Rehau profile and its positive qualities

Rehau profile and its positive qualities
Rehau profile and its positive qualities
rehau profile

The window market is so loaded with offers from plastic profile manufacturers that you simply get lost in this variety of options. But even in this metal-plastic sea, products made from the Rehau profile have not been lost and have been in the top ten leaders for many years, warming the homes of millions of citizens with their warmth.

What is interesting about the Rehau profile and what options can it offer to the buyer? What are its advantages and what are its disadvantages? In order to somehow understand the entire range, you need to understand what features this manufacturer has? Why buy windows made from this particular profile? What developments are used in the production of products?

Today the Rehau brand has been known on the market for over 60 years. Many new technologies have been developed in the field of polymers, including in the production of window systems. It is impossible to answer unambiguously the question: “Which Rehau profile is better?” Here you should take into account all the needs of the buyer. Only based on those characteristics that are important for a particular customer, it will be possible to individually select the best option for each.

whichrehau profile better

To understand why the Rehau profile is attractive, the technical characteristics of which allow you to improve performance in the field of sound insulation, heat savings, increased illumination, as well as durability and cleanliness. In the list of options presented, the profile has from 3 to 6 cameras. The depth of the system varies from 60 to 86 mm. Various innovative solutions used in the production of window blocks can reduce the noise level from 75 to 40 dB, which almost doubles the sound insulation performance.

Windows made from this profile make it possible to save on heating appliances, increasing thermal protection performance. By reducing the height of the box, the developers increase the light part of the window by 10%. This favorably distinguishes Rehau profile from a number of other window manufacturers. Another innovation that allowed this manufacturer to distinguish himself was the ideal profile surface. Its increased smoothness makes it possible to wash windows less often, since the absence of pores prevents dust from collecting on the profile, which was appreciated by the hostesses of houses and apartments where such windows are installed.

rehau profile specifications

For some versions of Rehau, the profile is made in Germany, which improves many indicators of quality and durability. The ability to produce windows in different colors allows you to please anyone, even the most demanding customer. These can be color options in a certain color or the use of a laminating film. So you can getwindows with golden oak or cherry finish.

For a wide profile, a 44 mm thick package can be used. To increase the level of protection, it is recommended to install anti-burglary fittings and a protective film. Rehau profile continues to comply with European standards for sound insulation and thermal protection. But with all the variety of choices and applied modern developments, it is possible to purchase high-quality windows at a fairly reasonable price.

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