Installation of curtain rods on the wall or ceiling

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Installation of curtain rods on the wall or ceiling
Installation of curtain rods on the wall or ceiling

Curtain rod is an integral part of the interior of any room, selected in accordance with the style and design of the room. Installation of cornices is usually carried out when all repair work has already been completed, and depends on the type of decorative element and the method of fastening it.

installation of cornices

Types of curtain rods

All curtains can be classified in several ways:

  • according to the material of manufacture - wood, plastic, metal;
  • by type of construction - rail (curtains move along special tracks), string (they are a strong, tightly stretched cable), rod (based on a metal rod);
  • by type of fastener - wall and ceiling;
  • by number of rows - single row, double row and triple row.

Material selection

The most expensive are cornices made of different types of wood and metal, such products not only perform their main function well, but are also decorative elements, add zest to the interior of the room.

Plastic and aluminum products are cheaper and simpler, most often hiding behind beautiful andexpensive curtains, used only for their main purpose.

For heavy and massive curtains, it is recommended to choose good quality metal or plastic curtain rods. They will securely hold the curtains, they will not break or bend, they will not weigh down the entire decorative structure of the window.

In general, the choice of product depends on the style and design of the room, on the type and number of curtains, and on personal preferences.

installation of wall cornice

Required tools

Installation of cornices involves the use of building tools and materials, among which you will need the following:

  • hammer drill or impact drill, it all depends on the mounting surface;
  • level;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • screws and dowels;
  • screwdriver (driver);
  • ladder.

It is recommended to prepare all tools in advance so as not to abandon unfinished work and run to the hardware store.

General fastening rules

Before installing the cornice, you need to consider the main points that will allow you to attach the product correctly:

  • cornice should not interfere with the opening of the window, so when attaching it to the wall, you must hang the product no less than 5 cm from the opening;
  • the ceiling curtain is mounted at such a distance from the wall (window) that the curtain descends in a beautiful stream, does not cling to the battery or window sill;
  • if there are heating pipes, it is important to consider their size so that they do not interfere with the installation of a decorative element;
  • productcan be set to the entire width of the room or to the width of the window, while it should protrude 40 cm beyond the slopes of the opening.
wall cornice installation

Wall mount features

Installing the curtain rod on the wall consists in fixing the bracket that will hold the curtain directly. For wooden and plastic parts, one dowel and a self-tapping screw are used, for metal parts - three.

Installation of wall cornice consists of the following steps:

  1. Marking brackets with a tape measure, a level and a pencil, following which, you must remember the general rules for attaching a decorative element: it should not interfere with the window opening, the curtain should flow beautifully, not cling to the window sill and battery.
  2. Drilling holes for dowels with a hammer drill or impact drill, installing them.
  3. Mounting brackets with self-tapping screws using a screwdriver or screwdriver.

After doing this work, you must once again make sure that the brackets are fixed at the same level, have the same distance relative to the window.

Further actions depend on the type of wall cornice:

  1. When installing the rod, it is necessary to take into account its length, if it exceeds two meters, it is recommended to use a third bracket mounted in the middle. It is better to put rings on such a cornice in advance, while leaving one element in front of the bracket, which will allow the curtain not to move out of the curtain. The edge of the rod is decorated with a decorative finial.
  2. When installingbaguette cornice, the whole structure is first assembled, according to the attached diagram, then it is attached to the brackets, often part of the product is screwed to the ceiling surface.
ceiling cornice installation

Ceiling mount features

Installation of the cornice on the ceiling depends on the type of product: string, plastic tire, profile.

Curtain-string is a steel or polymer cable mounted on special fasteners, which simultaneously act as tension mechanisms. The installation process consists of the following points:

  • holes are made in the ceiling with a perforator, dowels are hammered in pre-marked places;
  • fastenings are fixed using self-tapping screws;
  • the string is threaded and stretched using a special mechanism;
  • the whole structure is closed with a decorative box.

Eaves-tire is also attached to the ceiling, usually hidden under the curtains, so it does not have a decorative function. Installing a plastic curtain rod includes the following steps:

  • if the product is longer than necessary, then it must be cut with a square and a hacksaw;
  • then drill holes for fastening in the eaves itself, the first recess is made in the middle, the rest are at an equal distance from it, the heavier the curtains, the more holes should be;
  • a tire with drilled holes is applied to the ceiling and the central hole is marked, the mark is punched with a perforator, a dowel is inserted and the cornice is fixed on oneself-tapping screw;
  • level the product with a level, mark all other holes, drill them and attach the tire to the ceiling with dowel-nails.

The profile cornice has a rich color range, which allows you to match it to the tone of the curtain or ceiling. Some models are equipped with a mechanical drive, which is very convenient when the curtains are too long to open the windows manually. Installation of cornices from a profile is carried out in the same way as a plastic tire.

installation of plastic cornice

Fixing curtains to drywall

A drywall ceiling is not as strong as a concrete slab, so it is not recommended to hang a heavy cornice or massive curtains on it. However, there is no exception to the rule, any decorative element can be attached to drywall if you think through the entire structure in advance.

To do this, in the process of installing the ceiling, it is necessary to make mortgages from a bar in those places where the eaves are supposed to be attached. In this case, the width and length of the mortgage must exceed the parameters of the product itself. Such an additional structure will provide a reliable and strong fixation of the entire structure.

installation of a cornice on a stretch ceiling

Features of fastening to a stretch ceiling

When installing a stretch ceiling, the cornice is usually attached to the wall, but it can also be fixed on a fabric sheet. This method is absolutely safe if the fastening is carried out taking into account simple rules. Installing a cornice on a stretch ceiling includes the followingMoments:

  • choosing a curtain before installing a fabric fabric, this is necessary in order to correctly select mortgages, the dimensions of which correspond to the parameters of a decorative product;
  • markup is carried out fixing the cornice, in these places bars of wood or plywood are attached, strictly set to the level of the future ceiling;
  • after the installation of the tension fabric, a ceiling curtain is attached to the pre-fixed overheads, while so that the fabric does not separate at the puncture points, special rings are glued to it, protecting the fabric from tearing.

Thus, the installation of cornices can be done independently, without the help of specialists, the main thing is to take into account the rules and stages of installation of the product, depending on its type and method of fastening.

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