Project declaration: concept, content, sample

Project declaration: concept, content, sample
Project declaration: concept, content, sample

Before the construction of any building, the developer must issue a project declaration. If it is planned to build a multi-storey residential building, apartments in which will be sold, for example, under an equity agreement, this document is published on the official website of the construction company. This is necessary so that every future homeowner can get acquainted with it, draw conclusions about the reliability of the developer.

Document concept

The project declaration reflects all available and necessary information about the developer and the construction project. This is done so that the potential buyer can study the planned object and the organization with which he will have to conclude an agreement on the purchase of real estate. The original of such a document is with the developer, and he must place copies in newspapers, the Internet, making them publicly available.

Project Declaration

Declaration content

What information should the project declaration reflect? On this score, all the answers are given by the legislation of the state.

  • The document mustthe name and location of the object planned for construction, as well as information about the developer and its working hours.
  • Information on the state registration of the construction site.
  • Information about all participants is entered into the project declaration.
  • Facts such as objects already built by this organization can influence the buyer's choice. They are reflected for the previous three years.
  • Important data is information about the license for the right to carry out construction activities, as well as the number and period of the permit.
  • The project declaration (sample below) should disclose the funds invested in the project, reports on costs incurred and on the results for the past year.
Documents for construction

Part Two

Project declaration is a document, the second part of which contains all the necessary information about the future construction object.

  • Here you can find everything about the purpose of the project, stages and deadlines for its implementation.
  • Do you have a building permit.
  • What rights does the developer have for the land plot allocated for development, all data on the latter (cadastral number, area, communications).
  • Where exactly will the future residential building be located, its description.
  • Number of apartments in the building, garages and other facilities (non-residential premises).
  • What is the common property in the house, distributed among the participants in such construction from the moment of commissioning.
  • Estimated date of commissioning of the building inoperation.
  • What measures are offered for voluntary insurance against financial and other risks.
  • How much will it cost to build an apartment building.
  • Organizations carrying out construction and installation work (contractors).
  • Other ways to raise funds for the project.
Changes in the project


A sample design declaration for construction is shown below.

First comes the name of the document, then information about the developer:

  1. Information about the developer.
  2. Information about the founders.
  3. All previous projects in three years.
  4. Type of licensed activity, data on the specified document.
  5. Financial information for the current year, accounts payable and receivable.
Design declaration sample

It should also contain information about the object:

  1. Project goal, milestones and timeline.
  2. Available permission.
  3. What rights does the developer have on the provided land plot, information about the plot itself.
  4. Location of the future home.
  5. How many apartments, garages and other objects are contained in the project.
  6. Purpose of non-residential premises.
  7. Common property in shared ownership of members.
  8. Estimated commissioning date.
  9. Possible risks.
  10. Project cost.
  11. List of contractors.
Construction project

Responsibilitiesdeveloper must be presented for review:

  1. Constituent documents.
  2. Certificate of state registration.
  3. Information on registration with the tax authority.
  4. Approved annual reports, financial statements.
  5. Conclusion of the audit body for the last year of entrepreneurial activity by the developer.

Thus, the project declaration is the most important document on the basis of which all further activities of the developer are carried out, the rights of potential participants are determined, and possible risks are foreseen. Without this document, it is impossible to start building an apartment building.

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