Rating of renovators: an overview of the best models

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Rating of renovators: an overview of the best models
Rating of renovators: an overview of the best models

The rating of renovators, or multi-tools, below, will reveal the advantages and disadvantages of the tool among network and battery modifications. These devices are in great demand because they have the maximum versatility of operation. One tool can perform several manipulations, while reconfiguration does not require a long time and special efforts.

AEG battery renovator

Standalone Models

In the ratings of renovators, battery modifications are made with a power rating of up to 300 W and connected to a 18 V battery. Less powerful 12 V versions are also available for sale, which are focused on the simplest work processes. The oscillation frequency of autonomous multi-tools fluctuates within two thousand rotations per minute. The mass of such devices is significantly larger than network counterparts (from 1.5 to 2.5 kg).

In the rating of renovators, the presence of a rechargeable battery also affects the increase in the dimensions of the tool. However, such models do not have trailing cables and the need to be tied to a constant power source.Thanks to such features, battery renovators provide better performance. In addition, devices with battery are optimally suited for construction and repair work at facilities where there is no electricity. The mobility of the machine helps to optimize work on the road and in the field.

Rating of battery renovators

The top three in this category, judging by the characteristics and reviews, includes the following brands:

  1. AEG OMNI 18C LI-202. German multitool with a pair of ABs (at 2.0 mAh). 1.5 degree swing, 18V power, 1.8/0.54kg weight with/without battery.
  2. Dew alt DCS355N. A powerful modification, not inferior to 300 V network versions, is equipped with a wide start key with a lock and an accidental pressing blocker. The case has several polymer pads to reduce vibration.
  3. Ryobi ONE+ RMT. Renovator with a rechargeable battery is compact in size, convenient for one-handed operation. There is a magnetic patch on the outside of the battery compartment that allows you to fix cut metal parts or auxiliary elements.

Next - more about each of the models.


First, let's look at the advantages of this device, which is the leader in the 2019 renovators rating. A spare battery is included in the package of the unit, which allows you to work for a long time without stopping while the second element is charging. Change of equipment is carried out in one step, by means of a folding clamptype. The design provides for the ability to change the head through the latches to the corner version.

Renovator-multitool AEG

Steel clip on the battery allows you to hang the tool on your belt, the battery is changed in one step, the backlight with LEDs makes it possible to effectively mark the place of the cut. It is possible to work with one hand. The plunging knife has no protruding edges, which does not require a limit on the depth of processing on the corner of the material. Another plus is the optimal weight distribution, with a gearbox and a battery on different sides.

Among the minuses, the following points are noted:

  • no soft start system;
  • when working with outstretched arms above the head, the limbs get tired quickly, and the area for maneuvers is limited due to the protruding battery;
  • price is significantly higher than similar network devices;
  • no nozzle and rotation reducer of the "Bulgarian" type;
  • when running for a long time, overheating is observed, which requires regular breaks for cooling;
  • there is not much space for resting with the second hand, there are no rubber pads on it.

Dew alt 355N

In the ranking of which renovator is better with AB, this model takes the second position. This is facilitated by the absence of brushes on the motor, which increases its service life and reduces overheating. A bright LED backlight is provided, when it falls out of the hands, the tool turns off instantly in automatic mode.

Saw blades are installed simply by pressing a special lock.The revolutions are adjusted using the force of pressing the trigger, which allows you to adjust the current process, depending on the thickness and density of the workpiece being processed. The tool does an excellent job of cutting windows, skirting boards and making mounting grooves. Plastic cuts like paper at maximum speed.

Despite the fact that the version got into the rating of multi-tool renovators, it was not without flaws. Among them:

  • there is no special case for storing consumables;
  • not included charger and battery;
  • The flat battery is attached to the body, making some operations difficult;
  • cutters included in the set quickly become dull, consumers recommend immediately stocking up on high-quality counterparts;
  • quite high noise level;
  • not all nozzles from other manufacturers are suitable for use.
Multifunctional renovator DeW alt

Ryobi RMT1801M

The specified modification is included in the rating of the best renovators, since it has quite good characteristics, along with an acceptable price. There are rubberized pads on the entire surface of the handle, the illumination with LEDs ensures the accuracy of work. The peculiarity of the tool is that batteries from other devices of this manufacturer are suitable for it, and this saves money if you have a drill or a Ryobi saw. The 2,000 oscillation speed guarantees fast processing of soft materials. Users note that the vibration is practically not felt, the charge is spent sparingly,the multitool almost does not heat up.

The following is considered a minus:

  • to replace the file, you will need to unscrew the fixing nut with a special wrench;
  • battery not included initially;
  • there is no transport case (only carton packaging), which makes it difficult to use the device on the go;
  • there is a noticeable backlash of the head;
  • metalworking requires more effort.
Ryobi Cordless Renovator

Network options

The network multifunctional tool renovator (the rating of the best models is given below) is powered by a 220 V network. Manufacturers equip such devices with motors with a power of 0.3 to 1.2 kW. This feature guarantees a large reserve in terms of the number of oscillations, the limit of which reaches 3500 rotations per minute. This ability allows faster processing of hard materials.

Among other advantages of network models is a small weight (from 1.1 to 1.6 kg), which makes it possible to work for a long time, without a significant load on the hands. Another positive feature of this tool is its compact body. A handle is provided on the back of the unit without unnecessary additions. This design makes it easier to work in hard-to-reach places, as well as transport and store.

