What are good plastic panels: the pros and cons of building material

What are good plastic panels: the pros and cons of building material
What are good plastic panels: the pros and cons of building material

When plastic panels appeared on the Russian construction market, they

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made a splash and instantly gained popularity. Describing the room, the ceilings and walls of which were sheathed with panels, a mysterious and previously unknown word was pronounced - “European-style renovation”.

Such fame, it would seem, ordinary plastic, due to the novelty and original decision to use a well-known material. By that time, our compatriots were very tired of paper wallpapers, the same type of ceramic tiles and numerous layers of oil paint.

It took a long time until people got enough of the new finishing material and stopped perceiving plastic panels as something amazing and exotic. However, today this material is still in demand and popular.

Plastic panels are made from polyvinyl chloride with the addition of a softener. They allow you to easily bring even the most unsightly walls into excellent condition. This versatile material, which can be used in different rooms, hasnumerous benefits:

  • moisture resistance;
  • anti-static (so they don't accumulate dust);
  • easy care (wash well with warm water and detergent);
  • good sound insulation;
  • easy installation;
  • wide color palette;
  • affordable price.
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A conditional drawback of the material under consideration can be considered its artificiality. After all, now everyone is trying to fill their home with natural materials. But on the other hand, plastic panels, the price of which ranges from 199 to 500 rubles per square meter, are quite affordable for everyone. Many believe that it is their cheapness that is a minus. Of course, today plastic panels can hardly be called a prestigious material. However, with the will and a bit of imagination, a paneled bathroom can be turned into a work of art.

When purchasing plastic panels, pay attention to the fact that each canvas is perfectly even. The quality of the installation depends on this. See how evenly the pattern is applied. In one package there may be specimens that may differ slightly in color saturation from each other. To avoid this, purchase panels that have the same lot number, shop at a specialized store.

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Mirror plastic panels can decorate any interior. They look spectacular in hallways, living rooms, in the kitchen, in the bathroom. With this material, you can finish both the walls and the ceiling.It is available in different types - mirror, tinted. The back can be self-adhesive

Before installation, carefully prepare the surface. It should not have an old coating, grease stains, dust - anything that can interfere with the fixation of the plates. If they do not have a self-adhesive base, they are attached to the crate.

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Finishing the bathroom with the mentioned material is an ideal solution for newcomers. As you know, new houses shrink for some time, and traditional ceramic tiles crack, split, peel off the wall. In this case, the panels are more resistant to deformation. When you have new ideas for the design of this room, you can easily dismantle the old coating. Photos of plastic panels posted in this article demonstrate what kind of room the room will take on if finished with this building material.

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