PVC ceiling panels. A few facts

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PVC ceiling panels. A few facts
PVC ceiling panels. A few facts

A major overhaul in the house is not only the replacement of all communications, but also a cosmetic finish. And it is almost impossible without changing the ceiling covering. It can be different: ordinary whitewashing, wallpaper, paint, tension structures, various panels. The latter should be mentioned separately. Why? Because PVC ceiling panels have their own characteristics both during installation and operation.

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Before you apply any ceiling coating, you need to prepare the surface. First of all, align. This is necessary in the case when there are no decorative irregularities and roughness in the idea. PVC ceiling panels require a special rail to which they will be attached. It can be either metal (called a "profile") or wooden. It is set according to the level (construction tool), fastened to the ceiling with self-tapping screws. The panels themselves are also attached to the rail with short self-tapping screws. There is one feature - you can put a starting corner at their beginning, or you can do without it. The latter is more suitable for those who prefer ceiling plinths. They can hide all the irregularities along the edge, if any. PVC panels for the ceiling have special grooves with whichthey are attached to each other. Nevertheless, for better adhesion, it is better to go through each element with several self-tapping screws.

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Types of ceiling panels

What are PVC panels good for? With its diversity. A huge color palette allows you to choose absolutely any color you like. In addition, the width of the PVC panels for the ceiling is also different. There are narrow ones - 0.25 meters wide, as well as wide ones - 0.5 meters. This allows you to choose how many stripes you want on your ceiling. Another plus: there are glossy panels, as well as matte ones. This greatly increases the choice. In addition, there is a separate subspecies of PVC ceiling panels, which are made of metal profiles. They are most often used in office or industrial premises. The width of such a canvas is from 15 to 20 cm.

Features of operation

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It is worth choosing PVC panels in advance. Do-it-yourself ceiling can be done in a matter of hours. But for it to really serve for a long time, you need to follow the rules of operation. Firstly, in places of high humidity (kitchen, bathroom), condensation may form on the panels. It must be cleaned up in a timely manner. Secondly, panels tend to turn yellow from nicotine resins. This soot also needs to be cleaned on time, otherwise it will be difficult to get rid of it in the future. Thirdly, PVC ceiling panels require wet cleaning periodically. Powder detergents can scratch them, while alkaline ones “eat” all the gloss and part of the coating. Perfectsuitable solution of water and soap. Dishwashing detergent is fine too. Finishing with PVC ceiling panels can be done in absolutely any room. The most common myth is the release of substances harmful to humans with such a coating. But this is just a guess, not confirmed by any of the studies. Quality material is completely safe and does not contain any hazardous substances.

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