Furnaces for a country house: overview, types, description

Furnaces for a country house: overview, types, description
Furnaces for a country house: overview, types, description

A private house is the creation of its owner. It has a special character, and no two households are the same. When the issue of heating a country house is being decided, sometimes the option of installing a stove is chosen. This may be due to several reasons:

  1. Expensive main gas supply.
  2. Infrequent home visits during winter.
  3. Economy of maintaining a furnace compared to a gas boiler.

Which stove to choose for a country house so that it has high performance and fits into a modern interior? Now they produce a lot of structures made of metal and cast iron. But someone likes the traditional brick stove. Let's take a closer look at all the options.

Modern metal oven

When you need to quickly install the stove and quickly heat the room, the design of the potbelly stove is indispensable. This is a small stove that has a direct exit of the gases generated during combustion into the chimney. Now these are no longer pot-bellied black stoves welded from an iron barrel. Many have tiled surfaces whose color can bechoose to your taste.

Often such stoves are equipped with a heat exchanger, which is installed at the outlet of the furnace. It creates a large surface for heat transfer, and the power of the structure is used more rationally. Such heaters are produced by European countries and are in great demand.

metal oven

The thickness of the metal of the case is sufficient for the stove for a country house to serve without burning out for several years. The furnace and grates are made of cast iron and fireclay bricks. Fuel use wood or coal.

Installation of the oven is not a problem: its weight does not require a special foundation, it is enough to lay a steel sheet on the insulating material directly on the floor and the oven can be installed.

Modern cast iron stove

A cast-iron potbelly stove will last a very long time. It is not subject to burnout over time, like a metal furnace. Keeps heat longer, it is more convenient to cook food on it. These designs are also popular in Europe. The design of such stoves is diverse: from straight lines in a minimalist style to openwork lace plates, which are a designer decoration in themselves.

A cast iron stove for a country house is heavier than a metal one. For this reason, many manufacturers reduce its size in order to avoid the additional costs of building a foundation when buying it. This reduces thermal performance, but for a small room they are quite enough.

Furnace in the interior

Can also be connected to a cast iron stoveheat exchanger. This is especially true if the stove is installed on the first floor of a two-story house. In this case, one heat exchanger is installed at the outlet of the furnace, the second and third are mounted on the second floor along the chimney. The system is supplemented with plugs, which allows you to keep warm after heating.

Air controlled pellet stove

For heating with stoves, an important condition for maintaining a comfortable microclimate in the house is the regularity of adding fuel. With the advent of pellets, this is gradually becoming a thing of the past. If earlier a person was forced to heat the stove twice a day, now there is an opportunity to do it less often - once every two or three days. There are even designs of stoves for a weekly laying of pellets, but they look unaesthetic due to the large tank.

Pellets are compressed sawdust with high combustion efficiency. The ability of sawdust to quickly give a high temperature has long been known. But it used to be inconvenient to use them for a firebox: burning instantly, they left too much ash. Untimely removal of it from the furnace led to the extinction of the flame.

The pellet stove for a country house has an adjustable blower damper, which ensures weak draft. Under such conditions, the combustion of the fuel is maintained in the smoldering mode, which does not allow the furnace to cool down. This is used in boilers with a water circuit. Both cast iron and metal stoves can have fireboxes adapted for pellets. They are reinforced with refractory material.

Brick and stone ovens

The skill of a skilled stove-maker is always highappreciated. There are stoves in St. Petersburg that are over a hundred years old, and they function perfectly. In Europe, ancient stoves-fireplaces for cooking and heating a room, made of stone, have been preserved. These are reliable structures that will not require repairs after construction.

Besides high reliability, such stoves carry a certain color and create a special comfort. And for those who like to warm themselves on the stove, you can’t do without a stove bench. Only stoves for a country house made of bricks have it.

vintage oven

For this design, it is necessary to arrange a separate foundation: they pour a sand cushion, make a screed and lay a stone or brick foundation in size slightly larger than the contours of the future furnace. This operation is very difficult to perform in an already built house, so even at the design stage it is worth thinking about the possibility of installing a fundamental stove.

The pipe for this design can also be made of brick, have an inspection bur and a heat exchanger on the roof. The weight of such a structure is very large. Caring for a brick oven comes down to cleaning the channels, sealing the cracks that form during the furnace, and cleaning the pipe. Not everyone can properly maintain such a stove, so the choice of a metal potbelly stove is understandable.

