Furniture consoles in the living room and hallway: review, choice

Furniture consoles in the living room and hallway: review, choice
Furniture consoles in the living room and hallway: review, choice

Want to embellish the interior with an elegant and picturesque element - get a console. This piece of furniture will add grace, sophistication and extraordinary thoughtfulness. Unfortunately, in modern interior design, the use of a furniture console is limited to several styles from the category of traditional trends from 5-6 classic items that make up the headset. With the right approach, this piece of furniture is used and decorated a little differently. Take a closer look at what a console is and how to fit it organically into a modern interior.

Home console features

We will not consider the console as a basis for frames and a table lamp. The goal is the functional purpose and rational use of the piece of furniture.

Modern furniture console is a kind of stand for oversized items, sometimes it is compared with a narrowed table, and the characteristic features include:

  • height, like a chest of drawers - 80-110 cm on average;
  • narrow depth, like a shelf - up to 40 cm.

Designers came up with this idea from architecture, where the primary function of the device was a support for protruding elements and sections of the room: a balcony, a cornice.

Console in the hallway

Initially, the furniture looked like this - outwardly it looked like a part of the countertop, attached to the wall on one side. Now modified consoles have become widespread, the so-called mobile version - stationary structures that exist independently of the wall. You can arrange such furniture in any part of the room.

What furniture is made of

In the production process of furniture consoles use:

  • tree;
  • glass;
  • plastic;
  • acrylic;
  • metal;
  • natural or artificial stone, quartz, conglomerate.

Check out the main options for console placement in a variety of layout options, as well as operational features of furniture.

Furniture in the hallway

Using a console in the hallway is an alternative to the usual furniture set, assembled from chipboard, MDF or solid wood. Instead of a classic set, get designer pieces of furniture: put a hanger at the door and complete the ensemble with a pouffe at the console. On such a surface it is convenient to leave keys, mail, a mobile phone, and other small items that you often use and are afraid to forget.

An ensemble with a large full-length mirror in the hallway will look logically complete, and the rich frame of the reflective surface will attract attention and create a pleasant atmosphere right from the entrance to the house.

Console location option

Furniture console as an addition to the officespace

You do not need a full-fledged office at home, but sometimes unscheduled interfere in the work process from home? Arrange a work area with the help of such an interior item as a console. Use a comfortable chair as a place to sit, or replace it with a low pouffe if you spend very little time at the PC.

It would be appropriate to place such a furniture ensemble in any corner of the apartment - from the loggia to the living room. When choosing a piece of furniture for the above purposes, make sure that it is wide enough to fit a laptop or monitor and a computer keyboard on its surface. A furniture console is not the most convenient option for arranging a workspace, but if space saving is a top priority, then this is the best choice.

Manufacturers of furniture consoles

Console behind sofa in living room

Free arrangement of furniture in the living room - a smart layout of the living room or just the central location of the sofa opens up new possibilities. For example, placing the console behind the back wall. On such a surface it is convenient to store small things that are often used in the recreation area. It can be books that you read, gadgets. In addition, it will be convenient to place a tray with fruits and sweets, or even bar elements - a decanter with beautiful glasses. Keep on the console a photo with pleasant memories or other decorative elements that add variety and give the interior a special charm.

How to position the console in the house

Consoleunder the stairs

From a practical point of view, the arrangement of furniture under the steps is not very correct, since excessive dust and debris cannot be avoided. However, taking into account that an impressive space remains unused from the end side of the stairs to the first flight, I would like to brighten it up with at least a furniture console. Decorate a piece of furniture by adding decorative elements to the composition and accentuating with lighting.

You can use multi-level furniture to switch attention from a boring plain wall to a pronounced element of the interior. Here you can keep small, but not too often used items.

White furniture consoles

Remember that if you put furniture here, you will often clean the console. White furniture stands collect a lot of dust on themselves, and it becomes even more noticeable against a light background.

Console - TV stand

Use a TV shelf. It looks exclusive, since the use of a stand in this direction is not so common. This option is suitable for those who have a plasma monitor with a wide diagonal at home. After all, with such a configuration, it becomes impossible to accurately arrange the accompanying elements of the stereo system and similar electronics. Because the wires remain open for all to see.

Before you decide to install a console in the hallway for the indicated purposes, think carefully about whether you are ready to give up additional devices.

As you can see, this kind of stand is a convenient interior element. Hecompact, stylish, elegant.

Modern furniture consoles

Manufacturers of furniture consoles, focusing on consumer demand, produce a variety of designs, diluting one line with colors and textures, thereby making their assortment more diverse. The same factor affects the range of possibilities of use for different purposes and in any premises. Therefore, if it is possible to integrate such a piece of furniture into the interior, be sure to use it.

Before purchasing a product, decide on the purpose and location of the console. So you can get the most functional item for the interior.

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