Proper care of the pool in the country. Means for the care of the pool in the country

Proper care of the pool in the country. Means for the care of the pool in the country
Proper care of the pool in the country. Means for the care of the pool in the country

The presence of your own pool in the country today will not surprise anyone. New technologies make it possible to provide the possibility of swimming on a hot day without leaving the site without serious costs. It can be a frame pool, or an inflatable one, but in terms of its performance, it is not much inferior to classical structures intended for public use. And the same goes for service requirements. Blooming water, the appearance of a putrid smell and strange slime on the surfaces of the walls - all this indicates the need to clean the structure. Properly organized care of the pool in the country is not only the support of its sanitary and hygienic background, but also the guarantee of the technical durability of the structure.

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Causes and signs of pool pollution

A common factor in cloudy water conditions is chemical imbalance, which usually results from the wrong approach to chlorination. If the water acquires a greenish tint, this already indicates the rapid development of the flora against the background of an increase in the concentration of metals in the environment. Foreign objects can also cause contamination - for example, ifthe pool was loaded with elements of filtration systems or other functional devices made of ferrous metal. In such cases, there may be a clear presence of traces of rust in the water. In advanced situations, organic plaque can also form on the walls with the active development of microorganisms. As a result, even chlorination will not effectively clean such a pool. In the country, water care should also include the elimination of biochemical problems. They can take place due to the processes of swelling of the soil. The consequence of such troubles can be not just a change in the biological state, but also mechanical damage to the structure.

The pH indicator and its function

Among the main indicators of the biological "he alth" of the pool, experts call pH - the weight of hydrogen. The intensity of the course of chemical processes, the action of the introduced reagents and the transparency of water depend on this value. For example, an excess of pH 7 indicates that alkaline reactions predominate in water. Conversely, a decrease in this level will indicate that the environment is characterized by high acidity. What should be the care of the pool in the country to ensure the optimal pH level? To regulate the hydrogen weight, different chemical elements are used - for example, the same chlorine lowers this coefficient, and bromine increases it. But the fact is that there is no uniquely suitable norm for all environments. If you need to focus on the disinfecting ability, then pH 8 will be optimal, and for the norm in terms of bathing people - 7, 4. To track this value, includingincluding those with the possibility of automatic regulation, special preparations are used, including "pH-plus" and "pH-minus".

Mechanical cleaning

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The basic solution for active pool cleaning. The mechanical method is implemented using filtration stations equipped with pumps. Most units of this type work with an electric motor, which allows them to be used continuously. The latest models have automatic control at the software level, so their operating mode can be adjusted in time and performance. On average, filters are able to remove foreign particles from the water with a size of the order of 10 microns. In the process of operation, the station carries out "conveyor" pumping of the medium with the support of the circulating supply of force from the pump. The main working component of the equipment are filters, which will be considered separately. Also, pool care products in the country include nets that are quite affordable for use. They remove foliage, algae particles and other unwanted objects on the surface.

Types of filters

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For a small pool of 2-3m, it is recommended to use stations provided by sand filters. They have the simplest design, and quartz sand is used as a cleaning material. Water passes through it, leaving impurities. The disadvantages of this solution include the exclusion of the ability to cope with particlessmaller than 10 microns and stringent maintenance requirements. If you plan to care for the frame pool in a country house of medium volume, then it is advisable to turn to cartridge-type filters. They eliminate fine dirt particles, do not require frequent rinsing and are easy to replace. The most technologically advanced solution today is a diatomaceous filter. It is capable of purifying water with a choice of particles as small as 3 microns. As a filtration material, diatomaceous earth is used, which is a plankton shell in a crushed form. The disadvantages of such devices include the impossibility of restoring the active material by washing, therefore, its complete replacement is required - about once a year. Nevertheless, diatomaceous earth works effectively with pools with a capacity of more than 20 thousand liters.

