How to build frame houses 8x8

How to build frame houses 8x8
How to build frame houses 8x8

Frame houses came to us from the west and today have taken a special place in construction. How to build one with your own hands, and what is needed for this?

Construction Features

A frame house is good because less money and effort are spent on its construction. Being much lighter than a stone house, it does not require a complex and cumbersome foundation. Frame houses can be built independently, without the involvement of professional labor. It is for this reason that they are erected in summer cottages, garages, sheds and baths are often built in the same way. Frame houses 8x8 are standard sizes for such construction.

frame houses 8x8

If you plan to build a house with two floors, then it is possible, as well as building a house with an attic. So, among the advantages of such a structure:

  1. The speed of construction, even if the owner will not use the services of third parties.
  2. The house will be warm thanks to the use of modern materials for thermal insulation.
  3. Once the house is built, there is no need for expensive repairs and wall decoration. You can immediately bring furniture and live.
  4. It should be noted that frame houses 8x8or other sizes are not expensive.

Start of construction

Any construction must start with a project. Even if it is an 8x8 frame house, it is still better to make the appropriate calculations. This will make things easier in the future. The next step is to choose a construction site and clear the site. The top layer of soil is removed, after which you can start working with the foundation. The basis for such a house is chosen carefully, guided by data on the type of soil, on the depth of soil freezing. A pile foundation is often used, as well as a strip foundation. The foundation is poured in the standard way. If these are not metal piles, but concrete, it is imperative to make a bunch of reinforcement. Such work will require the purchase of both the reinforcement itself and the wire to it. As for concrete, it can be ordered. If this is not possible, you will have to do the kneading yourself on the site.

frame house 8x8 two-story

If a two-story 8x8 frame house is being built, then it would be very appropriate to build a shallow-depth strip foundation. In this case, the depth of soil freezing in a given area should not be higher than 50 cm. A tiled base will cost quite a lot, but with an abundance of groundwater, this is the way out. In any case, when planning, it is better to ask a professional for advice.

Structure frame

After the base is ready, it needs to stand for a while. Now you can start building the frame. One of two types can be used:

  1. Wooden;
  2. Metal.

Metal is used less often due to the fact that it will cost more. If an 8x8 frame house is being built with an attic or two floors, it is better to use a metal frame, although this is not essential. If the frame is wooden, you must first treat the boards with an antiseptic.

house 8x8 frame

Walls are built taking into account window and door openings. Initially, vertical racks are installed. The step between them should be equal to the width of the roll of heat-insulating material. This will be the most correct way.

Openings form horizontal bases that are securely fixed with self-tapping screws.

Installation of floors and roofs

Before proceeding to this work, it is required to install props for the floor. If an 8x8 two-story frame house is being built, then for the second level the walls themselves will be such supports.

The roof also needs a frame. It is usually assembled on the ground, and then installed upstairs. Roof rafters are bars measuring 50x150, mounted at an angle of 50 degrees. Roof Cover:

  1. Soft roof;
  2. Ondullin;
  3. Metal tile.

8x8 frame houses are built very simply. As with stone houses, the roof must be attached to the main structure. The roof will have to withstand the weight of the snow cover, gusts of wind.

frame house 8x8 with an attic

Insulation of a frame house

Today, there are a huge number of high-quality heaters on the building materials market. heat insulateduring construction, a floor is also necessary. The walls are sheathed, before that they are insulated with any chosen material. The most commonly used foam, mineral wool, ordinary plastic film.

The insulation is inserted into the space between the uprights and serves as an excellent protection against the cold. Mineral wool must be purchased in rolls and fastened with a construction stapler. In this case, you need to use one single rule: a frame house 8x8 one-story or two-story should become a thermos, so the walls must be protected from moisture both from the side of the street and from the inside.

frame house 8x8 one-story

Moisture for a frame house is enemy number one. Insulation is carried out using a polyethylene film or vapor barrier. The second material is more durable and reliable. Frame houses 8x8 are reliable structures.

With the help of a 100x50 board, they build the internal walls of the house, and after a while it will be possible to move into a new home.

Instead of a conclusion

It is not always necessary to trust the construction of a house to a brigade. An 8x8 frame house is just the same case. The fact is that when hiring workers, a detailed plan will be required from the owner, and this cannot be done without certain building skills. Do-it-yourself construction is always an approach to work with extra care. Here only you control the process.

Today, all conditions have been created (the availability of building materials and instructions on the Internet) to easily take on such work.

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