Mechanical kitchen timer: review, description, instructions and reviews

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Mechanical kitchen timer: review, description, instructions and reviews
Mechanical kitchen timer: review, description, instructions and reviews

Any timer serves to organize time. It is especially useful when there are many things to do at the same time. The timer serves as a reminder to switch to another activity or he will independently perform some simple action. There are only two fundamentally different types of timers:

  • mechanical;
  • electronic.

Both types are reliable, you need to decide which will be more convenient for use.

mechanical timer


The mechanical timer is based on a spring mechanism, the same as a regular alarm clock. It ticks reassuringly, counting down the seconds until the bell rings. Technically, this type of timer is as reliable as possible and can always work. No matter how much time has passed since the last use, the mechanism is always able to resume smooth operation. Most often, metal parts are used for its production, and their service life cannot be less than fifty years; if it breaks, it can be easily repaired.

Purchasing a kitchen timermechanical, pay attention to its impact resistance, since there are many cases in which it can fall to the floor. It is also important for the kitchen mechanism to be waterproof. In most cases, the mechanical model has a graduation of sixty minutes. This amount of time is enough to cook any dish.

kitchen timer mechanical

Design and color

Mechanical timer is easy to use: just turn the moving part and fix the number of minutes needed, from that moment it will start counting. Now nothing will burn, overcook or burn in the oven - the kitchen will be in perfect order.

The design of models and colors allow you to choose an accessory to match the color of the kitchen set or, conversely, in contrast to it. A mechanical kitchen timer is a small accessory, it is quite easy for him to get lost in the kitchen, so a bright, uncharacteristic color will be quite justified. For dark furniture, the best option would be a yellow or white model, so that you can immediately find it or not throw it away in the heat of cleaning.

kitchen timer mechanical


Electronic models are aesthetic in design, easy to operate. The only problem may be the need for a timely replacement of the battery. Due to the low cost, the purchase of such a timer will not gnaw conscience and will not make a hole in the budget. You can buy a new thing for the kitchen at any time, and this is very nice. An electronic timer, like a mechanical timer, is set for a certain number of minutes.But if in the mechanical time is fixed on the external scale with minute accuracy, then the electronic time allows you to set the accuracy to the second. Sometimes it matters.

For the kitchen, many devices have been invented that integrate a timer: a kettle, a toaster, an electric stove, and so on. But a separate accessory is much more convenient, because you can leave the kitchen, taking the timer with you, and not listen to the sounds from the kitchen. The call will warn about the completed process.

socket timer mechanical

Models and functions

The simplest timer model only counts time, but kitchen accessory manufacturers offer sophisticated multifunctional options that can do more:

  • Timer+thermometer. This device will accurately show the time and temperature when immersed directly in the environment. It is very convenient when preparing sauces, where time and temperature conditions determine the taste. Also, with the help of this device, perfectly cooked meat, porridge, desserts are obtained.
  • Spaghetti timer. Determines the number of servings of pasta and the appropriate time for them to cook perfectly. With this machine Italian taste and quality of cooking are guaranteed at the highest level.
  • Egg timer. In itself, the use of this mechanical device is very exciting: a mechanical kitchen timer is immersed with eggs in water and signals cooking with a changing color. Kids and adults love it! Additional functionality is the ability to start the mechanism for cooking your favorite typeeggs: soft-boiled, hard-boiled or "pouched", as your heart desires.
socket timer mechanical

Socket timer

Mechanical socket timer - a device that allows you to turn on or off appliances at a specified time. Programming does not require any special knowledge or a lot of actions. A small round dial-like turning mechanism is located around the rosette. It indicates the time scale based on the day and levers-plates. With their help, the program is set, only a timer socket is needed. The mechanical part of the apparatus is often done by craftsmen who are passionate about creating devices with their own hands.

Of course, this simple mechanism cannot control all systems in the home. But, by setting the timer for a certain time, you can turn on / off the boiler, outdoor lighting, aquarium lighting, automate watering the backyard, and so on. You no longer have to deal with all this - a mechanical timer-socket will cope with the tasks. Instructions for use, programming and safety measures are attached to any model. Everyone will cope with the development of the mechanism.

mechanical timer socket instruction

Materials of production

The most suitable materials for making any kind of timer are:

  • metal;
  • plastic.

Metal models are made from aluminum alloy with other non-oxidizing metals. It is the most practical material in terms of hygiene, impact resistance anddurability. The downside is the high cost of the accessory, which is fully covered by durability, especially if the timer is mechanical.

If you want to have a choice and a desire to update kitchen utensils, then a plastic model will come in handy. Every year, many new designs, colors, shapes are released, while the content is always practical.

Since the mechanical kitchen timer is designed for a place where food is prepared, it has to be washed very often. Therefore, choose chronometers from well-known manufacturers, then it can be cleaned without fear of damage, and also be sure of its safety.

mechanical timer

And a little more about timers

Whatever timer you choose, it will serve not only in the kitchen. With it, you can organize your own routine, be disciplined and not waste time on idle conversations or be distracted by trifles. Adepts of time management use a timer to distribute their time between work and leisure.

And the ladies who do not want to spend the weekend cleaning and practicing the FlyLady system measure the time for cleaning. The timer is used in many areas of life, and everywhere it is effective, because time is an irreplaceable resource.

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