How practical is a glass dining table?

How practical is a glass dining table?
How practical is a glass dining table?

Glass is an amazing material with excellent decorative properties, it creates an airy feeling of lightness, grace and elegance. Ideally, glass products will fit into a small interior without overloading it. Previously, glass was used to a greater extent in the manufacture of windows, and now, with the development of technologies for its processing, the scope of glass elements has increased significantly.

In the modern interior it has become very fashionable to use a glass table. Dining, coffee, writing and computer tables - all of them have a variety of shapes and sizes, differ in color and glass thickness. You can choose a glass table in absolutely any interior, because glass can be easily combined even with metal, even with wood, even with plastic or leather.

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When choosing a glass table, first of all, pay close attention to the quality of the glass itself, and then to the shape or style of the table. After all, the most important thing in the use of glass interior items is their safety. The most suitable types of glass for countertopswill be tempered glass or triplex.

Tempered glass is subjected to a special heat treatment, which at times increases its strength. When using this technology, the glass, when broken, breaks up into small rounded parts without cutting and sharp edges. However, it is not easy to break such glass, and in everyday life a table with such glass is considered a completely safe item.

Triplex is a construction of two sheets of glass and a laminating (gluing) layer. When a countertop made of such glass is destroyed, all the fragments remain in the laminating layer. Bulletproof glass is usually made from triplex, which clearly indicates its high strength and safety.

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The glass dining table should have rounded corners, all of its elements should be securely fastened and not wobble. Remember that the table in the kitchen is usually used very often, and there is a high probability of scratching the surface of the glass top. To avoid this, get beautiful napkins to put dishes and cutlery. By the way, with the help of these napkins you can change the accents in the kitchen as often as you want, plus your glass table will be reliably protected and will serve you for a long time, delighting with a smooth surface. If scratches still appear, they can be polished with a special fine-grained paste for glass surfaces, however, in this way only small scratches can be removed, and large ones may remain. Napkins will also muffle the sound of placing dishes,because the sound of glass can disturb people who do not like loud sounds.

Choose a glass table for the kitchen based on the size of the room and the number of people who will sit at it during breakfast, lunch and dinner. For a small narrow kitchen, a rectangular or oval table is well suited, which can be expanded if guests arrive. If you are lucky - you have a large kitchen with a spacious dining area (or a separate dining room) - you can choose any table you like. A round glass table, for example, will perfectly fit into the interior of a dining room for a large number of guests, creating a feeling of solemnity and family comfort.

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As for the design of glass dining tables, the choice is really limitless - a variety of shapes and sizes, colors and style solutions. It is possible to create a table with a stained glass top, hand-painted or even illuminated. The unusual and whimsical shapes of the bases for these tables create an accent in the design, drawing the eye to the dining area.

Glass table is an unusual and beautiful piece of furniture that requires careful use and care. When choosing a table made of glass, first of all, make sure that the tabletop is made of safe and high-quality material, then such a table will serve you for decades.

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