Tree beetles - how to get rid of them?

Tree beetles - how to get rid of them?
Tree beetles - how to get rid of them?

What we consider building material, some insects perceive as habitual food. It's about wood. Perhaps you have already encountered the appearance of uninvited guests in the house, actively destroying furniture or walls and supporting structures of the building. It is not the wood beetles themselves that are directly involved in eating, but their larvae. It is they who produce that sound, similar to tapping, which is clearly heard in the silence of the night.

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How does such an attack get into the house? Usually already infected, poorly dried and processed lumber is to blame. Insect females lay their eggs in a living tree or in freshly sawn round timber stored in storage areas. If an unscrupulous manufacturer puts such material on sale, then you will have it in the form of building timber or furniture. Another way is to buy antiques. Together with a vintage sofa or chairs from a grandmother's set, you can have wood beetles, whose females will lay their eggs in other wooden products.

Specialists identify several types of pests, which are popularly christened by one name - the tree beetle. The photos depict, as a rule, the most common house lumberjacks and grinder beetles in the Russian expanses. They do massive damage. The problem is that you can notice the damage to the wood only when the larvae have already begun to devour it. Round small holes appear on the surface, called outflow holes, and next to them are heaps of the finest wood flour.

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The tree beetles themselves usually climb under the bark, it will not be difficult to eradicate them from there. Therefore, loggers resort to prevention. The timber is dried and treated with chemicals that repel females. The most persistent individuals, falling on the pickled wood, simply die. But the destruction of the larvae is no longer an easy task.

The universal remedy for wood beetles has not yet been invented. Fans of centuries-old methods continue to use a concentrated solution of table s alt, impregnate wooden surfaces with turpentine or oils. The effectiveness of these measures is low. However, the degree of harm to the human body of the same mixture of borax with boric acid, carbolic or paraffin is not as high as that of insecticides.

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For home use, only some chemicals are allowed, which are diluted according to the instructions and applied to the holes in the wood with a brush. Can be obtainedsyringe, additionally injecting poison into the moves. The larvae are clearly not going to get excited about this.

You cannot use the powerful tools used by professionals. Such amateur performance will result in serious poisoning. If wood beetles have damaged your furniture quite badly, it is better to replace it with a new one. Home is more difficult. Ignoring the problem is not an option, weakened supporting structures pose a real threat to residents. Complex processing will help, it is better to entrust it to specialists. In the meantime, they are engaged in the elimination of pests, you should stay with relatives or friends.

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