How to plant geraniums: tips

How to plant geraniums: tips
How to plant geraniums: tips

Geranium is liked by many amateur gardeners for its long flowering, variety of colors and easy care. Some time ago, interest in this plant faded, but now it is returning again. The flower grows both indoors and in the garden. Mature plants lose their attractiveness over time, therefore, in order to give them a decorative look, it is necessary to update the bush. How to plant a geranium so that it quickly recovers and again pleases with its abundant flowering, we will consider further.

A little about geraniums

Even in the 16th century, this plant was brought from South America to Europe. It very quickly adapted to the environment and new conditions. Geranium has gained popularity among flower growers for its beautiful inflorescences and lush flowering. Although the plants on the windowsills are not geraniums at all, but pelargoniums. True geranium grows both at home and in the garden and does not require shelter for the winter, it tolerates frost well. Pelargonium is an indoor and heat-loving plant. In the summer, it is planted onbalconies and flower beds, but in autumn it is necessary to clean the room.

There was such confusion in the names that everyone used to call pelargonium geranium. In this article we will talk about a house plant - pelargonium, and call it, as is customary among the people, room geranium. Just in the autumn period, it will be necessary to update the bushes, and recommendations on how to plant geraniums will be very useful for indoor flower lovers.

Classification of varieties

There are a large number of varieties of geranium (pelargonium) bred by breeders, the most popular of them are:

  • Fragrant - a small plant with small and thin leaves that emit a pleasant aroma reminiscent of citrus fruits. Inflorescences are brightly colored and lush.
  • Royal - has low stems and carved leaves. The flowering period is short. Beautiful large flowers are collected in small inflorescences, forming a ball shape.
  • Zonal - on light leaves there is a dark zone in the form of a circle. The inflorescence of a plant can consist of both simple and double flowers. Shades of predominantly red and pink tones predominate.

As mentioned above, in order to rejuvenate and give a beautiful look, geraniums need to be periodically updated, so all owners of various varieties of this plant need knowledge on how to plant geraniums so that they always look well-groomed.

Methods of propagation of geraniums (pelargonium)

Geranium can be propagated in two ways:

  • seeds;
  • vegetatively - using different partsadult plant.
Preparing for landing

The seed propagation method is not suitable for all geraniums. It is used only to obtain plants with non-double, simple flowers. For reproduction of varietal and hybrid, a vegetative method is used. For breeding royal, some zonal and fragrant geraniums, rooting by shoots is most often used.

It should be noted that indoor geraniums in a pot can grow up to ten years. However, the lower part of the stem of an old plant is often exposed and stretched, losing its attractiveness, so the question arises of how to plant a geranium to give it a charming look.

When to harvest cuttings?

You can cut a cutting from a plant at any time. However, insufficient lighting, late autumn, winter, and the fact that the mother bush is at rest at this time are the reasons why it will not give roots for a long time. Therefore, the best time for cutting and rooting cuttings is spring and early summer. In some cases, cuttings are carried out in August-September, before the end of the flowering period.

Preparation of cuttings

How to plant geranium cuttings? To do this, the cuttings are cut with a sharp clean knife, its blade is treated with alcohol or another disinfectant liquid. Previously, the buds recruited with geraniums are cut off along with the peduncles. Most often, the apical part of the plant is used, the length of the shoots for the cutting does not exceed 7-8 cm.

geranium stalk

The cut part should have two to threeleaves or internodes. Before the cut shoot is placed in water or buried in the ground, it is kept outdoors. To do this, put it on a paper towel in a place where direct sunlight does not fall.

Rooting cuttings

How to plant geraniums at home? For this, the cut cuttings are rooted. This can be done in several ways:

  1. In water - cut shoots are placed in a container with clean water and waiting for the roots to appear. About three weeks later they will appear. Water during this period must be changed regularly, preventing its flowering. When rot appears on the cutting, it is shortened and placed back in the container, replacing the water.
  2. In the soil - peat is mixed with sand in equal proportions and poured into cups, after making holes and putting drainage on the bottom. Moisten the soil, plant cuttings and water them periodically so that the soil does not dry out. After three weeks, the roots will appear.
Growing cuttings

Rooting is sometimes delayed, it all depends on the time of year and the geranium variety. Whoever propagates geraniums constantly claims that cuttings in water do not root well, therefore, if you are wondering how to plant geraniums correctly, it is more effective to root cuttings immediately in the soil.

