the pulp from the trunk so that there is nodecay. The section injured by us must be washed with a pink solution of potassium permanganate and sprinkled with finely crushed charcoal, left alone for several hours. There are two ways to root the top. The first is to plant it in clean sand (preferably river) by 3-4 cm. Covered with a film, pineapple must be kept at + 15 … + 25, moistened daily with a spray bottle. The second is simpler: the tip is placed in a container of water so that its tip only slightly touches the water surface. Be patient: pineapple roots can only reach a length sufficient for planting in the ground in a month.

Growing plants at home

The diameter of the pot where our pineapples will grow at home should be equal to the diameter of the rosette crown. The composition of the soil mixture: sand, humus, sod land (1:1:2). Mandatory drainage with a layer of 2-3 cm at the bottom of the pot (coarse-grained sand or fine gravel). When the top has acquired roots two centimeters long, it's time for the future pineapple to pot.

It will grow on the windowsill of a south-facing window. Eliminate any drafts! The soil mixture should not dry out, maintain its moderate moisture with periodic watering with warm water. In spring and summer, pineapple is always watered directly into the outlet, and the water must be there all the time, at least once a month being updated with fresh water. In winter, water more carefully, about weekly, and only into the soil. Also, in spring and summer, pineapple should be fed with fertilizer for bromeliads once every two weeks. Fertilizer must be diluted with water for irrigation and poured into the outlet.

Growing on a windowsill

The temperature in the room where pineapples are grown at home should not fall below +15 in winter and be within +22 … +25 in summer. If the central heating dries out the air, especially in winter, the plant must be sprayed regularly. About a year after planting, it is better to transplant the pineapple into a larger pot.

Pineapples at home begin to bear fruit in 3-4 years. After flowering, fruit ripening begins, lasting six months. Then another 2-3 years are spent on the release of new "children" - shoots - and the plant dies. But the "children" take root better than the "parent" and bloom earlier.In conclusion, I remind you: pineapple is a tasty and he althy product, but it is not recommended for those who suffer from stomach diseases.

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