Electronic pressure gauge

Electronic pressure gauge
Electronic pressure gauge

Manometers are designed to measure gas and water pressure values. In terms of functionality, the devices are quite different. They can also be different in design. In this case, it is important to consider the manufacturer of the model.

Displays in devices are installed in a variety of ways. To date, there are both black and white and color modifications. The number of buttons to control depends on the functionality of the device. In order to delve deeper into this issue, you should analyze the main types of pressure gauges.

electronic pressure gauge

Car modifications for tires

Automotive pressure gauges are distinguished by high measurement accuracy. However, the pressure reverberator is able to hold a maximum of 900 bar. In this case, management boards are set very different. Some models are equipped with controller units. In terms of functions, manometers are quite different. Many of them are capable of fixing values. There are also devices with a barometric option. With functionThere is little automatic testing of pressure gauges.

electronic pressure gauge for water

Gas pressure gauge

Gas gauges are made with selective reverbs. In this case, the accuracy index of the device does not exceed 0.2 IV. Models vary in display. On average, an electronic gas pressure gauge can withstand a pressure of 650 bar. Some modifications can be connected to a personal computer. Expanders for models are installed with different sensitivities.

tire pressure gauge electronic

Water model

There are a lot of pressure gauges for water on the market. The cases of these devices are well protected and do not let moisture through. There are also many impact-resistant modifications on the market. The display of water pressure gauges is usually set to a small size. The function of fixing the value is available in all devices. Their filters are of the grid type. On average, an electronic water pressure gauge can withstand pressure of 1200 bar.

Devices with barometric function

Devices with a barometric function are sold with displays of different resolutions. Microcircuits in models are most often used of a three-channel type. Reverbs, in turn, are only suitable for magnetic ones. Filters in these devices can be installed very different. If we talk about the parameters, then the pressure of the devices is maintained at the level of 700 bar. The error in this case does not exceed 0.2 IV.

Some models have a connector for connecting a personal computer.Devices can be used even at a temperature of -10 degrees. However, it is important to take into account the disadvantages of this type of pressure gauges. First of all, we are talking about the low sensitivity of the device. In this case, the expanders are installed, as a rule, at 5 microns. All this suggests that models at high pressures can give a large error.

electronic pressure gauge for gas

Devices with automatic testing option

Electronic pressure gauge for measuring pressure of this type is very rare nowadays. Microcircuits for models are suitable for three- and four-channel. The reverbs themselves are installed in a closed type. Model interfaces can vary greatly. Expanders have an average sensitivity of 6.6 microns. In this case, the controller units are provided with different designs.

If we consider modern modifications, then special zener diodes are installed there. Direct signal transmission is carried out using reference diodes. The characteristics of the resonators are quite different. On average, the error of pressure gauges of this type does not exceed 0.3 IV. Devices can be used in frost and heat.

Memory pressure gauges

Memory gauges are often used in industrial applications. They are also great for experimenting. Directly, microcircuits for devices are often selected as a four-channel type with output to a personal computer. Reverbs can be found asopen and closed type.

Filters for models are modular. Given all of the above, the measurement accuracy of the devices is noted to be quite high. However, they are very demanding on temperature conditions. In turn, in terms of moisture resistance, pressure gauges of this type are very different.

Models on dual-channel chips

An electronic digital pressure gauge on a two-channel microcircuit is able to determine the pressure quite accurately. Most often, models of this type are installed with built-in reverbs. Directly filters are used modular type. In terms of accuracy, models can vary quite a lot.

Also, this indicator is affected by the threshold pressure that the device can withstand. Tetrodes in this case are not available in all gauges. It is also important to note that the reference diodes in the devices are installed on a conductor basis. There are a variety of resonators today.

Application of three-channel chips

Three-channel microcircuits allow, first of all, to connect a pressure gauge to a personal computer. The functional part of the device is very different. Reverbs are usually open type. Sensitivity dilators do not differ much. On average, this parameter fluctuates around 6.5 microns. Controller units can be found both with and without zener diodes.

Accutire Gauges

The Accutire electronic tire gauge is equipped with a three-channel chip. In this case, the management is quite simple. Direct reset functionavailable. This model does not have built-in memory. The measurement sensitivity index is at the level of 0.2 IV. There is a direct PC connector.

This electronic pressure gauge is very sensitive to ambient temperature. The case in this case is not installed moisture resistant. If we talk about design features, it is important to note that the manufacturer provides for a modular reverb. The controller unit itself is available without a zener diode. There are three reference diodes in the manometer. The resonator is used with low sensitivity.

electronic pressure gauge

Model Accessories

This tire pressure gauge (electronic) features a highly sensitive resonator. The automatic testing function is provided in the device. The interface in this case is PP20. There are three reference diodes for signal transmission.

The controller unit is used without a zener diode. However, the microcircuit is of a three-channel type. It is also important to mention that the model has an interrupt mechanism. If necessary, you can turn off the pressure gauge very quickly. System pressure is maintained at a maximum of 850 bar.

Features of BMW pressure gauges

This electronic pressure gauge is equipped with an interrupt mechanism. In this case, the resonator is used with medium sensitivity. Up to 500 bar, the instrument error is 0.3 IV. There is no connector for connecting to a personal computer in the device. The model can be operated at a maximum temperature of +45 degrees. This gauge does not have a barometric function.Filters in the model are applied only of the modular type.

electronic digital pressure gauge

Model for gas "Carlife"

This electronic gas gauge is based on a three-channel IC. In this case, the reverb is of an open type. In turn, the filter is installed modular. This device does not have an interrupt mechanism. It should also be noted that the expander in the pressure gauge is used for two contacts. According to the documentation for the device, its sensitivity is 5.5 microns.

The controller unit for control is used with a zener diode. In this case, this electronic pressure gauge has a fixing function. There are three reference diodes in the device. For better signal transmission, a special tetrode is used. The interface of the model is provided by P232. The resonator is presented with good conductivity. If we talk about the parameters of the pressure gauge, then first of all, the error of the model should be indicated.

When the pressure is less than 300 bar, the accuracy of the device is 0.2 IV. If the value exceeds 300 bar, then the instrument error increases to 0.4 IV. At the same time, the system is able to withstand a pressure of a maximum of 900 bar. The connector for a personal computer is provided for the model. The temperature compensation indicator ranges from -15 to +40 degrees.

electronic tire pressure gauge

Falcon devices

This pressure gauge is equipped with a standard two-channel chip. It cannot be connected to a personal computer. However, the functions in itthere are quite a few. First of all, it is important to note the ability to fix values. At the same time, the device has a barometric option available. The manufacturer provides a built-in reverb. There are two filters in the pressure gauge.

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