Lego bricks: reviews, composition. Brick production "Lego"

Lego bricks: reviews, composition. Brick production "Lego"
Lego bricks: reviews, composition. Brick production "Lego"

Such a modern building material as "Lego" - a brick, reviews of which speak of its excellent quality, is an example of that very simple and ingenious solution. This product has some improvements compared to conventional bricks. In the 1st half of the twentieth century, the Danish builder Ole Kirk decided to make a brick with a distinctly new shape. Namely, with such that the resulting product helps to lay itself. This is how "Lego" was created - a brick, reviews of which received from professionals in the construction industry indicate its reliability and ease of working with it. Read more about this and more.

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Product Description

Lego bricks, reviews of which speak of the effectiveness and ease of use of this material, have two convex spherical holes on their upper surface. Get a brick on a certainmachine. The lower plane of the product is equipped with two holes with a concave sphere. This is a characteristic feature of products such as Lego bricks, reviews of which indicate a high practicality of the material. The presence of such a geometry ensures a clear fixation of this product during construction work. Docking of elements is carried out using an adhesive solution. The geometric dimensions of finished products are:

  • length - 250 mm;
  • width - 125 mm;
  • height – 45-80mm;
  • weight - 3, 5-4 kg (depending on the components that make up the product);
  • maximum withstand pressure 300kg/cm2.

Lego bricks: composition of the mixture

There are several varieties in this regard. Brick "Lego" can be made from the following compositions:

  • Clay-cement. It uses components such as clay (90%), cement (8%) and water.
  • Composition based on different dropouts. This also includes screenings (85-90%), cement (8%) and water.
  • Clay-sand. This includes four components: sand (35%), clay (55%), cement (8%) and water.

When planning production, consider the availability of raw materials. This is an important condition. Bricks, which are obtained by pressing, require raw materials with a fine fraction. This must be taken into account in order to achieve the required strength. Brick "Lego", obtained from screenings, has the highest strength characteristics.

Content inthe production of a large amount of sand contributes to the deterioration of the strength index due to the presence of large sand fractions.

The production of products such as Lego bricks, reviews of which indicate their reliability and efficiency, requires special forming matrices. With their help, a surface is created with the necessary smoothness and with certain parameters of given geometric dimensions. For the full-fledged production of these products, you should have the entire set of matrices that allow you to obtain halves of these bricks and fitting products. They are used for finishing work.

lego brick reviews

Description of equipment

To make Lego bricks, reviews of which indicate the practicality and ease of use, you must have an appropriate machine. Its design includes units of a certain category, which are mounted on a metal frame. For example, equipment such as Legostanok makes it possible to produce Lego bricks in a semi-automatic mode, the composition of the mixture for the manufacture of which is indicated above. The indicated products are obtained in this unit by the pressing method at high pressure. In this case, the subsequent firing of the product in thermal furnaces is not carried out. With the indicated machine, it is quite possible to make Lego bricks with your own hands.

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Operation principle

In this case, certain actions are taken into account. Mixture,prepared for the formation of bricks, fall asleep in a specially adapted bunker. Then, with the help of a dispenser, it enters the molding compartment. The mixture is then compressed under high pressure with a hydraulic press. As a result of this, a ready-made "Lego" brick is obtained. Equipment, reviews of which are positive due to the ease of implementation of the workflow, as mentioned above, is considered using the Legostanok machine as an example. It has a three-phase electric motor and an oil pump, which creates the necessary pressure in the hydraulic cylinder. Thanks to the mechanized compression action, this machine achieves high pressure and increases the productivity of the process. Its presence will allow you to make Lego bricks with your own hands, even without special skills and experience.

Description of the machine

The parameters of this type of equipment are optimal for placing it in a limited area. With the proper organization of labor and the process of preparing the mixture, high results are achieved.

The main components of the machine are certain units:

  1. Loading hopper.
  2. Manually operated mixing dispenser.
  3. Shaping chamber.
  4. Matrix. With its help, a certain geometry of the holes of the Lego brick is set. It is located in the forming chamber.
  5. Electric motor.
  6. Oil pump.
  7. Hydraulic press. It works from oil, which pumps the pump.
  8. Machine bed.

Description of workflow

The specified machine for the production of bricks can operate both in semi-automatic mode and in manual mode. It all depends on the chosen technology. Manual mode refers to the molding process using a lever-type mechanism. It is able to create the necessary force in the press sole.

