Construction of a bath from logs

Construction of a bath from logs
Construction of a bath from logs

Wood is an environmentally friendly material with high strength and thermal insulation properties. Therefore, he was widely used in construction, including the construction of baths. Bathhouses made of galvanized logs are still popular today, because they have an attractive appearance and are not inferior to brick or foam concrete counterparts.

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Building material

Round logs are used as building material. At the stage of their processing, wood sapwood is removed, that is, their most unstable part. The remaining layers have sufficient strength and are able to withstand severe loads. This, although it makes the material stronger, but at the same time reduces its durability. The construction of saunas from rounded logs is carried out according to a special technology, and individual structural elements (logs) are connected using groove joints or using the Norwegian tenon-groove system.

Use wellprepared logs will make the walls as smooth and durable as possible. At the same time, they do not deform during shrinkage. The material is usually used in conjunction with modern impregnations that protect it from fire and decay. They do not affect his appearance.

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Modern technologies make it possible to build saunas from logs in the shortest possible time. This is largely due to the high-quality preparation of logs, which are preliminarily “customized” to the required dimensions. The log cabin of a bathhouse made of rounded logs is stronger than paired ones made of ordinary timber or glued material. In addition, it can be erected at almost any angle.


A rounded log prepared on a special woodworking machine is an ideal building material. Its diameter ranges from 16-28 cm. The log has a number of advantages:

  • good thermal insulation;
  • attractive appearance;
  • no need for wall decoration;
  • the ability to "breathe";
  • integrity;
  • minimum difference of linear parameters.
  • sauna houses made of logs


Calibrated logs have a number of disadvantages. Among the most significant stand out:

  • Loss of log orientation. For their long-term operation, it is important to build houses, baths from logs correctly, observing the basic rules. One of them is the correct location of the logs: the north side should go underfacade, south - under the internal walls. This rule is used by all experienced builders. Its observance can extend the period of operation of the bath up to 100-150 years.
  • Removal of protective layers. Removing the soft outer shell negatively affects the material, as it protects it from insects, rot and environmental influences. As a result, the remaining part of the log becomes less durable.

Choice of logs for the bath

The construction of a steam room is recommended to be made from coniferous trees. This is due to their high density and resistance to temperature and humidity changes compared to other breeds. Birch, for example, is strictly forbidden to be used for this purpose, as it is highly susceptible to decay.

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Pine is the most common material used for the construction of log saunas. A photo of a wooden steam room clearly confirms its attractive appearance. Pine is low cost, has a long and even trunk and can be processed.

When buying logs, it is recommended to pay attention to:

  • the presence of blue spots on the cut - they should not be;
  • cut surface - it must be hard;
  • skinned log - it must have a yellow tint (light or dark);
  • core - it should be even and occupy 1/3 of the diameter of the log.


Like at home, log saunas can be built not in all areas. This is due to the fact that the steam room can be locatedand the pool, and for it the presence of groundwater at a high level is undesirable. The entrance to the bathhouse should be on the south side, since in winter snowdrifts melt faster from this side.

log cabin from logs

An important role in choosing a suitable site is played by the number of storeys of a log bath. A photo of a two-story bathhouse proves that today it is quite possible to combine a bathhouse and a summer house in one building. The second floor of such a building can be used as a room for spending the night, and the first floor can be used directly for a steam room. It has been proven that you sleep better in rooms made of environmentally friendly material like wood.


The depth of laying the foundation for a rounded log bath depends on the depth of soil freezing. The best option is a strip foundation that can withstand heavy loads, which is very important for fairly heavy logs.

A column foundation is also used. Its use is advisable when the steam room consists of a special frame made of wooden beams, on which panel panels are attached. This version of the bath is much lighter, so you can use a less powerful foundation than a tape one. It is important to note that these frames are rarely used and have not proven themselves either for better or for worse.

Preparing logs

After pouring the trench and organizing the vapor barrier of the foundation, they begin to prepare the logs. Their ends must be cut to a thickness equal to the upper diameter.

construction of baths from logs

Factory rounded logs are relatively expensive, so often the material is prepared independently using a planer. This task can be handled by an experienced builder. Hand-crafted logs are distinguished by an increased period of operation and resistance to external influences compared to the factory version. This is due to the fact that only sapwood is removed with a planer, and the protective layer remains intact. Deviations from standard dimensions should not exceed 3 centimeters, otherwise the logs will not fit snugly on the walls of the bath.

Construction of log walls

Before work, you should inspect the purchased logs, choose the thickest and most durable ones that will serve as the first row. To do this, you can use larch, which becomes stronger in a humid environment. But you shouldn't use this wood to build all the walls, because under the influence of high temperatures it gives off a strong smell.

If the logs were processed on special machines, then they have the corresponding numbering. It will help you find the items you need more quickly. After the laying of the logs is completed, they are given a certain time to dry. If you do not pause, then the formation of cracks and distortions on the logs in the future is possible, which may violate the integrity of the structure.

For the construction of the floor and ceiling of the bath from rounded logs, almost any tree species is used, with the exception of larch and pine, as they emit resin under the influence of high temperature. The best option is to use aspenor linden, which have healing properties.

Caulking walls

The walls of the bath from logs are caulked inside and out immediately after drying. This is done in order to close possible gaps, due to which the room will constantly lose heat.

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To do this, use special tape seals that do not need a double caulk, unlike moss and tow. At the same time, they do not rot and have low hydroscopicity. The caulking of the walls of the bath from rounded logs begins from the lower layers of the log house, carefully working in the corners. The fiber is placed across the groove and hammered with a spatula. The procedure is performed around the entire perimeter of the room. Caulking of individual walls is not allowed.


How much will a log sauna cost? The turnkey price averages 150-200 thousand rubles. Bath will be a great place to relax and spend time with friends.

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