Review of the Redmond RT-M403 toaster

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Review of the Redmond RT-M403 toaster
Review of the Redmond RT-M403 toaster

In the modern rhythm of life, eating freshly baked bread is a luxury. When you have a toaster at hand, you can please your home with crispy slices of fried bread, while creating an atmosphere of comfort. The smell of toast prepared in the morning can lift even the most notorious couch potato. This aspect is not an argument for buying this kitchen appliance, but it is a very pleasant bonus.

Classification of toasters

It cannot be said that a toaster is an essential device in the kitchen of every housewife. This electric appliance with the use of infrared radiation for toasting the crust on bread is designed for connoisseurs of baking. There are several types of toasters:

  • electric;
  • grill toaster;
  • sandwich toaster.

In turn, electric toasters are divided into devices with manual control, semi-automatic and automatic. The difference lies intoasting mechanism.

The grill toaster has an additional function: you can bake in it. The sandwich toaster is a more advanced model of electrical appliances that provides a variety of frying modes.

Let's consider in detail one of the popular models - the Redmond RT-M403 toaster.

Redmond Products

toaster bread

Redmond products have gained their fans in a relatively short time on the home appliance market. And not just because people prefer the technique of this manufacturer. In the presence of expensive models, he also offers budget options. If the issue of price is not a priority for you, then you can make sure that in this case pricing depends not only on the brand.

Description of the Redmond RT-M403 toaster

If you look at this model, a stylish metal case that will fit perfectly into any kitchen immediately catches your eye. Complementing its LCD display and LED indication on it. The case is thermally insulated, made of stainless steel, marked Ecostyle, which means the use of metal that does not oxidize or rust.

The toaster has the ability to defrost and reheat: for example, automatic defrosting of frozen slices of bread, followed by frying or reheating the cooled slices or buns.

toaster redmond rt m403 heating

Model specifications

The Redmond RT-M403 toaster is not classified as low or medium power (400-800W range). Hispower - 1000 W, which affects the speed of frying. The toaster has 2 cooking slots. Ejection of toast occurs automatically. A distinctive feature of this model is the presence of a thermostat with adjustable intensity of the degree of roasting - as many as 9 degrees! The appliance has a crumb tray with a pull-out mechanism for cleaning the toaster.

toaster redmond rt m403 crumb tray

Additional functions, in addition to defrosting and reheating, are countdown, auto-off, slice centering, cancel cooking. The length of the cord is 0.8 m. The package includes a heating stand, which is a frame lattice.

Home use

In the instructions for using the Redmond RT-M403 toaster, the process of making toast is schematically depicted. After plugging in the appliance, you need to load the slices of bread, center them, adjust the power (recommended power for new, untested bakery products is 4-5) and wait for cooking.

For heating pastries, a grate is used, installed on top of the slots. After putting the bakery products on it, you need to press the load and reheat button without using the thermostat.

To defrost, the slices are loaded into the slots, the power is set and the corresponding button is pressed.

Important point: slices must be loaded freely into slots.

toaster redmond rt m403 slots

In the instructions for the Redmond RT-M403 toaster, the complete set of the model is described: the appliance itself, a warming stand, a servicebooklet and instruction manual.

Customer opinions

Reviews about the Redmond RT-M403 toaster are varied. But if we generalize, we can highlight common positive and negative features.

The unequivocal advantage is the appearance - stylish and "expensive". The Ecostyle mark indicates the use of high-quality material for the manufacture of the device.

An added bonus is the presence of a crumb tray for easy cleaning.

For many lovers of crispy toast, a huge advantage is the presence of a thermostat with adjustable degrees of roasting. Although for those who do not distinguish between 2 and 5 degrees of roasting, perhaps you should not overpay, but purchase a simpler model.

The disadvantages include a relatively short cord - 0.8 m. Some users complain about the power, claiming that bread becomes coals. However, it is hardly possible to speak so unambiguously here: different breads are fried differently.

toaster redmond rt m403 equipment

The issue of cost is ambiguous, since a device similar in technical characteristics from other, more well-known companies costs an average of 500-1000 rubles. expensive. The Redmond RT-M403 toaster can be purchased for about 2500 rubles

Toaster is a "home" household appliance that fills our life with a feeling of comfort and warmth. It may not be a necessity, but it brings to the life of its owners a feeling that will later be remembered with nostalgia.

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