The best adhesive for tile tiles

The best adhesive for tile tiles
The best adhesive for tile tiles

Tiles are often used for wall, ceiling or floor cladding in rooms with high humidity. This material has a lot of positive properties: moisture resistant, easy to care for. However, in order for it to hold well and last, you need a tile adhesive that is reliable and does not succumb to the environment.

Types of adhesive for tiles

adhesive for tiles

Many well-known manufacturers produce bonding compounds. Their names are heard by those who are professionally engaged in the construction or repair of premises. There are several types of adhesives according to their characteristics and properties: they have increased elasticity, strength, resistance to moisture and frost. When choosing one or another composition, one must always consider the conditions under which it will be used.

Glue application method

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For example, "Hercules" - adhesive for tiles made of ceramics, mosaics or tiles. It is suitable for work in rooms with floors and walls made of brick or concrete. Adheres well to plastered surfaces. Since it has good resistance to moisture, it will be appropriate for repairs in a room with any microclimate. They can even correct imperfections.ceilings, walls and floors. All this is possible thanks to the properties that this tile adhesive has: it is plastic, moisture-resistant and frost-resistant. Grabs quickly. The facing material does not slide down the wall. Before application, the composition is diluted (1 kg of the mixture per quarter liter of water), mixed and left for 5-10 minutes. Then mix again. The adhesive already diluted with water is used for three to four hours. It is recommended to apply the composition with a layer of three to five millimeters. The glue causes only the best responses from buyers.

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The product called "Hercules Superpolymer" is equally suitable for work inside and outside the building. In rooms where humidity is high, for example, in swimming pools, this tile adhesive is applied three days after the walls have been treated with a waterproofing material. The fastening composition is very reliable and has a wide range of applications. It provides high quality work on ceramic tiling surfaces. Glue is recommended to be applied with a layer of five millimeters, at a temperature of + 5 to + 30 degrees.


In general, when choosing an adhesive for tiles, you need to focus on the characteristics of a particular brand. The type of facing material does not matter in this case: porcelain stoneware, mosaics, etc. In any case, the adhesive must ensure durable fastening of the material to the surface: walls, floor, ceiling. After the work is completed, it is usually necessary to seal the joints between the individual tiles. But this problem is easily solved by Cerizit glue. It is made on the basiscement-sand composition with the addition of high-quality polymers. Super white glue has excellent adhesive characteristics. It does not require stitching. According to buyers and professionals, the best tile adhesive is the one that meets the requirements of a particular situation and has the desired properties. For example, when working with heavy materials, such as natural stone, marble, porcelain stoneware, BOLARS Elite is recommended. It is excellent for garages, warehouses and industrial areas.

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