Combination oven

For permanent residence, it is important not only to heat the square of the room, but also to cook food and bring heat to remote corners of the house that do not have a smoke channel in the wall. A good stove for a country house is one that has a hob and a water circuit. Install thisconstruction in the center of the house, arranging partitions for dividing into rooms. In this case, a brick wall with a stove channel will go into each room. A skilled craftsman can build a boiler for water heating into it. A variant of one of the models with a water circuit is shown in the video.

Beautiful ovens

The aesthetics of the heating device is an important factor. If the stove is bulky and ugly, it will require the creation of a boiler room. It can no longer be installed in the center of the house, and this will lead to a decrease in efficiency. You will need pipes, convectors and a built-in boiler for water heating. This will entail additional costs for the installation and maintenance of the boiler room.

Stoves for country houses, a photo of one of the options shown below, are beautiful and functional. Their external characteristics are very similar: paneling, small size, glass in the furnace door. The financial component at the same time has a big fork. The price of the product depends on the wall thickness, the degree of fire resistance of the firebox, the presence of a water circuit and many other nuances.

Heating and cooking stove

Modern economy-class metal stoves are produced, which are no worse in operation than expensive cast-iron potbelly stoves. Everyone can make their own choice, and the cost will not affect the beauty and effectiveness.

Rocket stove

When it comes to a stove in the interior of a country house, one cannot help but recall the horizontal heating system used in rocket-type stoves. The firebox is usually arranged, focusing on the sizefuel. A pipe emerges from it, which goes into a nearby mounted casing, and has a knee in order to bring hot gas from combustion to its upper third. Coming out of this pipe, the gas cools down, in contact with the walls of the casing. Going down, he goes along a horizontal chimney, which is arranged under the stove bench. Having overcome another knee, warm air goes into the chimney.

rocket furnace

This design has become popular in America. It is inexpensive to mount from improvised materials. Its principle of operation resembles ondol, a Korean oven. The advantage of a rocket stove compared to an ondol is that its firebox is located indoors, and the horizontal chimney is arranged not on the floor, but under the stove bench. This is more in line with the Western way of life.

Kitchen ovens

In the absence of main gas, the option of a heating and cooking stove becomes relevant, in which one side would go into the kitchen and have a hob and oven, and the other three would be built into other rooms for heating.

There are many schemes for laying brick ovens of this type. The difficulty of choosing lies in the fact that they all have a furnace door and an ash pan from the kitchen side. This limits the working area of ​​an already small room. The need to remove ashes and equip a place for firewood completely reduces the useful area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe kitchen.

Built-in brick oven

Which stove to choose for a country house so that you can cook food on it and it would not take up much space? There are inexpensive metal stoves with a cookingpanel and chimney outlet at the bottom or side of the firebox. In this place they put an adapter and dilute warm air in all rooms. The ease of installation and the beautiful design of modern chimneys make it possible to fit such a stove into the kitchen space without sacrificing convenience.

Two ovens

In Russian villages there are houses with two stoves. This is due to the fact that a five-walled hut cannot always be heated well enough by one stove. Usually, a Russian stove with a firebox and a stove bench is installed in a log house with a kitchen. The second log cabin is divided into two bedrooms and a Dutch or a baby stove is installed between them, sewing it up with tin sheets.

When evening comes, the owners heat the Dutch woman, and in two hours the air in the bedrooms heats up to a comfortable temperature. The heat gradually disappears in the morning, then the owners heat a large stove. The warmth from it keeps all day and goes away at night. If you do not need to cook food, this firebox mode allows you to keep the house warm. If it is necessary to cook food, a large stove is heated twice a day.

Modern stoves for heating a country house can also use this principle. In this case, one stove will be installed in the kitchen, the second - between the bedrooms. For the kitchen, it is better to choose the option with an oven, and for the bedrooms - a cast-iron potbelly stove with heat exchangers.

Finnish heating system

In Finland, the climate is very similar to Russia. The ovens are there too. A common option for heating a private house is to combine the installation of a solid brick oven and electric convectors under each window. To warm airfreely penetrated into all corners of the house, a house is being made without ceilings. All rooms are covered with a gable or hipped roof. Under its dome, the warmest air is collected.

Furnace and convector

There is a ceiling above the bathroom and the bathroom, which are located on the first floor. It is the floor for the bedroom. A small staircase leads upstairs. Combining heating with a wood-burning stove for a country house and electrical appliances reduces the concern for the timely laying of fuel. Convectors are equipped with heat sensors and automatically turn on when the air temperature drops to a predetermined level.


Everyone chooses stoves for heating a country house, based on their own preferences, financial capabilities and aesthetic requirements. There are a lot of options, but it is important to remember that each will require some care. Having weighed everything, some refuse stove heating in favor of electric.

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