Fibreboard is an excellent building material

Fibreboard is an excellent building material
Fibreboard is an excellent building material

Fibreboard, in fact, is a specially processed wood shavings. The result is a flat and sufficiently strong sheet material.


For the manufacture of this building product, almost any wood fiber is used, as well as various wastes that are inevitable in the processing of wood. They include shavings, bark, lumber trimmings, etc. All presented raw materials are mixed and fed into the grinder, where they are converted into a homogeneous fine crumb, suitable for further transformations. The fibreboard itself is obtained by hot pressing prepared raw materials, while adding special additives is possible. So, there are two methods:

1. Dry. When a fiberboard is obtained only by bonding wood fibers together.

2. Wet. In this case, the crushed mass of fibers is mixed with special binders to increase strength and resistance to bending. Most often, synthetic compounds are used as such compounds.resin.

Fiberboard dimensions

Fibreboard is presented on any construction market in the widest range. In this regard, there is a classification in which fiberboards differ in size, degree of rigidity and purpose. Let's take a closer look at each of these groups.

Since fiberboard can be used not only as a building and finishing material, but also as an insulating material, two types of boards are distinguished by purpose, which bear the corresponding names - finishing and insulating fiberboard. Their sizes are defined by standards and can be up to 5.5 meters long.

Fibreboard stiffness is determined by the composition of the mixture from which it is made. So, there are soft, semi-hard, hard and super-hard boards.

Soft fibreboard is widely used for sound and heat insulation of ceilings, walls and ceilings. In addition, it is used as a sheathing and leveling material, as well as a door leaf filler.

Semi-hard and hard types are widely used in the process of finishing walls, they also act as a lining material for flooring. In the furniture industry, wood fiber boards are used to produce cabinets, shelves and drawers. In the automotive industry, they are used to make the interior lining of passenger vehicles.


Super-hard fibreboard is the most common electrical insulating material used for the production of panels andpanels.

The density of this material also has a significant impact on its characteristics, and hence on the area of ​​use. Even if the aesthetic appeal can be sufficiently increased by coating with special films and solutions, inadequate interior filling may not withstand. Sometimes this threatens only with a small marriage, but if the case is more complicated, then an incorrectly selected stove can cause a critical situation.

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