The Bosch drill driver is an indispensable tool for repairs

The Bosch drill driver is an indispensable tool for repairs
The Bosch drill driver is an indispensable tool for repairs

Renovation of an apartment often causes a lot of questions from the owners. They are connected not only with the design of the room, but also with the choice of materials and the necessary tools. As a rule, a drill driver is an indispensable thing for carrying out any design transformations of a house or apartment. Such drills allow you to easily and quickly tighten self-tapping screws, screws. There are tools designed for professionals and for home use. Only models differ, their characteristics, price category.

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The well-known company Bosch produces not only household appliances, but also construction tools. Drills of its production have a switch on the body, designed to change the direction of rotation of the tool chuck (clockwise or counterclockwise). The "reverse" mode helps to remove the drill jammed in the part. In addition, the drill/driver has a shock-resistant body and a regulator designed specifically to change the drilling mode and the amount of torque. There are the following types of drills: cordless, cordless and torque drills. Bosch manufactures high-capacity batteries for drills using special technology,allowing for a long time to keep the charge. Cordless tools are just as good as cordless drills.

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The Bosch drill driver belongs to the professional class. It is very easy to use due to its compact size and light weight. The tool is designed for fast screwdriving, and equally copes with various materials. The ergonomic design of the cordless drill makes it very comfortable to use. This is facilitated by the presence of pads on the tool handles. The area where you can use a drill-driver is very wide. The tool has 2 speeds and has the ability to adjust the torque. Changing the speed of rotation is smooth thanks to the switch that the tool is equipped with; There is a keyless chuck and a power lock. Drills and bits can be changed without interrupting work, with one hand. The largest screw diameter that is suitable for a drill is seven millimeters, the drilling diameter is eleven millimeters.

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Bosch produces a battery-powered impact drill. The tool is very compact (195 mm) and light (1900 grams). The tool has a hammer drilling function, which is applicable for drilling holes in masonry. The drill has a very powerful torque, it allows you to provide hard (67Nm) and soft (28Nm) screwdriving. The number of strokes reaches a maximum of 25500 rpm.

Powered drills allow you to limit the depth of screwdriving. A drill/driver belonging to this class has a limiter sleeve and a shut-off clutch. The tool can have a power of 700 watts. The maximum that its torque reaches is 12Nm. With such characteristics, the drill allows you to very gently and smoothly screw self-tapping screws and screws into any metal. Torque screwdrivers have a small weight and dimensions, which makes them similar to cordless tools. According to the number of revolutions of the cartridge, drills are divided into two classes: high-speed (two thousand five hundred revolutions per minute) and low-speed (one thousand revolutions per minute). There is a manual setting to adjust the torque.

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