Zoning a one-room apartment: ideas and photos

Zoning a one-room apartment: ideas and photos
Zoning a one-room apartment: ideas and photos

Many young families experience inconvenience living in a one-room apartment. And if the two of us live quite comfortably in it, then with the advent of children, the problem of having our own free space becomes acute. Every person needs a place where he can be alone with himself and with his thoughts. In such a situation, there is only one way out - zoning a one-room apartment. How to do this, read below.

Zoning with a closet

zoning of a one-room apartment

The easiest way to divide the living space of an apartment into two parts is to put a closet. It will act as a wall and will divide the room into two parts - a bedroom and a living room. Moreover, the closet is not a drywall wall. It will act not only as a visual separator, but will also become a place where you can store things. If the total area of ​​​​the shared room is large, you can purchase a closet with glass doors. Hewill help to make a small separate room visually wider and more comfortable, as it will have a lot of light.

If you do not want to zone a one-room apartment with a closet, you can choose something more elegant. For example, a large chest of drawers or a rack. Such a partition will perform the same role, but will not take up much space. But be prepared that the rack, which plays the role of a wall, collects a lot of dust, which will have to be cleaned at least twice a week. But on the other hand, you can put decorative figurines on the shelves, which look pretty cute.

Color zoning

zoning one-room apartment photo

Don't know how to share a room? Don't like partitions? It is not necessary to zone a one-room apartment with walls. You can visually divide the room. For example, make half the room bright and half dark. If this contrast seems unacceptable to you, try another, more relaxed option. Make repairs in soothing black and gray tones. Beat one half, which will be residential, with dark furniture. Monochrome tones will help you fall asleep. But highlight the work area with bright furniture. It can be a colored sofa, a panel depicting a summer landscape, a creative watch or a non-trivial chandelier. Furniture will not be so difficult to change or drag, in case it gets tired. And you don't have to redo the repair. If you are not even ready for bright furniture, you can add color accents with the help of accessories. Put bright pillows on a dark sofa, and throw a colored carpet under your feet.

Decorative partition

zoning of a one-room apartment for a family

Separate one part of the room from another can help any openwork design. Today there is a great variety of decorative partitions. You can choose something forged or a variant of bamboo branches. And you can even make a design with your own hands. It won't be hard. One of the easiest ways: take PVC pipes of different sizes, cut them into rings of the same thickness and glue them together in a chaotic manner. But keep in mind that such a partition will have to be washed quite often. Therefore, when choosing it or making it, give preference to plastic.

Zoning of a one-room apartment can be done in a purely Russian style. Go to the forest and find fallen young trees. Cut them to the same height and secure them to the plank on the floor and ceiling. Such a partition can be decorated for each season. For example, hang snowflakes on trees in winter, and bright birds in summer.


zoning of a one-room apartment

Remember how our ancestors zoned rooms? They used screens. Such a partition is easily moved, simply installed, if desired, it can be removed in 10 minutes. No hassle. You can see a photo of the zoning of a one-room apartment using a similar design above. With the help of a screen, you can separate the corridor in the studio or create a border between the living room and the bedroom. You can also create your own personal reading nook or a small boudoir in the corner of the room.

A screen may also be needed if parents and growing childrensleep in the same room. You can install it at night between beds. In exactly the same way, you can divide the space between children so that they do not swear.

Another advantage of the screen: you can use it to show great puppet shows. At first, parents will do this, entertaining children, and then, when the children grow up, they will amuse their households.


zoning a room in a one-room apartment

The simplest zoning of a one-room apartment, the photo of which you can see above, is done using a curtain. A cornice is laid around the room, and a curtain is hung on it. If you want to tightly separate rooms, use a dense fabric, such as velvet. If you need a light veil between two rooms, chiffon tulle is quite suitable. This method is simple and low cost. And most importantly - practical. Yes, the curtain collects dust, but if necessary, it is very easy to wash it. And if you want to unite the space, then just move the curtain. In the event that you re-paste the wallpaper or change the design of the room, you will not have to think about zoning again. Buy a curtain in a different color and enjoy the upgraded room. It's simple, you just need to find the right approach.

