Electrolux oven. Instructions for safe use

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Electrolux oven. Instructions for safe use
Electrolux oven. Instructions for safe use

Before you start installing and using the Electrolux oven, you must carefully read the safety rules for using this appliance. The instructions for the Electrolux oven indicate that the manufacturer is not responsible for injuries and serious damage resulting from improper installation or violation of the rules for operating the device.

Instructions for using the oven "Electrolux"

Safe use guidelines

There are several:

  • This appliance may only be used by children over 8 years of age and even by persons with reduced physical, mental and sensory abilities, or by persons with little experience or knowledge in its use, only in the presence of persons responsible for their safety (parents, guardians).
  • It is forbidden to let children play with the oven.
  • It is necessary to keep the box from the appliance and the instructions for the Electrolux oven out of the reach of children.
  • During operation or immediately after its completion, when the oven is hot, it is necessarylimit access to it for children and pets.
  • While using the oven, taking out the cooking dish from it, you must use special mittens.
  • All electrical maintenance work must be carried out by qualified personnel.
  • Unplug the oven before cleaning.
  • Only use a soft cloth and gentle cleaning products to clean the oven.
  • If the main power cord is damaged, you must have it replaced by the manufacturer's service center, or use a similar cord that is suitable in all respects.
  • Cooking modes

Oven operation rules

For daily safe use of the Electrolux oven, the instruction manual should always be at hand.

In order to turn on the oven, you must press the recessed handle above the cabinet door. The handle will come out. By turning the knob, you can select the oven modes: bottom airflow, top airflow and combined top-to-bottom airflow, as well as grill. By turning the thermostat knob, you can adjust the desired cooking temperature. Above the thermostat is a temperature indicator light that stays on until the desired temperature is reached.

To finish cooking, turn the knobs to the "Off" start position

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