Kitchen corner "Alenka": a variety of models

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Kitchen corner "Alenka": a variety of models
Kitchen corner "Alenka": a variety of models

As a legacy from Soviet times, we have a great many apartments with small kitchenettes. But despite this, every hostess strives to make a small room as comfortable as possible. A faithful assistant in this matter will be the kitchen corner "Alenka". Thanks to its clever design, it fits optimally in a small space.

Kitchen corner "Alenka-4"

kitchen corner alenka 4

The set includes an equilateral corner sofa, a transforming table and two stools. The table is equipped with a drawer, when folded it has a rectangular shape, and when unfolded it has an oval shape. Spacious storage boxes are hidden under the seats of the corner sofa. This is very convenient for a small kitchen, when every square centimeter of space counts. The smooth lines of the back of the sofa will make the room more comfortable. Upholstery material can be chosen according to your taste. It can be eco-leather or flock of various colors. The stools included in the kitchen corner "Alenka" are upholstered and very comfortable. The set as a whole allows you to comfortably accommodate fortable of a company of 4-6 people.

"Alenka-13" - a kitchen corner for aesthetes

aleka 13 kitchen nook

The combination of contrasting materials used for the upholstery of this furniture makes the set very attractive from an aesthetic point of view. A corner sofa with dimensions of 180 x 130 centimeters can be either left- or right-sided - at the request of the customer. It is quite deep - 70 centimeters, which allows a person to sit on it quite comfortably. Spacious drawers under the seats will serve as excellent additional storage places. The table on metal legs is equipped with a rectangular top, and the corners are rounded, which makes this furniture more comfortable. This kitchen corner "Alenka" consists of a sofa, a table and two stools.

Variety of patterns

kitchen corner alenka

Furniture manufacturers have made sure that each consumer finds his kitchen corner "Alenka". More than twenty models delight with a variety of shapes and colors. For example, the back of the sofa set "Alenka 5/1" has a rectangular shape, but the upholstery is made in such a way that the white and brown eco-leather forms a smooth diagonal wave. Model "Alenka-8" with plain upholstery pleases the eye with nice wooden kokoshniks on the back of the sofa. And "Alenka-9", in addition to kokoshniks, will also please with the round shape of the table and stools. The model "Alenka-18", unlike others, has no storage boxeshiding under the seat cover, and put forward. A narrow vertical box is placed in the armrest, which also slides forward. The price range of products is also quite wide: from economy class sets ("Alenka-1") to beautiful soft sofas upholstered in multi-colored eco-leather, equipped with a corner shelf ("Alenka-20"). They are united by consistently high quality workmanship and attractive design. These kitchen nooks do not require the participation of a specialist in assembly, each buyer can assemble them independently: the necessary materials and detailed instructions are included with each set of furniture.

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