Glass doors

ideas for zoning a one-room apartment

How beautiful is it to fence off one part of the room from the other? This can be done with glass doors or partitions. But what is this fence if the door is glass? You can choose not transparent, but matteglass. It looks stylish, transmits light, but what exactly is happening behind the partition will not be visible to outsiders. And yes, it absorbs sound well. And also the glass partition feels great in high humidity, so you can use it to separate even a room that is in close proximity to the bathroom. You can choose a plain glass surface or with a decor in the form of a pattern. Such zoning of a one-room apartment for a family would be an ideal option. The apartment will look stylish, but at the same time, children and parents will have separate rooms.


zoning of a one-room apartment with a child photo

Zoning a one-room apartment for a family with a child can be done using a hill - a podium. Raise one part of the room a little higher. Today it is fashionable to make children's corners. This design combines a desk, bed and sports horizontal bar. The child will be happy to have such a corner at his disposal. Parents have at their disposal the lower part of the room, which at the same time also becomes a living room. Therefore, you can decorate the area of ​​​​the child's possessions in bright colors, and the parent part in dark colors. But you can make an apartment in a common color scheme, and divide it with accessories. For example, red accents will prevail in the child's part, and yellow accents in the living room.

Carpet zoning

zoning of a one-room apartment for a family photo

Can't figure out how to divide the space? Try zoningroom in a one-room apartment with carpets. This is one of the very simple, budget and original ways. You should purchase two carpets of different shapes, colors and sizes. Place a sofa and a coffee table on one of them, and a crib on the other. Thus, you get two separate parts of the room, which are united by a common space. Designers often divide the room in this way, where one person lives. In this case, the room will serve as a sleeping area and a working area. But it is not necessary to lay carpets in both parts of the room. You can highlight the area near the sofa with a soft cover, and the rest of the room will already visually separate.

Zoning with light

studio apartment interior zoning

If you have purchased a studio apartment, you can separate the dining area from the living area using lighting. Hang low lamps above the table, which, when turned on, will not give very much light, just enough to see what you eat. The rest of the room will drift into darkness. And in exactly the same way you need to illuminate the rest of the apartment. When you are in the living room, you will see a sofa, a table and a TV. The soft light helps you relax and won't strain your eyes too much. If you turn on the lighting in all parts of the house, then the apartment can become like separate islands. This effect should be achieved. This studio apartment zoning idea is suitable for a modern young man, but not for a married couple.

Curtain of threads

zoning of a one-room apartment for a family photo

Above you can see a photo of the zoning of a one-room apartment. It will be very comfortable to live in such a room with a child. Parents will be able to observe the behavior of their child without getting up from the couch. But at the same time, people will be able to feel alone, because you won’t see much through the gaps in the curtain. Of course, this will depend on what threads it consists of and what accessories it is decorated with. It is best to buy a curtain made of synthetics. Accessories must be wooden or plastic. In this case, you can machine wash your zoning element.

Today you can pick up filament curtains in any color. They will suit both modern interiors and minimalist rooms.

Wallpaper zoning

zoning of a one-room apartment with a child photo

Thinking about dividing a room by color? Zone the room with wallpaper. How to do it? Choose a solid color wallpaper and matching wallpaper with a pattern. Today, by the way, a floral print is in fashion. Wallpapers with large leaves, trees and flowers are all the rage.

You can see a photo of the zoning of a one-room apartment for a family above. Here, with the help of photo wallpapers, one wall is highlighted. And this is the right move. You can highlight the corner of the room in this way, but no more. Do not cover half the room with printed wallpaper. To balance both parts of the room, they should be supplemented with details. Motley part with bright wallpaperdecorate with something plain, but add bright accents to the plain half.

Gypsum board zoning

ideas for zoning a one-room apartment

This technique was popular a decade ago. But even today you can find people who zone the interior of a one-room apartment with the help of drywall. Remember - this is not fashionable today. Small partitions can be allowed, but these should not be large heavy walls. Today, simple geometry is in fashion, so do not complicate the shape if you decide to make a drywall partition. Zoning of the interior of a one-room apartment is given above. This is an example of what not to do. The option looks good, but the wall eats up a huge part of the space. The shelves will collect dust, and the visual separator, if it gets tired in a year, will be very problematic to remove. If you need to zone a room, pay attention to the points given in this article above.

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