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In the semi-automatic mode of operation, the operator opens the valve on the hydraulic line at the required moment, and molding is carried out using a hydraulic press. This mode helps to increase the productivity of the equipment within 1.5–2 times. The above machine has these functions. "Lego" - a brick, the reviews of which are positive due to the reliability and efficiency of the material - while it turns out to be of better quality. The reason is that the required pressure is reached for effective adhesion of the mixture at the molecular level.

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Lego brick production technology

The manufacturing process of this product includes several stages. Namely holding:

  • preparatory work;
  • shaping;
  • brick pressing;
  • storage of finished products with appropriate exposure for a certain time.

Next, consider each stage in more detail. Preparatory work includes the delivery of the required raw materials, their sorting and preparation of the required mixture for molding. To improve performance, it is recommendeduse additional equipment that will allow you to bring the components to the required fraction (if necessary) by sifting and mix raw material additives. In the presence of large volumes, the finished mixture is fed into the receiving hopper of the equipment using a conveyor. Then, the required volume of the substance is sent to the matrix for formation by means of a dosing device. This is done automatically by the operator. After that, the dispenser returns to the sub-bunker space. Then the valve is opened, which supplies oil to the press. After that, the mixture is compressed for a certain time. Further, with the help of a pusher, the finished brick is advanced and transferred to the temporary warehouse area, where the resulting products must be kept for three days. After that, the products can be shipped to the consumer. The period of time before the start of product use must be at least 21 days.


  1. In order to maximize the productivity of the machine, two people should be involved in the production process and automation of preparatory work.
  2. Receipt of finished products can be carried out with the help of one operator. This will significantly increase the time for making a certain number of bricks.
  3. Obtaining quality products directly depends on the components used and their dosage in the mixture. The required indicators in each specific case can be achieved empirically.
  4. To secure regular orders, you shoulduse a semi-automatic machine. As a result, the pressure during the formation process will increase. This, in turn, will lead to the possibility of obtaining high-quality and neat outwardly Lego bricks, the composition of the mixtures for which is indicated above.
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Scope of application

Lego Brick is the latest generation product with high density and special shape. This product has improved technical characteristics. Bricks "Lego" in comparison with the usual "brother" provide the perfect appearance of the facades of various buildings for many years. Also, the water absorption of this product is only 5%. As a result, a wall built of Lego bricks will not absorb moisture and various dirt. This product cleans up quickly with water. Also, the products have high frost resistance, are environmentally friendly and are suitable for use in various climatic conditions.

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The scope of the "Lego" brick was initially determined by its ability to maintain an ideal appearance for a long time. Therefore, it is often used for facing various structures, as well as for finishing indoors. However, all wall structures can be made from Lego bricks, especially when foam concrete is used as a filler.

How to work with Lego bricks?

One of the main advantages of working with such a product asbrick "Lego" is the simplicity of its installation. Compared to the "classic" analogue, installation will not cause any difficulties. With a special shape and having two guide holes, the Lego brick fits quite simply:

  1. It will be sufficient to mount only the first row using a level and guides. There is no difficulty in this either. Further, all the remaining rows are aligned themselves during the laying process, thanks to the corresponding guides.
  2. A minimum amount of glue is required for installation. Lego bricks fit perfectly together. As a result, 500 pieces of glue take no more than 25 kilograms.
  3. Even an inexperienced master will be able to carry out the perfect dressing of the seams, since the installation of the Lego brick along the guides completely eliminates the presence of traditional errors. At the same time, the laying speed is 2-3 times higher compared to the conventional analogue.

With low water absorption and high density, Lego bricks are not afraid of pollution. If excess glue extends beyond the seam, it can be easily removed with a spatula after complete drying.

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Since the masonry, during the construction of which Lego bricks are used, has through holes along the entire height, it is very convenient to carry out reinforcement. If it is planned to erect low-rise structures (for example, fence elements), then installation can be carried out without glue or mortar at all. Bricks "Lego" are laid out "dry",and after that, reinforcement having a diameter of 10-20 mm is introduced into the masonry holes, and cement is poured. As a result, the strength of the masonry is increased, and the stability and reliability of the wall geometry is also ensured. It must be taken into account that the filling should be carried out in stages, that is, no more than 6 rows in 1 run.

It is convenient to use holes for laying engineering networks. The presence of cavities in the walls is great for this. Then you can fill the holes with concrete mortar.

lego bricks reviews

In the end

Currently, Lego bricks are regarded as a new generation of material. They are still treated with interest and wariness. But more and more often, "Lego" (brick) reviews from builders are positive due to the quality of the material and ease of installation, as well as favorable prices, practicality and impeccable appearance. And these are pretty weighty arguments.

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