Why do LED bulbs burn out? What are the best LED bulbs?

Why do LED bulbs burn out? What are the best LED bulbs?
Why do LED bulbs burn out? What are the best LED bulbs?

LED lamps are modern equipment that has appeared on the domestic market relatively recently. LED lights are quite expensive. But at the same time, they usually serve much longer than simple incandescent lamps. LED equipment is actually quite reliable. But unfortunately, sometimes it still happens that the LED device starts blinking or even fails altogether. Why LED lamps burn out - we will deal with this later in the article.

Main causes of failure

The LED lamp may burn out due to:

  • faulty electrical wiring in the house;

  • faulty lamp or chandelier;

  • poor build quality.

why do led bulbs burn out

Wiring condition

Very often the owners of houses and apartments are interested in why LED lamps burn out constantly. The reason in this case, most likely, lies in the faulty wiring. In order to fix this problem, you should call the building management and call electricians. Experts will check the network andfix all existing problems.

Of course, you can inspect the wiring in the house and yourself. But this should only be done if you have some experience with networks. First of all, it is worth checking all the junction boxes in the apartment. The twists present in them (and even more so copper and aluminum wires) should be eliminated. To connect the wires, you need to use special sleeves, pads or adapters.

It is also worth checking the condition of the wiring directly at the point where the chandelier or lamp is connected to the general house network. Poor contact here is also often the answer to the question of why the LED lamps in the apartment burn out.

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Such equipment can also fail due to power surges. It is for this reason that LED-devices sometimes have to be changed in summer cottages. After all, outside the city in Russia, the tension is rarely stable. In this case, nothing can be fixed, most likely. Instead of LED, home owners will have to use conventional incandescent lamps. You can also buy some powerful stabilizer. For example, Resant devices are often installed in dachas. With such equipment, it will most likely be possible to use LED lamps in the house. However, "Resanta", unfortunately, when switching can also give strong power surges.

Why do LED lamps burn out: chandelier condition

Sometimes such problems with LED-devices occur due to a malfunction of the lamp itself.Therefore, such equipment should also be carefully inspected. In this case, you need:

  1. Inspect all contacts in the cartridge. If necessary, they should be cleaned. In particular, this applies to the "tongues", which it is also desirable to bend up. All these actions will subsequently ensure reliable contact between the lamp and the cartridge.

  2. Check all fasteners. It often happens, for example, that the screw is loosely tightened on the cartridge. And this, in turn, usually leads to sparks and burning. The voltage in the lamp due to weak contacts is unstable. This is the reason why LED lamps burn out quickly.

ice light bulb

Poor quality of the equipment itself

On sale today there are LED-devices from both eminent European manufacturers, as well as Chinese or domestic ones. The first ones are quite expensive, but at the same time they are reliable. Mostly Chinese lamps burn out quickly. This is explained primarily by the low quality of their assembly. Domestic equipment of this type is considered relatively reliable.

LED-devices, as already mentioned, do not tolerate voltage drops. Therefore, their design includes a special mini-stabilizer - the “driver”. In particular, increased voltage has a bad effect on the durability of the LED lamp. The Chinese, when assembling, try to make the ice bulb look “beautiful”, first of all, in the store. Stands in the lighting engineering shopping center usually do not charge for a long time. And to make the light bulb look “worthy”, the Chinese put a weak light on it.current limiter. Therefore, when turned on at the stand, it lights up with a bright light. And therefore, it looks good in the store. When connected to a household network, such a device will experience strong overloads and eventually burn out.

Of course, not all Chinese manufacturers supply such low-quality goods to the market. However, the risk of "running into" a potentially short-lived LED device made in China is quite high.

which led bulbs are best

Why do LED lights blink when they are on

Such devices still rarely burn out. More often than not, the malfunction of LED lamps is manifested in the fact that they begin to blink. This can happen both when the device is turned on and when it is turned off. In the first case, the cause of blinking can be:

  • poor-quality installation of the device;

  • old wiring in the house;

  • switch is not in phase, but at "zero";

  • poor quality driver in the lamp itself;

  • phase imbalance.

