Corner sink: types, forms, where applicable

Corner sink: types, forms, where applicable
Corner sink: types, forms, where applicable

When you need to place all the necessary pieces of furniture in a small apartment, and the free space is very limited, ergonomic and well-organized design solutions come to the rescue. In a small kitchen or bathroom, a corner sink will save space without compromising the functionality of the space. This piece of furniture blends in seamlessly with the decor and makes the room more comfortable and spacious.


The main advantage of the corner sink is its compact size. Due to the special configuration, such a sink occupies a minimum area of ​​usable space, while performing its functions with high quality. It is difficult to accommodate the necessary items and household appliances in a small bathroom, so many residents of small apartments refuse to wash in favor of a washing machine, but this solution causes a lot of inconvenience: washing or shaving, leaning over the bathroom, is deplorably inconvenient. A small neat sink of an angular configuration will easily fit even into a tiny bathroom and make daily hygiene procedures comfortable and enjoyable. In addition, space will be freed up forother ergonomic items such as a corner bath.

Corner washbasin with mirror

Also, the corner sink will give the interior an aesthetic appearance, occupying an empty and wasted corner. In this case, the perimeter of the room will become complete, and each square centimeter will begin to bring tangible benefits. In a bathroom with a non-standard architecture and a lot of ledges on the walls, this may be the only option.

In a small kitchen, tenants often prefer to install a corner furniture set. In this case, the corner is too deep and uncomfortable, so placing a corner sink is a logical solution. A faucet and a small shelf for detergents are usually installed at the far end, so that the entire available surface is used and not wasted.


The corner sink has only one drawback: compactness and ergonomics can sometimes play a cruel joke and make the operation of the sink inconvenient. A small bathroom sink is, of course, less comfortable than the same standard size. However, if the room is small, then the corner option is the best. Washing dishes in the kitchen sink, located in the corner module, may also not be very convenient, but this is more a matter of habit.

Symmetry and asymmetry in the bathroom

The design of the corner sink may be different. The most common is a symmetrical triangular shape with two equal sides and a rounded third. Productsof this type allow you to win the largest amount of usable space, fit any style of interior and harmoniously fit into the design of standard bathrooms. There are also asymmetric options, in which one of the sides of the triangle is longer. Such sinks can be right-handed and left-handed, allowing you to solve individual needs. This option is often used in non-standard rooms, where conventional structures are difficult to place.

When choosing a bowl, you should remember about mirrors. A corner bathroom sink with a mirror can have a different design: a reflective surface is built into a hanging cabinet that follows the shape of the cabinet. You can also hang the mirror directly on the wall or use two mirrors placed perpendicularly.

Bathroom sink with cabinet and mirror

Sink with bathroom cabinet

When arranging a small bathroom, you need to consider the placement of each item. Thanks to a convenient bedside table under the sink, residents will have additional free space where they can place detergents and hygiene items. The size of a corner bathroom sink can be from 35x35 cm and more, and the most popular model is 4040 cm.

Corner washbasin with floor stand

In the first case, the locker completely occupies the entire corner and is more spacious, the second option looks more interesting, but its internal volume is very limited, andthe price for such models is more impressive.

Corner washbasin with hanging cabinet

There are several types of bathroom cabinets. This piece of furniture can be floor standing, stand on thin legs or be suspended. The floor option is not the most successful and convenient, since there is nowhere to put your feet during hygiene procedures, it is difficult to wash the floor, and if local flooding occurs, the material is likely to absorb moisture and may deteriorate. A nightstand with legs is the preferred option. It is convenient, does not interfere with cleaning, does not come into contact with the floor and is relatively inexpensive. The price of a hanging bedside table is much higher, this model requires the installation of special strong brackets, however, the appearance is distinguished by exquisite style and beauty.

Hanging bathroom sink

When installing this design, water pipes should be laid in advance and hidden under the baseboard or sewn into the wall. It is not recommended to leave pipes on the surface, as this will completely spoil the appearance of the room. It is especially important to correctly and accurately lay communications if a hanging corner sink is chosen, because in this case the wall remains in sight. This model is more compact than the cabinet version, it looks elegant and light. The hanging mechanism is easy to mount, and a wide variety of shapes will allow you to choose an option for every taste and budget.

Corner sink in kitchen interior

Sink in the kitchen is a must, regardless of the style of the interior, the size of the room and the configuration of the furnitureheadset. High demands are placed on it in terms of spaciousness, practicality and aesthetic appearance. In small rooms or apartments with a non-standard layout, it is important to use the space to good use, think through the details and not waste precious centimeters in vain. For the kitchen, corner sinks with a cabinet will be the best solution and will allow you to conveniently place all the necessary items, appliances and utensils. The appearance of a corner kitchen sink can vary significantly in shape, configuration and number of compartments, equipped with comfortable sides and stands, so this model is no less practical than the standard one.

Stainless steel corner sink

Shape and size

Kitchen corner sinks are round, oval, rectangular and trapezoid in shape. The latter option is the most attractive due to its practicality and high degree of comfort. Such models are equipped with several compartments, and wide sides are equipped around the bowl itself. It is desirable that the bowl itself has a round or oval shape, as it is more convenient to wash round dishes in it.

Corner sink ergonomic

Square and rectangular corner sinks without wings are less convenient, but they are compact and are in demand among buyers. For a large family, a sink with several bowls is best: a large one for dishes and a smaller one for washing food.


The most common kitchen corner sink is stainless steel. This is the most practical, unpretentious in care,budget and fairly durable material, which also looks beautiful. Steel and copper are used less often, but they look more solid and expensive, so they are used in classic and vintage interiors.

Acrylic is the second most popular material. It is pleasant to the touch and easy to clean, and also has a luxurious design, although it belongs to the budget category.

Stone corner sink

Stone corner sinks are one of the most expensive options, however, they fully justify their price. Sinks made of artificial granite and marble look amazingly noble, endure mechanical stress and harmoniously fit into the classic design. Ceramics is also an expensive and very durable material, often used in Scandinavian and English interiors, as well as in retro-styled kitchens.

How to choose the right sink

In order for the purchased product to fit perfectly into the interior, you should carefully measure the installation site and determine the dimensions of the future sink. If you plan to install a cabinet under the sink, you also need to determine the optimal height. In addition to the size, you need to pay attention to the shape and make sure that it fits the chosen interior style.

Corner sinks for kitchen and bathroom - a convenient design solution that solves the problem of lack of free space. With their practicality and beautiful appearance, they are ideal for compact furniture sets and make the environment more comfortable.

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