Japanese facade and wall panel

Japanese facade and wall panel
Japanese facade and wall panel

Building a house is undoubtedly a big deal. But, as a rule, the worries do not end there. After all, the building, in addition to functionality, must also have an aesthetically thought-out external design. For this, there are various building materials. The Japanese panel is in demand, which is suitable for residential buildings.

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On the building materials market, you can find truly high-quality products. Goods from the Land of the Rising Sun are used to trust. Fiber cement panels are suitable for decorating buildings. They have a decorative coating, which is made in the form of imitation of natural materials: brick, natural stone, wood, decorative plaster. The assortment will amaze any buyer, as the manufacturer offers more than three hundred options, different in color and texture.

Designed to decorate the facades of houses, the Japanese panel has a lot of positive characteristics. The material is non-flammable, environmentally friendly. It has been produced at its factories by the Japanese company KMEW for forty years. Quality standards are always respected during production. The products are highly technological. The cladding material is resistant towater resistant and fireproof. Ceramic decorative coating can be called a work of art. It is created in several layers. Siding is hardened in autoclaves, which makes it durable. From buyers, Japanese facade panels KMEW deserve the most remarkable reviews, thanks to the qualities possessed by the material. He is able to reject pollution. To clean its surface, for example, from soot and dust, no effort is needed. Just wait until it rains. Some types of coatings have a photoceramic effect. It helps to protect them even from fuel oil.

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Materials from which the Japanese panel is made - cement, pure cellulose, quartz, inorganic components, mica and ceramic coating. Its environmental friendliness is explained by the absence of harmful components, such as asbestos, in the composition. Beautiful siding is used as a cladding for hinged ventilated facades of office buildings, private cottages and multi-storey buildings. Facing material from Japan is recognized in many countries of the world, it is successfully used in different climatic conditions.

The technology of hinged facades, which uses Japanese wall panels, deserves more and more supporters. The cladding material is fastened with the help of special structures in such a way that between it and the wall there is a free space into which air penetrates. So the building is provided with ventilation, it is protected from moisture and thanks to this, its internal microclimate improves. A house that is equippedhinged facade, will be provided with good thermal insulation, the walls of the building will not suffer from environmental influences.

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Since the Japanese panel has a number of unique properties, it can be recommended as a material that will help protect the house and at the same time bring beauty and originality to its external design, as well as originality and durability.

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