Carved balusters: varieties, benefits and care tips

Carved balusters: varieties, benefits and care tips
Carved balusters: varieties, benefits and care tips

Decorating your home with original decor is a great idea. There are many options to choose from today. Carved balusters are pillars or columns designed to decorate houses or cottages. Their purpose is to maintain the railings on balconies and stairs, but they also perform a decorative function - decorate the stairs and give it chic. Often, balusters are decorated with special decor; such products can transform even the most ordinary staircase. Their choice is quite diverse, but the main thing is that the work is done professionally.

Wooden carved balusters

Decor Features

Carved balusters are a real decoration for your home. They add sophistication to stairs, balconies, furniture. Therefore, the choice must be correct. What affects the cost of this type of decor? This is a logical question that will certainly interest every homeowner who wants to decorate the stairs with these spectacularproducts.

There are factors that directly affect the cost of carved balusters. The first is the material. Wooden balusters are more expensive. The type of wood will also affect the cost. Oak, larch, limewood, beech, maple, walnut, rosewood, cherry, alder are considered valuable in construction.

Also, the price will depend on how the product is processed. Another important factor is the complexity of the work. Below is a photo of carved wood balusters.

Wooden balusters

Modern technologies have not bypassed the ways of making balusters. Therefore, the patterns (professional work) look great. The material is also very important. Wood is the best and most practical option.

Carved wood balusters

Wood products are the most popular, this decor is more aesthetic and versatile. Balusters are made from the following species:

  • ash;
  • oak;
  • maple;
  • alder.

Modern workshops offer the widest range of patterns for every taste. Painted balusters are also available. Below in the photo are carved balusters with various elements.

Carved balusters

This decor is a great choice for those who appreciate natural materials and home decorations.

Thread Types

Carved balusters are a decoration that can be chosen for any room design. All options will look great, but a lot here depends on the style in which the decor is made. Balusters are also classified according to the style of carving. She isin turn, it can be openwork, deaf, sculptural.

Each of the types has in turn a lot of options. You can familiarize yourself with them from the catalogs presented in specialized publications and choose the appropriate products for a particular room. The openwork option is suitable for spacious chic homes with large or spiral staircases. This type of balusters will perfectly fit into a baroque style living room.

Deaf version is also suitable for powerful stairs. The most sophisticated look is a sculptural baluster. An excellent original choice is the decor of the baluster, made in the form of figures of people. This is a special kind of art, known since ancient times.

To create such a creation is quite difficult, so this work is entrusted only to a talented master. Products are made to order. Precision work is required, all bends should be as smooth and perfectly polished as possible. Under no circumstances should balusters be left unfinished. It is better to spend more time and money, but in the end you will get a quality job.


Wooden carved balusters are so in demand for a reason. They have many advantages:

  1. Safety. There is no doubt that wooden balusters are environmentally friendly. Wood products do not contain hazardous impurities and compounds. Therefore, this is the best option for home and cottage.
  2. Aesthetics. Carved balusters look attractive. Square, round, oval - there are a lot of types of decor.
  3. Versatility. These products are perfect for almostany interior. They harmonize perfectly with other decor. Balusters can be used not only for decorating stairs, but also for balconies and furniture. They will also find their application in landscape design.
Decor from carved balusters

Types of mounting

Balusters are easy to install, but for those who know how to do it. This cannot but rejoice. The most important thing in this process is to fit the supports. This work is necessary in order to ensure the tightest fastening, such balusters will be durable and aesthetic.

Also, the installation will depend on the way the products are manufactured. They can be turned, milled or carved. It is the last one that is the most expensive, but also more original.

There are many variations of this decor. You can make a real palace out of your house thanks to carved balusters. But it is worth noting that for this work it is worth choosing only a proven professional, because they must not only be beautiful in appearance, but also stable and durable, as they play an important role in the safety and stability of the stairs themselves.

Carved wooden balusters

Care Tips

Wood balusters need proper care. This is necessary in order for this spectacular decor element to last as long as possible. In order for the balusters not to lose their appearance for a long time, they must be repaired immediately, even with the slightest damage.

The appearance of the decor is important to always maintain. The principles of care are quite simple. Just needed from time to timewipe and paint the structure. For the processing of wooden balusters in modern stores, special high-quality products are presented. If repairs are needed, the work should be left to an experienced professional, but proper maintenance should not be forgotten.

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