Planting and caring for a transplanted plant

The cuttings rooted in water are carefully removed and planted in pots with soil, after making a hole in the middle. When transplanting, they monitor the roots so as not to accidentally damage them. Cuttings undergoing rootingin the soil, transplanted to a permanent place by transshipment, with a clod of earth. Before planting, drainage and soil are prepared in advance. Pots for young plants are chosen in small sizes so that the geranium blooms quickly and profusely.

Leaf pruning

After the transplant has taken place, the first weeks require careful care for young geraniums. They are placed in a well-lit place, without direct sunlight. When watering, they monitor the soil so that it is not dry, but not waterlogged. Geranium does not like drafts and leaf spraying. Two weeks after transplantation, the plant should be fed. After a while, the geranium will release flower stalks and bloom.

How to plant royal geraniums?

Royal Pelargonium appeared in Europe at the end of the eighteenth century. Breeders are constantly working on developing new hybrid forms. On average, inflorescences of buds in diameter reach up to 15 cm. A feature of the flower is the presence of an oval dark spot in the center of each petal.

royal geranium

Their color is very rich and all kinds of shades. Peduncles are collected in a wide spherical shape. The leaves are toothed, round or oval. The maximum flowering period is six months. Reproduction is carried out by cuttings. In spring or autumn, at an angle of 45 degrees, cuttings up to 10 cm long are cut from the mother plant, having at least two nodes. After cutting, the cuttings must be dried in the air without access to direct sunlight. The sections are then treated with crushed charcoal andgrowth stimulant.

Root cuttings of royal pelargonium should only be in the ground, they rot in water. The soil is prepared from a mixture of sand and peat, the cups are placed in a well-lit place with an air temperature of up to 21 degrees. Watering should be moderate.

How to plant geranium cuttings in autumn at home?

The best time to take cuttings from geraniums in the autumn is September-October. Cut off the length of the handle at least five centimeters. To grow a new bush, follow these steps:

  • With a sterile sharp knife, cut off intact cuttings with three leaf nodes. Remove the lower leaves, leaving the top two.
  • Slices treated with charcoal or sulfur and leave the cuttings to dry until the next day.
  • Take transparent plastic cups, make drainage holes at the bottom and fill them with coconut fiber. Place the beakers in the fungicide solution until the top layer is wet. Leave to dry until the next day.
  • In the center of the glass, make a recess and insert a cutting into it, deepen it almost to the very bottom. Put the cups away from the window, and after three days rearrange them in a bright place. It is better to water the cuttings through the pan. The air temperature must be at least 15 degrees.
Planting a plant cutting

When roots appear (through a transparent cup they will be visible), the plant is transplanted to a permanent place in a small pot. How to plant geranium cuttings in the fall, you now know. And with further carecarry out moderate watering, observe good lighting (you can make a backlight). In winter, it is kept at a low temperature. By spring, the bush is fertilized with nitrogen fertilizer to form foliage, and then potash and phosphorus - for flowering.

Geranium propagation tips from flower growers

Experienced flower lovers when breeding geraniums recommend considering the following:

  • The size of the capacity when planting should correspond to the volume of the rhizome.
  • Moisten the soil regularly, but moderately.
  • When a peduncle appears at the cutting, it is cut off so as not to slow down rooting.
  • Don't fertilize until roots grow in.
  • Geranium is not recommended to be sprayed.
  • In winter, the geranium pot is placed in a cooler place.
  • Feed the plant twice a month. Do not apply too much nitrogen, it increases the growth of green mass and prevents flowering.
  • The topsoil in the pot needs to be renewed once a year.
  • When forming a bush, the upper part of the shoots must be pinched off.


The article tells how to plant geraniums at home. After planting in the ground, being an unpretentious plant, it requires little care. It consists of moderate watering and top dressing, as well as pruning to give a decorative shape.

geranium blooming

Don't despair if your first rooting experience fails. It all depends on the time of planting, the type of geranium, soil and other conditions. In time, experience will come, and rootinggeraniums will pass without loss of planting material.

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