Chemical cleaners

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Filtration plants help to get rid of mechanical particles and impurities, but they are ineffective in the fight against microbes. For such purposes, chemical agents are used, which, among other things, regulate the pH balance. The most common active substances of this type include reagents that allow for complex chemical care of the pool in the country. Chlorine can be attributed to the folk remedies of this group. It is used both in free and diluted form along with other active elements. For example, in its pure form, it can be used in a volume of 0.3-0.5 mg / l. In severe cases, shock chlorination concentration is used in doses of 3-5 mg/l. Moreone popular reagent is active oxygen. It has a mild effect on humans and creates a favorable environment for water procedures. Oxygen is recommended for cleaning pools with a low level of pollution and at temperatures up to 25 °C.

Cleaning with bromine and hydrogen

Bromine is used as a disinfectant. It provides a less aggressive effect compared to chlorine, for which it is valued by many pool owners. But at a price it surpasses the analogues listed above. As for hydrogen, its peroxide or perhydrol is used. The substance is available in the form of granules, tablets, solutions and powders. To accurately determine the amount of application, it is desirable to prepare a dispenser. For convenience, it is also recommended to use the powder, which is dissolved in a ratio of 1:3. It should be carefully poured with the finished mixture along the perimeter of the pool, after which the splitting reaction of the elements will take effect. Thus, disinfecting and disinfecting care for the pool in the country will be provided. Hydrogen peroxide does not produce a strong odor or gas, while still providing an acceptable cleaning result.

Electrophysical cleaning

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An advanced way of care that does not require the use of chemicals. In the process of cleaning, special equipment is used in the form of ozonizers and ultraviolet lamps. This equipment allows you to comprehensively eliminate pollution and microbes. The only disadvantage of this method is the needfrequent maintenance of the device itself. For example, the surfaces of UV lamps should be freed of deposits if they come into contact with hard water. It is also practiced to take care of the pool in the country with the help of UV sterilizers. This is a more advanced modification of the electrophysical device, which, due to the propagation of acoustic waves, does not allow the lamp to be covered with s alt deposits.

Bottom cleaning

Equally important is the care of the pool bowl. This work is performed by special bottom vacuum cleaners, which are equipped with brush devices of various types - from compact narrow to wide-cut. The most affordable modification provides for manual control. Such a unit can be equipped with a telescopic adjustable handle and a hose through which plaque particles are sucked. It is important to consider that only full coverage of the surface will ensure proper care of the pool in the country. Purification of water with the help of chemicals in the future will not give the expected effect if at least the slightest island with bacteria-infected plaque remains at the bottom.

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Water change

A prerequisite for comprehensive care is a periodic change of water. Neither mechanical filtration nor chemical reactions will ensure the constant purity of a non-replaceable aquatic environment. Regulations require changing the water at least once a year. But care for an inflatable pool in a country house with a small volume can be carried out with a scheduled shift and once every few months. By the way, often such pools are operated seasonally, thereforeonce this procedure in the summer will be enough.

Pool conservation rules

Preservation is done before the winter season. This is a set of measures aimed at protecting the structure from undesirable biochemical activity of microflora and the impact of heaving soil. Preparation can be started already at a temperature of 12 °C. It will be expressed in draining water, washing bowl surfaces, cleaning equipment through reverse flows and dismantling functional systems. Also, caring for a pool in the country as part of conservation provides for washing off the remaining reagents. Conversely, manufacturers of hydrological equipment produce special chemicals for the conservation of inflatable and frame pools. With their help, surfaces are processed in order to maintain performance under the influence of frost and precipitation.


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The organization of pool care is not limited to one or two means. It is important to take into account that chemical and biological processes occur in the aquatic environment, which can also lead to physical damage to structures. Therefore, proper care of the pool in the country provides for comprehensive multilateral protection. It includes mechanical cleaning filters, a program for the use of chemicals, as well as modern electrophysical equipment. Do not ignore the recommendations from the pool manufacturer. Manufacturers provide recommendations for the operation and maintenance of a particular design, taking into account the characteristicsmaterials, their properties and protection requirements.

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