Sometimes it also happens that the light goes out after turning on, and then lights up. This indicates primarily a malfunction of the starter.

What to do when the device flashes when it is on

The first step to fix this problem is to check all the contacts on the network. If this does not help, you may have to think about replacing the wiring in the apartment. In old high-rise buildings, aluminum wires are usually stretched. Powerful appliancesmany are used in apartments today. Therefore, aluminum wiring may simply not be able to cope with the load. If the flashing occurs for this reason, the wires must be replaced with copper wires.

If the light is blinking simply due to a malfunction, you can try the following:

  • get the filling of the device and insert the driver there;

  • to stabilize the lamp, solder another capacitor into it;

  • use one driver for all bulbs in the device.

LED bulbs burn out quickly

Blink when off

Such a malfunction can be explained by:

  1. The presence of LED backlight in the switch. The current flowing through it, over time, can recharge the lamp capacitor. As a result, a weak glow occurs. To prevent this from happening, you can try replacing one of the LED devices with a conventional incandescent lamp. This device will simply "take" the excess voltage onto itself. His strength is simply not enough to light an incandescent lamp.

  2. The lamp itself does not meet quality standards.

LED bulbs blink often in the off state and due to a malfunction in the electrical wiring of the house or apartment. Also, in some cases, a similar phenomenon occurs due to the operation of a large number of sources of high-frequency interference (microwave ovens, electric stoves, washing machines, etc.). In this case, you can fix the problem by including in the network diagramstabilizer with filter.

Choosing a lamp. Which is better to buy?

The answer to the question of which LED lamps are better depends primarily on the design features of the device and its technical characteristics. When buying LED, you should pay attention primarily to the following factors:

  1. View of the flask. Most often, owners of apartments and houses purchase E27 lamps (for chandeliers) and E14 (for small lamps). Such LED-devices can be produced in the form of a bulb or "corn". In the latest version of the lamps, the contacts of the LEDs are energized on the outside. Therefore, they are considered non-flammable. For a house or apartment, it is better to purchase all the same lamp bulbs. A very good choice would be, for example, an E27 LED ball lamp. Such devices in terms of safety and reliability of the design are considered to be of sufficient quality.

  2. Luminous flux. For devices from good manufacturers, this figure can range from 900-1000 lumens per watt of power. For example, a 10W LED lamp can have a luminous flux of 700-900 lumens. If the seller assures the buyer in the store of other, better, characteristics of the device, he should not be trusted. LED lamps with an efficiency of 1300 lumens are too expensive. And therefore, it is simply impractical to produce them for apartments.

  3. Light temperature of the lamp. Of course, for an apartment, you should choose a “warm white” LED device.

ball bulb e27 led

Should I buy on Aliexpress

It is, of course, necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of the lamp when buying it. But it is equally important to look at the brand of the manufacturer. In particular, this applies to those cases when the owners of the apartment decided to save money and purchase a Chinese LED device. After all, the answer to the question of why LED lamps burn out often lies precisely in the poor quality of their assembly.

Lamps from Aliexpress, for example, almost never differ in good properties. But even in this large online store, relatively good products of this type are sometimes found. High-quality lamps are quite expensive even on Aliexpress. In order not to make a mistake with the choice of an LED device on this site, you should at least read consumer reviews about the product on its page before buying.

Top Manufacturing Companies

If we continue talking about the Middle Kingdom, then the answer to the question of which LED lamps are better is the products of the following companies:

  1. Camilion. The lamps of this manufacturer belong to the budget category and are sold not only in Russia, but also in Europe. Most consumers find the quality to be relatively good.

  2. Maxus. In terms of quality, "Camilion" lamps from this manufacturer are inferior. But still they are considered quite reliable. Most consumers advise buying them, for example, for a summer house or a garage.

Lamps from unknown Chinese manufacturers are better not to buy at all. For too long, such an LED bulb will most likely not last.

lampLED 10W

From Russian manufacturers of LED lamps, the most popular are:

  • Optogan;

  • Svetlana-Optoelectronics.

There are, of course, good, relatively inexpensive lamps from European companies on the domestic market. The best such manufacturers are Gauss, Osram and Philips.

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