Tsargovye doors: customer reviews

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Tsargovye doors: customer reviews
Tsargovye doors: customer reviews

Interior doors are divided into solid and prefabricated models. The second variations are more modern, and their production has been honed for decades. The introduction of new technologies and materials has made it possible to simplify the complexity of the manufacturing process. If we talk about the king doors, reviews of which we will consider later, then ordinary users know little about them. Nevertheless, in this new segment, parameters of decent quality and reasonable price are optimally combined.

Tsargovye doors

Design features

To understand what are tsargovye doors, reviews of which vary, it is necessary to study the features of their design. Such models are characterized by transverse strips, which are placed between the side racks. They form a frame part that serves to fill with auxiliary materials.

The number of transverse elements - at least three pieces. This makes it possible to guarantee the strength of the structure. The assembly principle is similar to the configuration of panel analogs with hardened and durable materials. Inserts are thicker, providing a decent degreerigidity. At the same time, the modular scheme allows you to quickly replace damaged elements. Such modifications resemble a kind of constructor, distinguished by practicality and a wide selection of decor.


For the production of interior king doors in production or at home, various materials are used. There are no special requirements for internal filling. The main task is to ensure a smooth and durable frame. The combination of elements avoids the appearance of joints between the finishing parts, which increases the life of the product.

For the arrangement of the door base, they mainly take a wooden bar. Budget standard modifications are made from pine or larch. The second option is slightly more expensive, but stronger. In more expensive versions, valuable tree species are often introduced, of which the structure is partly composed. Another version for the base is MDF. Its thickness makes it possible to provide sufficient web density.

Veneered tsargovye doors

Additional items

For the internal modules of the tsargovy doors (reviews confirm this), various components are used, including MDF and wood. In terms of thickness, the parts are taken the same as for the frame, or slightly less. This parameter directly affects the appearance of the product.

Some modifications include glass inserts, giving a certain lightness. The modules do not have to be transparent, they are installed both horizontally and vertically according to the type of surface overlays. Forcompleteness of the design, a variety of facing elements are used. On modern variations use:

  • regular and eco-veneer;
  • PVC;
  • laminate.

Facing materials are applied separately to each segment, which is positively reflected in most of the characteristics of the product.


As the reviews show, interior king doors are popular among all segments of the population. Benefits include:

  1. Structural strength and reliability. The frame is responsible for the stability of the entire canvas with any filling. The cross bars act as stiffeners. Accordingly, the more of them, the stronger the product.
  2. Modular configuration. Such features make it possible to disassemble the door without any problems, without harming the decorative surface. This allows you to quickly change a worn or deformed part, as well as radically redesign the exterior of the product.
  3. No edge joints. Thanks to technological nuances, all parts are protected from external influences. This feature has a positive effect on quality, guaranteeing a long service life.
  4. Resistant to temperature extremes. These modifications are minimally affected by component density fluctuations due to thermal effects.
  5. Moisture resistant. Thanks to a special finish, moisture does not get into the joints.
  6. Attractive appearance. Aesthetics is ensured by the materials used and the variety of designs.
  7. King door element


In their feedback on the use of interior doors, consumers note that the designs in question have practically no drawbacks. Among some of the disadvantages is the low level of security. In addition, the product may be heavy if massive elements and a large number of cross bars on the frame are used. It is worth noting that it is impossible to provide reliable protection of the doorway with the help of such a canvas, however, they are ideal as interior ceilings.

Production principle

The photo of the tsargovye doors below will allow you to clearly understand the features of the production of these structures. They are produced according to the same principle as paneled counterparts, however, they have a number of technological differences. Firstly, there is a seamless roof processing technology, resulting in elements protected from all sides by a special coating.

Secondly, as a base, a frame of vertical and transverse parts is used. Additional filling is usually done on a horizontal basis, less often an additional vertical is used, which is typical for large and wide canvases. It is extremely important to observe the ideal evenness of the surfaces, excluding the formation of further distortions and gaps. A well-made king door (reviews only confirm this) serves for a rather long period. For external modification or repair of the product, you can use special decorative inserts.

Designking doors

Laminated varieties

As you can see in the reviews, laminate tsargovye doors are the most budget option. The decorative coating is applied to the plank frame made of MDF. The film material is created from prepared paper that imitates wood. To make the product stronger and more resistant to moisture, the base is impregnated with resins. It should be noted that such modifications are not intended for installation in rooms with a high level of humidity. In addition, laminated models are not recommended if there is a high risk of external influence (small children, pets).

Eco-veneer side doors

Reviews of such modifications indicate that the ecoveneer is less toxic than ordinary PVC. It is made of polypropylene, wood inclusions and adhesive. The thickness of the material varies from 0.2 to 0.5 mm. The color and texture of such a film most closely resembles natural wood. Manufacturers produce variants with a structure that has a unique tint.

The strength of the eco-veneer is not worse, and sometimes better than PVC, depending on the thickness of the materials. If this indicator is identical, the strength of these elements is similar. With their help, manufacturers receive models that, in terms of beauty and properties, resemble natural veneer as much as possible, while they cost much less.

It will not be difficult for a specialist to find the difference, but for users with limited financial capabilities, this option is considered optimal.

Productionking doors

PVC film

As indicated in many reviews of the side doors, consumers note that there is not much difference between eco-veneer and PVC film. The component is just as strong and flexible, protecting the product from all sides. Manufacturers choose one or another material depending on the available equipment responsible for applying the coating. PVC film is available in various colors. As a result, the door can be painted in almost any color, including imitation wood, granite or natural stone.


As evidenced by customer reviews, tsargovye doors come on the market ready-made or made to order. The final choice depends on the size of the door opening. Standard dimensions are 60-90 centimeters wide and up to 200 cm high. For optimal matching, the size range of such products is a multiple of 100 mm.

Non-standard variations include those designs whose dimensions go beyond the specified indicators. Such modifications are produced either in limited series, or are made according to an individual project.

The whole manufacturing process can be divided into three stages:

  1. The main elements of the product are created from blanks using special machines.
  2. Prepared parts are finished with laminate, PVC film, eco-veneer or painted depending on the method of subsequent finishing.
  3. Then the structure is assembled. Specialized equipment is also used for this, since the screed of the elements requires significant physical strength.Install pinch screws and spike connections. Other holes are masked with decorative plugs.
  4. Interior doors

Features of self-assembly

When installing the king doors with your own hands, you should pay attention to several important points:

  1. If installation is carried out in winter, the canvas must stand for a day at room temperature.
  2. The ends of the top and bottom of products are not processed in factories. They must be varnished or impregnated with a special protective agent.
  3. The same treatment should be carried out when installing locks and fittings.

The rest of the installation is done according to the standard scheme, the principle differs in the opening system, which can be hinged, sliding or pendulum type.

Photo of the king doors

Reviews about tsargovyh doors TD-168

User opinions about this and similar modifications are divided. Some consider such versions to be beautiful, quite durable and effective, highlighting the advantages that were mentioned above. However, there are also many complaints. They relate to the difficulty of cleaning the coating, as well as the susceptibility to scratching and low wear resistance.

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