Which renovator to choose? The rating below will help you with this. These modifications are optimally suited for work on a workbench in carpentry workshops, furniture production,repair work in residential premises. Also, this tool greatly facilitates the preparation of surfaces and materials for arranging floors, bathrooms and surfaces for painting.

Network home renovators: rating of the best models

In this category, according to user feedback, the following brands are presented:

  1. Bosch PMF. German device with a power of 350 W, has an oscillation angle of 2.8 degrees. Attachments change without the use of a key, the second handle can be rearranged to either side, which makes it easier to hold the device.
  2. Black+Decker. Multitool from an American manufacturer, assembled in China. Power indicator - 300 V, oscillation adjustment - from 1.0 to 2.2 thousand per minute. The kit includes a case and 11 nozzles.
  3. DeWALT DWE. The power of this unit is 300 W, electronic speed adjustment is provided with the platform moving up to 4 millimeters. Oscillations vary in speed from 0 to 2.2 thousand, there is a long trigger that can be activated with one or more fingers.
  4. AEG OMNI 300-KIT1. Compact multi-tool with a wide starter, with which the speed of the tool is adjusted. Power - 300 W, oscillation angle - 1.5 degrees.

Bosch PMF 350 CES

In the ranking of renovators, this is the best model for installing heating, as well as laying water and sewer pipes. The clip on the body part for fixing the nozzle tightening is placed in a special groove and does not protrude, which prevents the device from catching on clothesor walls. There is a rubber pad on the holding point and handle. The mass of 1.6 kilograms does not tire the hands, allowing you to work with the tool in uncomfortable positions for a long time.

Multifunctional renovator "Bosch"

The unit comes in a sturdy case with ten attachments. The design includes a dust removal module. At the end there is an illuminating flashlight with a 180-degree light dispersion angle, which contributes to normal operation even in rooms with poor lighting. Working blades have a rounded edge, which facilitates the processing of workpieces made of hard material. There is a working depth corrector with four modes.


  • one of the highest prices among analogues;
  • no soft start system available, which requires some preparation to get a thin cut;
  • sanding attachment - not the best quality, peels off Velcro after a few times of use;
  • low frequency setting does not fall below eight thousand vibrations, which makes it difficult to start metal cutting due to strong vibration;
  • The cord is short, requiring a decent extension.

Black+Decker MT 300 KA

Modification was included in the rating of home renovators as the best option for carpentry workshops, due to the presence of a long cord (three meters). The tool has a lower cost compared to German counterparts. The speed is adjusted using a special electronic switch onend part of the body. The whole frame is rubberized, the device does not slip out of the hands, there is a low noise level.

Among the features is the presence of a tube for connecting a vacuum cleaner, which contributes to the rapid and effective removal of dust, chips and sawdust. Thanks to the design, easy access to the corners is provided to clean the surface or make a cut. Users note good build quality without backlash and gaps. The set comes with a capacious suitcase, where carrying and a set of nozzles can be easily placed. Other pluses include wear-resistant materials.

The disadvantages include such moments:

  • requires the use of a wrench to change the nozzle;
  • original parts can be changed by quick release method, but the fixing spring is rather tight;
  • the impeller and the anchor form a single unit, that is, during the repair it will be necessary to change the entire unit;
  • metal parts of the gearbox become very hot and uncomfortable when touched with bare hands;
  • the number of original nozzles is limited on sale, which requires the use of various adapters and clamps;
  • Comes with a total of four cutters.
renovator "Black and Decker"


This model took one of the leading positions in the 2018 renovators rating. The multitool is optimally suited for indoor repairs, it comes with 28 nozzles. When the device falls out of hand, it turns off automatically. Both hand pieces haverubberized pads. The design provides a blocker from accidental start, the files are mounted with one touch on the clip.

The working surface is illuminated with diode illumination, the length of the cord is 2.5 meters, the weight is only 1.48 kilograms. The LED illumination in the end zone is precisely directed to the work area. Other pluses include a soft start with increasing speed and an adapter for attaching nozzles from other manufacturers.

Among the cons:

  • floating speed is observed when processing hard materials;
  • high price;
  • bits and backings get dull quickly;
  • elongated head configuration interferes with some manipulations;
  • high noise level;
  • when working with wood there is smoke.
DeW alt Battery Renovator


This model is rightfully included in the rating of multifunctional tools (renovators) 2019. The set includes an original bag, 13 nozzles, LED lighting that accurately illuminates the work surface. If necessary, the device can be serviced by yourself, the brushes can be easily unscrewed with a screwdriver.

The machine aggregates with consumables from most manufacturers. There is a long cord, the head turns 90 degrees, allowing you to work on different surfaces without any problems. Fastening - quick-detachable, on latches. The nozzle is fixed securely, regardless of the load.

Disadvantages include:

  • no soft start responsible formaximum cutting precision;
  • requires a key to change attachments;
  • original heads are expensive;
  • start button has no lock;
  • when processing metal blanks with a thickness of more than three millimeters, a break is required due to significant heating of the web.


If you are looking for the best renovator to choose, the rating above will help you. When buying a unit, consider its target direction. Also, don't discount the working conditions (at home or remotely). The price of the issue already depends on the financial capabilities of a particular buyer. As evidenced by user reviews, the modifications indicated in the review are considered one of the most reliable options, taking into account the combination of price and quality. Cheap Chinese multi-tools are suitable only for elementary work, they quickly fail under complex loads. So do not ignore the rating of renovators, which one is better suggested by the reviews and recommendations of experts.

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