Concrete and reinforced concrete structures: SNiP and application practice

Concrete and reinforced concrete structures: SNiP and application practice
Concrete and reinforced concrete structures: SNiP and application practice

Evidence of the use of natural stone in construction for a long time a lot. This material has a number of unique advantages. Its main disadvantage is the high cost and complexity of processing. Stone has been replaced by brick, but it is laid by hand, which is long and expensive. Concrete and reinforced concrete structures contributed to the acceleration of construction. SNiP regulates their use at facilities.

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There are different ways to make and use these large items. The famous Khrushchev houses are the clearest example of the use of panel construction technology. With all its shortcomings, this ensured a high rate of construction of objects. The improvement of technology made it possible to modernize the technology, and in parallel, the governing documents were also changed.

Regulatory framework

The profile institute and the relevant ministry were involved in the development of new building codes. SNiP 2030184 "Concrete and reinforced concrete structures" aims to unifymethods of designing the mentioned elements, as well as the technology of their production and use. The document fixes the requirements for structures, in the production of which silicate concrete of the medium density group is used.

SNP 2030184 concrete and reinforced concrete structures

According to this document, the environmental conditions are determined in which the use of load-bearing or enclosing structures made of reinforced concrete is permissible. The temperature range is very wide and is set in the range from -70 °С to +50 °С, which corresponds to almost any climatic zone. The use of concrete and reinforced concrete structures is allowed by SNiP at a relative humidity of 75%.

Production Methods

Modern technologies provide for the manufacture of products both in the conditions of specialized production enterprises (ZHBK), and directly on the site. This method is called monolithic construction. With the combined technique, finished products, concrete and reinforced concrete structures are connected. SNiP clearly regulates all ways of combining elements with each other.

Excellent performance characteristics of monolithic structures have increased interest in them from customers and construction companies. Recently, this technology has been improved: the casting of the outer walls is carried out in a fixed formwork. It is made from high density extruded polystyrene foam. Upon completion of construction, it plays the role of a heat-insulating layer.

Training of engineering staff

Qualityconcrete products depends primarily on the original components and the exact execution of the technological process. The manual for SNiP "Concrete and reinforced concrete structures" is a guide to action for engineers and technical personnel. Strict adherence to the spirit and letter of normative documentation is a guarantee of the condition of products.

manual for SNP concrete and reinforced concrete structures

In our country, there are clear growth trends in the construction of a wide variety of facilities. They widely use concrete and reinforced concrete structures. SNiP allows this state of affairs, subject to the use of high-quality raw materials and strict adherence to the technological process.

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