Do-it-yourself double-glazed window installation

Do-it-yourself double-glazed window installation
Do-it-yourself double-glazed window installation

The invention of double-glazed windows was a big step in providing comfort at home. Today, they perform not only the function of preserving heat, but also do an excellent job of improving the appearance of the building. There are many companies that offer window installation services. Installing a double-glazed window is a responsible task, but is it really necessary to resort to the help of various offices, is it possible to do all the work yourself?

Where to start

Any work must begin with preparatory steps. If we are talking about self-installation of double-glazed windows, then you should start by familiarizing yourself with some state documents. Papers 23166-99 and 30971-02 have the information you need to help you get the job done. In addition, you will need at least minimal experience in construction, the ability to work with a perforator and a water level. We will talk about the installation of eurowindows, since they are currently the most common and high-quality.

Do-it-yourself window installation

The greatest advantage of plastic windows is that they can be installeda double-glazed window is very simple, although no one mentions this. The production of each package is completed with all the necessary fasteners and additional elements. Therefore, all the work consists only in fastening the element in a new place. The complexity of the process is that you first need to get rid of old windows, prepare openings, and only then proceed with the installation of new models.

Product selection

Great success in installing a double-glazed window with your own hands depends not only on the correct measurements, but also on the quality of the purchased products. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase goods only from a seller who has been working in this area for a long time and has a good reputation. In order to most successfully transfer all the necessary information to the manufacturer, a drawing of a double-glazed window is required, which is drawn up after all measurements have been taken. At the same stage, it is necessary to determine such parameters as the number of shutters, whether the window will open or not, if so, in which direction. In addition, the mounting system is also selected here.

Do-it-yourself installation of plastic double-glazed windows

Fastener Methods

Installation of double-glazed windows can take place in two different ways. The first method is through the frame in the mounting plane. The second way is with the help of supporting reinforcement, which is pre-attached to the window frame, even at the production stage. To date, the first method is used more often, since in this case the weight of the double-glazed window is much less. But at the same time, you will have to remove the products from the deaf sashes. In addition, the whole process takes muchfaster. However, to install a double-glazed window on your own, it is recommended to choose the second option. In this case, there is no risk that the products will be damaged, and the tightness will be broken.

Installation of wooden windows

Start of work. Profile preparation

Installation work begins with the fact that it is necessary to remove all double-glazed windows from the window frame, as well as opening sashes (with the installation method through the frame, as it is faster). In order to successfully and accurately carry out this operation, it is necessary to take a chisel and, with the help of a couple of hammer blows, pry off the glazing bead with this tool, which holds the glass. After a couple of blows, the product will come out of the groove.

Very important advice. It is worth labeling all glazing beads, because even now during production they are not identical in size and may differ.

After the glazing bead is removed, it is worth tilting the frame a little so that the glass moves away, and it can be easily picked up and removed. After removing all the glasses from the sashes, the plugs are removed and the bolts are removed. After all these steps are completed, only the frame with jumpers should remain. After that, from the inside of the element around the entire perimeter, holes are drilled from 3 to 5 pieces on the sides, as well as from 2 to 4 pieces at the top and bottom. If wooden double-glazed windows are being installed, then a drill for wood is used, if plastic, then the drill must be taken for metal.

Wooden window installation

Deleting old instances

Perform a complete removal of old windowsrationally only on the day of replacement with new ones. Naturally, the weather on this day should be dry and preferably warm. The process of dismantling is carried out in two ways. One is considered rough, the other is considered delicate. In the event that the old frame is not needed in the future, then it can simply be broken and knocked out of the opening by force. In this case, the sashes are either removed from the canopies, or knocked out together with the screws that fixed them. However, if the old frame can come in handy, then the process will have to be carried out more carefully and much longer.

Removing old glass

Installation of new products

Installing cheap double-glazed windows, which include plastic ones, especially if you install them yourself, is a step-by-step work.

The first step is to lay the bottom of the opening with wood or plastic underlays. It is very important here that the substrates have a clearly horizontal plane. Otherwise, the window will become crooked in the future.

The second step is to install the frame on the substrates. It is worth noting here that the bars will remain in place as insurance, as the fastening in the anchors may loosen over time.

The next step is to drive in a few stakes on the sides closer to the top of the opening. They will hold the window vertically so that it does not fall. After that, it is very important to check the vertical of the double-glazed window with a building level, it should be almost perfect.

Naturally, if distortions are detected, they are adjusted until the product becomes even. Used for horizontal adjustment.moving the bars, and a plumb line is used for the vertical.

Next, you will need a puncher with a drill nozzle. It is necessary to drill holes in those places where small holes were previously made with a drill. Installers recommend first attaching the bottom of the frame, and then all the others. In addition, the anchor must not be completely screwed in, so that it is possible to adjust the vertical and horizontal, if necessary. Thus, the double-glazed window is attached around the entire perimeter. After that, it is checked by the building level and, if the window is level, then the anchors are twisted all the way. However, you should not tighten it too much, as there will be too much internal pressure, and the frame may deform from this.

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