Drill driver Bosch GSR 1440-LI: features, specifications, instructions, reviews

Drill driver Bosch GSR 1440-LI: features, specifications, instructions, reviews
Drill driver Bosch GSR 1440-LI: features, specifications, instructions, reviews

The quality of fastening material fixation depends not only on the characteristics of the part itself. To a large extent, the strength of the future structure is also affected by the method of implementing the connection. One of the most effective approaches to performing such operations is to use a screwdriver. Modern models offer a lot of possibilities for twisting, and the multi-tool also allows you to drill surfaces. These screwdrivers include the Bosch GSR 1440-LI Professional modification, the power of which is enough to work with loose building materials.

General information about the model

gsr 1440li

The screwdriver represents the middle segment of a professional tool designed for drilling and working with hardware. If we do not take into account operations with solid building materials, then the model can be considered as a universal one. The creators provided the GSR 1440-LI with an ergonomic handle, wide functionality and a powerful engine. True, these characteristics are relevant only in the context of this segment and against the background of inexpensive models. The screwdriver still comes from a household tool and is not capable of performing complex operations for drilling concrete andespecially thick metal. But the function of the drill shows itself well in the processing of wood materials, soft plastics and thin metal sheets. The same surfaces are suitable for screwdriving possibilities.


gsr 1440 professional

If you strictly limit the scope of this tool, then the basic parameters will be optimal. Actually, in terms of the performance of the power filling, the modification of the GSR 1440-LI Professional is similar to its competitors in the class, but the performance indicators are slightly out of the general range. The specifications below confirm this:

  • Diameter of wood drilling – 25 mm.
  • Metal drilling depth – 10 mm.
  • Battery cell voltage is 14.4 V.
  • Battery capacity - 1.5 Ah.
  • Torque - 30 Nm.
  • Revolutions per minute - up to 1400.
  • Number of rotation intensity steps – 25.
  • Chuck size - 10 mm diameter.
  • Number of speed modes - 2.
  • The diameter of a screw suitable for driving is a maximum of 7 mm.
  • Mass – 1, 3.

Structural and strength capabilities allow the machine to be used in both domestic repair operations and some professional construction activities. At the same time, it is important to take into account one flaw that full-fledged drills designed for professional use rarely sin. The fact is that the Bosch GSR 1440-LI model is deprived of the possibility of impact,which limits its use in working with walls.

Technological features

bosch gsr 1440 professional

The model differs by belonging to the cordless tool segment. This is a fairly popular niche, as models of this type allow you to perform work without being tied to the mains. But even in this category, the developers were able to distinguish their product due to powerful lithium-ion batteries at 14.4 V. Moreover, if necessary, the GSR 1440-LI cordless screwdriver can be equipped with cells with a voltage of 10.8 V with a capacity of up to 3 Ah. The model also features the ECP system, thanks to which the user can count on the stable performance of the battery function, since it is protected from overheating, overloading and premature discharge. Implemented in the device and the possibility of serial performance of twisting. The presence of a brake makes it possible to perform several manipulations with different hardware without interruptions and delays.

Accessories for Bosch GSR 1440-LI

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The basic package of the screwdriver includes 2 Li-Ion batteries, a quick charger and a case. Working equipment will have to be purchased separately. The manufacturer recommends equipping the tool with branded bits from the manufacturers Metabo, Stayer and Expert. Parts are supplied both in multi-purpose kits and individually - single bits are usually focused on specialized operations. Also commonaccessory kits, in which there are both bits and drills of different sizes. In addition, the GSR 1440-LI drill/driver can be supplemented with dust extractors and chip collectors. Such equipment will not affect the quality of drilling, and the place after work will remain clean. However, a tool of this type, unlike perforators, leaves behind small amounts of dirt.

Operating instructions

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In the process of performing work steps, it is recommended to use only equipment that is suitable for technical characteristics - this applies to bits and drills. Also, before work, it is desirable to scan the structures for the presence of electrical wiring and other communication lines in them. If the tool jams during drilling, turn off the engine. In such situations, one should also prepare for reactionary strikes, which will cause a reverse move. As the manufacturer notes, the GSR 1440-LI can cause a short reverse stroke when screwing and unscrewing hardware. Therefore, you should firmly hold the tool, controlling its function. The same applies to the handling of the workpiece. If it does not have its own fastening, it is necessary to provide either an additional clamping device, or to securely hold the material in your hands. When working with small-sized workpieces, it is still best to use a vise for fixing. Such a mount is useful both in terms of operator safety and in terms of ensuring qualityresult.

GSR 1440-LI Screwdriver Maintenance

After performing work activities, the tool should be cleaned of dust and chips. Also during drilling, it is recommended to ensure free ventilation through structural slots. Periodically check the body of the device for gaps at the joints, since the vibration effect can increase their size. The battery also deserves special attention. Since the Bosch GSR 1440-LI Professional is powered by a lithium-ion battery, it is necessary to protect the cell from mechanical stress, direct sunlight and moisture. The fact is that such batteries without reliable sealing in the case are environmentally harmful.

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Positive feedback about the model

The model makes a good impression on the totality of ergonomic qualities. In many ways, they are due to the very concept of a cordless tool. The manufacturer has implemented a reliable and efficient interaction between the battery and the power filling, which is noted by many users of the GSR 1440-LI. Reviews, in particular, emphasize the possibility of long-term operation without a network, stable maintenance of the declared power and, at the same time, the low weight of the model. Also, experienced builders praise the function of the speed controller, coupled with a large number of operating modes. This allows you to select pointwise force parameters specifically for the maintenance of a particular hardware. To this, you can add serial twisting, which reduces the time for the workflow.

Negative reviews

Rarea case for the German manufacturer Bosch, when the number of critical reviews of its tool exceeds the number and significance of its merits. First of all, the owners complain about the lack of backlighting. This drawback seems strange to many, since a cordless screwdriver is initially designed to be able to work in remote and hard-to-reach places, in which, by the way, there may be no lighting. But the biggest disadvantage of this drill is the flimsy design. The presence of backlash and gaps, many discover already in the first days of operation. In addition, the GSR 1440-LI is equipped with a weak cartridge holder. At the same time, the quick-clamping system itself was quite successfully implemented and really significantly improved the ergonomics of the model. However, the unsatisfactory strength of this mechanism is questionable by many. At the very least, users do not recommend using this modification to perform critical repair and installation operations.

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Almost every modern model of the Bosch construction tool has one or more characteristics that distinguish the product from the total mass of analogues. In this case, the device turned out to be rather average in terms of technical and operational qualities, although with a successful power supply system. The strengths that the GSR 1440-LI screwdriver is not deprived of include versatility and ergonomics. In particular, the model shows itself well when working with typical simple tasks. It spoils the impressionunfinished structural basis and the absence of some functions, including backlighting. But on the other hand, a convenient and roomy case is already provided in the basic set. By the way, the low cost of 7 thousand rubles also helps to come to terms with the shortcomings of a screwdriver. Professional models of a higher level from the same Bosch line are already estimated at 10 thousand and more. Another thing is that in the families of competitors there are many affordable offers in the same segment, which are distinguished by high-quality assembly and high performance.

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