Installing skirting boards on the floor: step by step instructions

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Installing skirting boards on the floor: step by step instructions
Installing skirting boards on the floor: step by step instructions

Repair in a house or apartment is carried out in several stages. At the end of this operation, you will need to install lighting fixtures and mount skirting boards. This is easy to do. Even a beginner can handle it. How exactly to do it? Consider in our today's article.


You can install any floor plinth - plastic or wooden. It is worth deciding which of the plinths is used. Plastic is a modern material, with its own characteristics, it is quite suitable for any interior. Moreover, its cost is low. But when the room has high-quality flooring made of expensive materials, then this option will be inappropriate.

installation of mdf skirting board

When choosing a skirting board, do not forget about its color and size. But in such a situation, you need to try and combine with the color of the floor. Occasionally, flooring manufacturers will give recommendations on which option would be appropriate.

Color solution

The interior looks good when the baseboard matches the color of the floor. If the walls are of the same type, then it can become a kind of continuation of them. So the interior getsits features and a completely finished look. When there is some kind of drawing on the walls, then such a decision is inappropriate. Installing white skirting boards is a versatile option that is suitable for any room. Some take risks and combine with the color of the door. It's hard to do it right, so don't risk it.

Non-standard solutions are mainly used by professional designers who can make any room unique. They have knowledge and experience in this direction.

Which skirting board to choose? Material

There are enough offers on the market. Manufacturers provide various materials to create finishes. Therefore, each floor plinth installation has its own characteristics and instructions, depending on the material:

  • Stainless steel skirting board. What size is right for the room? The higher the ceilings, the larger the plinth used should be. If the height reaches three meters, then a 40 mm construction for finishing the floor is suitable. If the height of the ceilings is greater, then you should not lift it up much. Masters recommend building your choice depending on financial capabilities and type of flooring.
  • Solid wood. This option will not be cheap. When there is a parquet board or high quality wood on the floor, then this is appropriate. The installation of wooden skirting boards is not difficult. With them, the interior acquires a touch of luxury and a combination of pleasant colors. But before installation, it is worth treating the materials with varnish. They are fixed on screws, and the hats are hidden. Although modern masters prefer liquid nails, they are notit is seen. In the assortment of hardware stores there are products that already come with fasteners and the ability to lay a cable inside. The cost increases due to the additional characteristics. It is better to carefully calculate the footage, as the color changes depending on the batch. The installation of wooden skirting boards is not always easy - they are customized on the spot. It is better to try and hide the joints in the far corner.
  • Installation of MDF plinth. This is a budget option, because the front side is made of plastic, and sometimes veneer. Visually, the design does not lose, but does not exceed the tree, besides, the price is lower. There is a minus. This is high brittleness. Therefore, mounting on screws or self-tapping screws is completely excluded. Only liquid nails are used in the installation. They contain any wires. Manufacturers add plugs, docking elements, turns to the kit. This helps make installation easier.
do-it-yourself installation of skirting boards

But this is not all types of materials.


Installing a PVC skirting board is also a budget proposal. The PVC product has different sizes and colors. Models with imitation of wood, stone, ceramics, etc. look good. They have their advantages: ease of installation, durability, unpretentiousness in maintenance. Basically, each model has a place to deepen the cable. The installation process is simple: there are two parts, one of which is attached to the wall with screws, the other hides everything, being installed with a latch. In this case, you can find such models that are mounted on liquid nails.Due to their positive qualities, PVC products are the most sought after on the market.

Polyurethane foam

Installing a skirting board on a polyurethane foam floor is an option that is relevant today. This is the most complex design, as it creates an imitation of gypsum. Most often, such products are combined with marble tiles, although they are suitable for any floor covering. It is a unique material because it can be dyed to any color and material. Installation of such a finish is simple. The location of the fasteners is easily smeared and overwritten. Installation of skirting boards made of polyurethane foam is carried out in various ways. The manufacturer offers many approaches. Each is designed for its own surface. The manufacturer suggests attaching this design to liquid nails or glue.


Ceramic skirting work is rarely done. Such a building material is relevant only with a tiled coating. Most often found in the bathroom, pool. The material is not exposed to water and is attached to a special adhesive. Complete sealing is achieved by lubricating the joints with sealant. Serious companies (Zeus, OPOCZNO) are engaged in production. In their assortment there are enough skirting boards made of such material. As soon as the color and the finishing material itself are chosen, you need to decide on the appropriate mounting option.

This is the main thing on the market. Before repair, everyone thinks over what is more suitable for the room, which installation method to choose, and then proceeds to work.

Mounting methods: hidden staples

Three can be foundthe main options for fixing skirting boards with your own hands. The first is the use of hidden staples. It is used when working with MDF or solid wood. The plinth snaps into place, before that, the brackets are fixed on the dowels. Installation is carried out in several steps:

  1. A line is drawn that lines up with the height of the staples. In order not to make a mistake, you should pay attention to the instructions for the plinth.
  2. Holes for dowels are knocked out at a distance of 40 centimeters. Don't go too far to the edge. Sometimes the wall allows the use of self-tapping screws. If so, skip this step.
  3. When installing the skirting board, there is no need to press it too hard to the floor. Once the brackets are in place, the skirting board is installed and snapped into place.
plinth installation work

Invisible staples are often used in the process. There are enough pluses in such a mount: the fastening details are not visible, and the installation itself is very simple.

Using dowels

This is how plastic skirting boards are installed. Here's how to create a mount:

  1. The first part of the plinth is applied to the wall, after which holes are made in it so that the marks remain on the wall at a distance of 30 centimeters. The marks should not go too far.
  2. The plinth is being removed. Further along the marks, holes are made with an accessible device for dowels.
  3. The plinth is fixed to the wall. After that, dowels are inserted into the finished holes and screwed. It is not necessary to make great efforts so as not to damage the baseboard itself.

When connecting in the corners, it is worth maintaining an indicator of 45 degrees. When the first part is done, the front side is fixed on it. She hides everything. To make the joints and edges look neat, plugs are used. Visually nothing is noticeable.

Using Liquid Nails

Installing a skirting board is a task that can be done by hand. Liquid nails are often used in decoration. They are suitable for installing all types of skirting boards, and for some this is the only way to fix them. In order for the finishing material to fix securely, you need to prepare the surface. It should be dry and without drops. After that, the entire surface is degreased.

How do you install the plinth with your own hands using this method?

The operation is performed in several steps:

  • The material is measured and cut (if the plinth hits the joint, it is cut at an angle).
  • The adhesive composition is distributed over the surface. Then it is connected to the wall and pressed lightly.
  • The next finish is measured. The adhesive is also applied to the wall.
  • If necessary, plugs are placed. This completes the finishing successfully.
installation of skirting boards

Special adhesive bases are often used. They can be sold complete with skirting boards. The choice is made on the advice of the manufacturer. There are enough options. But don't take the first one that comes along. Here's how the job is done:

  • The plinth is being measured. You should not immediately cut several pieces, because when fixing on gluematerial may move.
  • Glue is prepared as needed or applied immediately. For application, a brush or a device in the form of a gun is used. The distribution is done evenly so that when pressed, the residue does not squeeze out.
  • After some time (this is not always required by the instruction), the plinth is applied to the wall. It presses down with little effort. When excess glue appears, it is immediately removed. Otherwise, it will be impossible to delete them further.
DIY installation

The highest quality skirting boards can be called those that hide fixing screws inside. Since they have a protective case, thanks to the locks, it is quickly fixed. When choosing and installing a plastic plinth, do not forget about fixing fittings. For convenience, the tool folds into one box.

do-it-yourself installation of skirting boards

In the process, you will need to cut skirting boards. Plastic lends itself to this the easiest. A hacksaw is used. The material must be placed in a special miter box - so the line is as smooth as possible. When burrs appear, they are removed, otherwise it will be inconvenient to fix the product. To make holes, a drill is taken, although some use a screwdriver. At the end of the work, construction dust remains. She is vacuumed. Often the walls are finished with drywall - then you need to use dowels in the form of a "butterfly". And if you can't get into the profile, they use a beacon.

Installing a warm skirting board

Thismodern solution for additional room heating. A heating device is fixed under the plinth. The composition includes the following elements:

  • Clamps for heating elements.
  • Tubular convector.
  • Components of the turning system.

You need to correctly assemble the elements into one design. Why are these skirting boards in demand? They have positives:

  • Heated walls to prevent mold growth.
  • The temperature rises and it is evenly distributed around the entire perimeter.
  • Design looks nice.
  • Installation is done on a closed space basis, which has the advantage of saving repair costs.

In construction, there are two main options - water and electric. The principle of installation itself has differences, but in the end, the flow of heat is no different. To mount an electrical installation, it is worth considering whether the system will pull such a load. To save money, additional temperature controllers are installed.

do-it-yourself installation of skirting boards

Water plinth

It is connected to the heating system, namely the boiler. This is a very economical way. The work is done in several steps:

  • A wall plate is mounted with the help of fasteners.
  • Convectors are built in and connected to the heating system. Compression fittings are indispensable here.
  • To connect to a heating or electrical system, you will needdistributor comb.
  • Next, you need to run and understand that the system is efficient. After everything is closed with a finishing box.


How is a ceiling plinth installed? Dealing with such a plinth is easier. The only negative is the work at height (you need a stepladder). A simple and affordable material for this finish is plastic. It is resistant to mechanical stress, moisture and has a beautiful appearance. Before work, you will need to prepare:

  • Hacksaw.
  • Sharp knife.
  • Putty and masking tape.

Installation is done before finishing, although it can be done after. The presence of additional components will depend on the type of skirting board chosen. Working with skirting boards is easy. But you need to properly cut and create the required angle in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe junction. The installation itself is similar to floor structures.

You should not contact the masters if you need to install a skirting board on a countertop or floor. By doing all the work correctly step by step, everyone will cope with this task.

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